10 Beautiful Female Poets, Writers and Novelists in the World

There are thousands of female poets, writers, authors and novelists in the world. Who are the most beautiful female authors in the world? It is really difficult to distinguish among the many female artists. The most beautiful female writer in the world is Hildgard Knef, who was a German actress and writer. There are many other beautiful female writers in the world listed in this post as a list – 10 of the beautiful female poets, writers and novelists.

Here is the list of 10 beautiful female poets, writers and novelists around the world:

10. Tristane Banon – France (Journalist)

French Journalist Tristane Banon

Tristane Banon is a beautiful French writer and journalist who contributed a worthy amount to the French news website Atlantico. Tristane Banon is of Moroccan-Jewish descent who is a regular contributor on youth affairs to the news website. She has also written few novels and essays. Her very first novel – J’ai oublié de la tuer [I Forgot To Kill Her] was selected for Chambéry 2005 festival and she won it.

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9. Charlotte Bronte – England (Poet and Novelist)

English Poet Charlotte Bronte

Charlotte Bronte is an English novelist and poet whose novels have become classics of English literature. Her most popular novel Jane Eyre was penned under the name Currer Bell and all other novels were penned under the same name. The classic beauty has published a number of Juvenilia, novels and poetry. The author died young at the age of 38 on 31st March 1855. Charlotte’s third novel, the last published in her lifetime, was Villette, which appeared in 1853.

8. Kate Morton – Australia (Author)

Australian Author Kate Morton

Kate Morton books have sold more than 10 million copies in 38 countries. Kate Morton is an Australian author who became Australia’s “biggest publishing exports”. The international bestselling Australian novelist has won many awards in her career. The beautiful writer’s favorite childhood author is Enid Blyton.

7. Stephenie Meyer – USA (Writer)

American Writer Stephenie Meyer

Stephenie Meyer is a YA fiction writer and film producer from USA. She is well-known for her vampire romance series Twilight. Her writing genre includes vampire romance, YA fiction and science fiction. The Twilight novels have gained worldwide popularity and sold over 100 million copies. Meyer is one of the most influential and powerful people in the world. She was ranked at #49 by Time magazine’s “100 Most Influential People in 2008” and in 2009 she was ranked among Forbes Celebrity 100 list at No. 26 as the world’s most powerful celebrities. In 2010, her annual income was more than $40 million.

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6. Irina Denezhkina – Russia (Writer)

Russian Writer Irina Denezhkina

Irina Denezhkina from Russia is a controversial writer who is notable for her vulgar style works. Her works are explained by some as a reflection of the modern reality. In 2008, she received Romania’s Ovid Festival Prize. The stories book Give Me by Irina Denezhkina was Shortlisted for Russia’s national bestseller prize and translated into twelve languages.

5. Sahar Delijani – Iran (Author)

Iranian Writer Sahar Delijani

Sahar Delijani is an Iranian novelist who made her debut with the novel Children of the Jacaranda Tree that got published in more than 75 countries and 28 languages. The book – Children of the Jacaranda Tree was a finalist for Elle’s Gran Premio 2014. The beautiful writer was born in Evin Prison in Tehran that inspired her to writing the first novel. The talented novelist knows languages such as Farsi, English, Italian, French, Spanish, and Azeri.

4. Alisa Ganieva – Russia (Author)

Russian Author Alisa Ganieva

Alisa Ganieva is a Russian author and novelist known for short prose and essays. Her debut novel Salaam, Dalgat! fetched her the award Debut literary prize in 2009. She is known to have published many short stories and fairy tales. She has also received many literary awards for her fiction. She was listed at number 9 as the most talented and influential young people living in Moscow in 2015 by The Guardian.

3. Tasha Alexander – USA (Writer)

American Writer Tasha Alexander

New York Times bestselling historical mystery fictions are a production of the American author Tasha Alexander. In 2010, she married British novelist Andrew Grant. The popular Lady Emily series is set in the 1890s in cities across Europe and follows the adventures of a young, Victorian widow about to come out of mourning after the death of her husband. The author is known for her extremely careful accuracy and tremendous research in her novels.

2. Elif Şafak – Turkey (Author/Columnist)

Turkish Writer Elif Şafak

Elif Şafak is a French-born Turkish author, columnist and speaker. She has published many books and novels both in English and Turkish. Her writing draws on diverse cultures and literary traditions, reflecting interests in history, philosophy, Sufism, oral culture, and cultural politics. In 2010, she was awarded the title of Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres – given by France. She has also been honored by many other awards and prizes.

1. Hildegard Knef – Germany (Writer/Actress)

German Writer Actress Hildegard Knef

Hildgard Knef is the world’s most beautiful writer who is also an actress and singer. Hildgard Knef released several books in her career as a writer. The bestselling German book in the post-war years was her autobiography Der geschenkte Gaul: Bericht aus einem Leben (The Gift Horse: Report on a Life, 1970). Knef achieved international best-seller status and her books were widely praised by critics because her autobiographies were “better-than-the-average celebrity’s.” She died at the age of 76 on 1 February 2002 in Berlin, Germany.


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