10 Beautiful Queens, Princesses and Empresses in History

History is evident about the beautiful queens, princesses and empresses who have a prominent role in today’s cultural references. When we think of the royal world, especially the royal women, we get a picture of beauty in our minds. It is always eye-catching to check the royal beauties. It can be really difficult to choose the best among the large list of historical beauties from the past. We have selected ten beautiful queens, princesses and empresses from history who are gorgeous, stylish, and beautiful and influenced the world. Princess Diana is known for her large numbers of photography, while Princess Margaret Rose attended many high-profile parties, clubs and pubs.

List of 10 beautiful historical queens, princesses and empresses in the world are:

10. Isabella of Portugal (24 October 1503 – 1 May 1539)

Isabella of Portugal was Infanta of Portugal by birth. After her marriage with Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, she went on to become as a Holy Roman Empress, Queen of Germany, Italy, Spain, Naples and Sicily, and Duchess of Burgundy. She was noted for her intelligence and beauty. The beauty is known to have served as regent of Spain for a long period of time during the absence of her spouse. Her sixth pregnancy resulted in a still birth and she died as a result. During this time, her husband was away and when he heard the news of the beautiful empress’ death, he was saddened and shocked. The emperor never married again and became a Catholic saint.

9. Elisabeth Christine of Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel (28 August 1691 – 21 December 1750)

Elisabeth Christine of Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel was the Princess of Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel, Holy Roman Empress, German Queen, Queen of Bohemia and Hungary; and Archduchess of Austria after her marriage to Emperor Charles VI. She was known for her delicate beauty. She was also renowned for being the mother of Empress Maria Theresa. She was the longest-serving Holy Roman Empress in history. At the age of 13, she was engaged to the future Charles VI, Holy Roman Emperor. She opposed the marriage as the marriage involved her to switch to Roman Catholicism. She was forced to undergo a medical examination by a doctor and the Jesuit confessor of Charles to prove her fertility prior to the marriage. The Empress who served a period of 29 years died on 21 December 1750 at the age 58 in Vienna, Austria.

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8. Maria Luisa of Spain (24 November 1745 – 15 May 1792)

Maria Luisa of Spain was a Holy Roman Empress, German Queen, Queen of Hungary and Bohemia, Grand Duchess of Tuscany as the spouse of Leopold II, Holy Roman Emperor. The 18th century empress was described as a blue-eyed beauty with a vivid charm, and unpretentious. She was charming, simple, kind and generous. During the famine of 1765, she helped the poor and needy by giving food and medicine. She was referred to as a “model of female virtue”. The Roman beauty died on 15 May 1792 at a very young age.

7. Elisabeth of France (22 November 1602 – 6 October 1644)

Elisabeth of France, the Queen consort of Spain and Portugal was renowned for her beauty, intelligence and noble personality, which made her very popular among the Spanish people. She was the first wife of King Philip IV of Spain. She was the eldest daughter of Henry IV of France. She was regent of Spain during the Catalan Revolt. She was beautifully portrayed as a painting by Diego Velázquez in c. 1625. Her marriage was considered to be a point of military and political interest between France and Spain. It was a need to cement the peace between the two countries. On 6 October 1644 the beautiful lady died in Madrid.

6. Princess Margaret Rose (21 August 1930 – 9 February 2002)

Princess Margaret Rose

Princess Margaret Rose was the Countess of Snowdon and was the younger daughter of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, and the only sibling of Queen Elizabeth II. As a beautiful young woman during her 20s she enjoyed socializing in high-profile parties, visits to clubs and pubs. She was known for her 18-inch waist and “vivid blue eyes”. Her official engagements increased by tour of Italy, Switzerland and France, and she joined a growing number of charitable organisations. She is known for experimenting unique fashion styles during the 1960s. She was rich, gorgeous and stylish during her times.

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5. Berengaria of Portugal (1190s – 27 March 1221)

Berengaria of Portugal was a popular woman in Denmark for her beauty and perfect body. Berengaria of Portugal was a Portuguese Infanta and later as Queen consort of Denmark. Berengaria was described as a dark-eyed, raven-haired beauty. In 1221, Queen Berengaria after giving birth to three future kings died and was buried in St. Bendt’s Church in Ringsted, Denmark. According to Danish ballads and myths – the second wife of King Vladimir is often described as beautiful and a haughty woman. In 1885, Berengaria’s grave was opened and they found her thick plait of hair, her finely formed skull and finely built body bones, proving the legends about her reported beauty. A portrait also was drawn later to describe her physical appearance.

4. Eleanor of Provence (c. 1223 – 24/25 June 1291)

Eleanor of Provence was renowned for her enchanting eyes and beauty like her grandmother, mother and sister. Eleanor of Provence was beautiful dark-haired brunette with fine eyes. Eleanor of Provence was the Queen consort of England as the wife of King Henry III of England during the 13th century. Many Londoners hatred her as she brought many relatives with her who were given influential positions in the government. She was witty, skilled at writing poetry and a leader of fashion during that period of the world.

3. Fawzia Fuad of Egypt (5 November 1921 – 2 July 2013)

Fawzia Fuad of Egypt

Fawzia Fuad of Egypt was compared with film stars like Hedy Lamarr and Vivien Leigh for her beauty. Fawzia Fuad of Egypt was an Egyptian princess and later became the Queen of Iran. She was the first wife of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. She was from the Muhammad Ali Dynasty. Queen Fawzia appeared on the cover of the 21 September 1942, issue of Life magazine. She was photographed by Cecil Beaton who described her as an “Asian Venus” with “a perfect heart-shaped face and strangely pale but piercing blue eyes.” A town in Iran, Fawziabad is named after her and a street in Egypt was named as Amira Fawzia Street in 1950, but was again renamed in 1956.

2. Princess Diana (1 July 1961 – 31 August 1997)

Princess Diana

In 2004, People magazine cited Princess Diana as one of the all-time most beautiful women in the world. Diana, Princess of Wales was the first wife of Charles, Prince of Wales. The beauty’s death was considered a big tragedy to the royal world and to the United Kingdom. She was an important person in the 20th century and was a fashion icon. Her fashion was often emulated by many women around the world. She was charming and generous by donating to charities. She was often described as “world’s most photographed woman”. She is one of the most popular style icon and a well-dressed royal woman in England.

1. Faustina the Elder (born on February 16 around 100 CE – died October or November of 140 CE)

Faustina was known for her intelligence, wisdom and beauty. She was most respected empress during the Antonine Dynasty. Even after her death she played a prominent symbolic role in Antoninus Pius’ régime. The beautiful Roman Empress married the Roman Emperor Antoninus Pius. She actively participated in the upliftment of the poor girls by providing education. She also helped the poor by charities. She was known for her personal styles and fashion. Her prominent hairstyle – braids pulled back in a bun behind or on top of her head, was imitated for two or three generations in the Roman world. She has been a popular cultural icon in the Roman era and has been one of the most influential in the Roman world.


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