10 Stunningly Beautiful And Rare Starfish In The World

Starfish or sea stars are one of the most beautiful species in the world, which are commonly considered as star-shaped having five arms, but the authentic fact of starfish includes myriad shapes, colors, arm counts, and sizes. There are about 1500 species of starfish, found from shoreline to seabed.  Some of them are found at extreme depths, ranging from 3000m to 6000m touching the seabed. We have listed some of the most alluring, rare and beautiful starfish in the World.

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10. Nine-armed Sea Star (Luidia senegalensis)

Nine armed Sea Star

Nine-armed Sea Star have slim and long tapering arms attached to central disc, commonly found in western Atlantic Ocean. The habit of Nine-armed Sea Star is mainly focused in muddy seabed, and sandy locations such as lagoons. It grows up to 40 centimetres in diameter. It has beautiful spines on its long plates, which resembles a perfect contrast with cream or yellow colored arms.

9. Square Biscuit Starfish

Square Biscuit Starfish

Square Biscuit Starfish is distinctively bright orange-red, grows up to 6 centimetres, mainly found in Australia. The upper surface of the Square Biscuit Starfish is covered with interlocking small plates. These pattern and color contrast exactly resembles a large biscuit, which camouflage with the seabed.

8. Crown-of-thorns Starfish (Acanthaster Planci)

Crown of thorns starfish

As the name suggest, this species of starfish is covered with huge number of thrones, which are nothing but stings of venom. It is mainly found over a wide range in subtropical region, from Indian Ocean to Red Sea, and from western coast of Central America to Pacific Ocean. An adult grows up to 35 centimetres and probably have 21 arms. The bulged species, if taken out from water can rupture its body parts, eventually transforming to a flattened one.

7. Vermilion Biscuit Sea Star (Mediaster aequalis)

Vermilion Biscuit Sea Star

Vermilion Biscuit Sea Star, also referred as Equal Arm Star, is bright red having web-like pattern throughout the external parts. They are commonly found along the coast, where tides are at their lowest. It is capable of moving anywhere between 20-47 centimetres per minute. The habitat of Vermilion Biscuit Sea Star is generally on mud, rocks and shells, commonly found in southern parts of California.

6. Royal Starfish (Astropecten astriculatus)

Royal Starfish

Royal Starfish is generally dark blue to purple, commonly found in West Atlantic. It has allure arms reaching 2-9 centimetres in length, with supermargina white spines. It is capable of eating the prey as whole, unlike other species of starfish. The habitat of Royal Starfish at depths of up to 200 meters, and is most commonly seen along the southeast coast of the United States.

5. Egyptian Sea Star (Gomophia egyptiaca)

Egyptian Sea Star

Egyptian Sea Star is a spiky starfish capable of regenerating its damaged parts. It is mainly found in Madagascar and coasts of Eastern Africa. The spiky layer on its external part resembles a cactus. They secrete unique juice and liquid for eating their prey, since they don’t have mouth.

4. Icon Starfish (Iconaster longimanus)

Icon Starfish

Icon Starfish also referred as Double Starfish is a handsome starfish, found mainly in Indo-Pacific Ocean. It has a magnificent central disc, which resembles a star and the arms are slender. It grows up to a diameter of about 30 centimetres, habitat mainly in deep reef areas. The arms perfectly match with a typical mosaic tiles, which is well in contrast with the central disc.

3. Australian Southern Sand Star (Luidian australiae)

Australian Southern Sand Star

Australian Southern Sand Star has varied number of dull yellowish tapering arms, and the plates are slim. It is mainly found in Pacific Ocean around Australia and New Zealand. It doesn’t have bright spots on its central disc, and are irregularly blotched with dark black spots on its arms. It grows up to 40 centimetres in diameter, and habitat in seagrass meadows, and reefs. These are always semi-submerged in sand, which helps to camouflage with the seabed.

2. Chocolate Chip Sea Star (Protoreaster nodosus)

Chocolate Chip Sea Star

Chocolate Chip Sea Star, also referred as Horned Sea Star, is a roughly rigid five-armed starfish mainly found in Indo-Pacific region. It perfectly resembles a chocolate chips littered on this species, nothing but black conical horns used to scare predators. It needs perfect diet and water condition for its survival. Though, these species look furious, they show relatively non-aggressive behavior.

1. Necklace Starfish (Fromia monilis)

Necklace Starfish

Necklace Starfish is a gem -like starfish, mostly having red or orange plates. The central disc is magnificently bright, having color ranging from red, orange or yellow. The plates are slightly paler when compared to central disc, and are larger along the external margin, ending up with flattened upper surface. It is mainly found in Western Pacific, Indian Ocean, and habitat mainly in rocky environment where well grown algae are seen.

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