10 Amazing Facts About Dreams

Though the scientific research on brain is highly intense, there is still confusion on why people dream! According to Charles Darwin perspective, dreams are required to fulfil the biological balance in life. Dreams are nothing but the successions of sensations and ideas which is virtually presented during certain stages of sleep. Some of the most astonishing and amazing facts about dreams are listed below.

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10. Not All Dreams Are in Color

Not All Dreams Are in Color

Researchers have proved that people aged above 60, experienced more of black and white dreams than youngsters. It was also proved that during early 20th century, almost all dreamt in black and white. This may be due to the monochrome televisions that were used in early stages of people’s life. It is also proved that we dream of what we know, since majority used monochrome television led to colorless dreams. It is also estimated that about 15% of the people with colored vision today dream in black and white.

9. Humans Dream 6 Years in Their Lifespan

Humans Dream 6 Years in Their Lifespan

We dream about 4 to 6 times per night and each is estimated to last for about 5-40 minutes. We come across 100,000 dreams throughout our lifespan, encountering almost all varieties. An individual every night dreams about 90 minutes, which is sufficient enough to cross 6 years of dreams in their lifespan.

8. We Forget 95% of Dreams

We Forget 95 percent of Dreams

We are finding difficulties to recollect the dreams, generally due to the fact that the frontal lobes in the brain responsible for the memory storage go inactive while dreaming. The Premotor Cortex responsible for temporary storage helps in recollecting about 5-10% of the dreams as soon as we wake in the morning. Heath problems as well can cause loss of remembering dreams. The exact way to remember dream is to write down on a notepad immediately after waking in the morning.

7. You Are Paralyzed During Sleep (Rapid Eye Movement)

You Are Paralyzed During Sleep (Rapid Eye Movement)

Rapid Eye Movement occurs when you are at your deepest sleep and your body becomes completely paralyzed. The side effect is quite creepy, where in, if a person during this stage of sleep is suddenly wakened up can lead to a condition called Sleep Paralysis. Sleep Paralysis is a condition where the person comes to consciousness but will not have the ability to move the body. This is the stage many of them experience their nightmare.

6. Déjà vu

Déjà vu

Déjà vu, have a sensation or intuition that an action experiencing currently describes the previous similar occurrences. The network of memory traces in the brain causes the matching of unknown places seen in dreams to a known place, by the brain. These causes recognizing situations in future without clear memory of past dreams, hence déjà vu.

5. Many Ideas

Many Ideas

There have been many inventions brought to real life that were viewed by some great personalities in their dreams. Some inventions, ideas and entertainment brought to real life are X-ray vision, Harry Potter by J K Rowling, the theory of relativity by Albert Einstein, the Periodic Table and Google. Though we forget majority of our dreams, these are some exceptions that were bought to real life.

4. All Animals Dream Too

Animals Dream Too

Majority have an intuition that only humans dream. Most land mammals and birds can dream as well. Many pet owners would experience weird actions made by their pets during their sleep, these are nothing but dreams. It is unbelievable that even rats have complex dreams. Researchers have found that rats have distinctive brain patterns which helps them navigate through the maze while they dream.

3. Blind People Also Dream

Blind People Also Dream

Most of our dreams involve the use of our sight whereas people, who are blind right from their birth, actually dream only with their other senses. Blind people run whole of their life with the help of sound as their major sense, their dreams as well is in the form of sound. Since blind people never come across any images, sound is the only factor that focuses in their dreams. One of the most unusual facts of their dreams is that, majority of their dream turns out to be a nightmare and till date no reasons could be recognized or proved scientifically behind these nightmares.

2. Sleep Walking

sleep walking

If the person dreaming at night is not paralysed, there are chances that he or she may start acting their virtual dreams into real actions by performing some activities like jumping from the building to death, talking on unidentified topics and painting on the wall, all together with no recollection of their actions when they come to consciousness. There are many evidences of people doing such crazy things when they are actually dreaming.

1. What is Creating Dream?

What is Creating Dream

All of our brains create a drug called Dimethyltryptamine, which is responsible for our sleep as well as dream. This chemical is also referred as “Dream Drug” that can create hallucination once created in the brain. The same chemical is produced in excess when people die. The chemical is synthetically produced in the brain, which causes brain to completely lose consciousness from real world entity. So, if you come across these drugs, think twice before even getting in touch with them, since they are killer drug that are strong enough to kill if inhaled.