10 of the Miraculous Medical Recoveries Ever

Medical miracles are something fascinating and unbelievable. It is very uncommon for a medical miracle to occur. Some of the most unbelievable medical miracles in the world have been recorded in history books. Few of the below medical miracles are amazing and is truly inspiring. You may be shocked to hear few of these miraculous medical recoveries in this list. These people are real people who have recovered with God’s grace completely that can’t be explained in scientific terms. Check them out, get inspired and enjoy as you go through the stories.

Here is the list of top 10 miraculous medical recoveries in the world ever:

10. Paralyzed Man Walks Again with the Help of Brainwaves

Paralyzed Man Walks Again with the Help of Brainwaves

An unnamed man who was paralyzed for 5 years was unable to walk. He is now able to walk with the help of technology, robotics and his brainwaves is a medical miracle. The man had suffered from a severe spinal cord injury 5 years ago in 2000. It was a great day in the books of medical technology, which is claimed by researchers that this is the first time in the medical history that a person is able to walk after spinal cord injury with the help of brain power alone.

9. D’Zhana Simmons – Lives without a Heart for 118 days

D'Zhana Simmons - Lives without a Heart for 118 days

Photo Credit: Reuters

D’zhana Simmons made a record of living without a heart for 118 days until she received a heart transplant. Since July 2008, she survived on artificial heart pumps and she had two heart transplants to recover fully. She had a weak heart to pump blood and her doctors recommended for a heart transplant. The first heart transplant didn’t work properly, so the surgeons removed it for two days and they kept the teenager on an artificial heart pump until another successful heart transplant. The amazing team of Miami doctors kept her alive for more than 100 days without a heart pumping in her chest. Oct. 29 2008 she had the second heart transplant after which she fully recovered. She would be on a life-long medication and her chance of survival is 50-50 after the age of 30 needing another heart transplant.

8. Sacha Saucek – Crushed Under a 47-Stone Falling Branch Survives

Sacha Saucek - Crushed Under a 47-Stone Falling Branch Survives

Photo Credit: PA Real Life

Sacha Saucek was crushed by a 47-STONE branch and was left in a life-threatening condition. Sacha Saucek broke his arms, right leg, and pelvis, a bone in his lower spine and five ribs in the incident. The doctors informed to his mother that he would be left permanently disabled even if he survived. The mother remembers the horrifying event, where the seven year old came under a branch weighing 47 stone from a height of 100ft in a park. The kid was left fighting for his life in a critical condition. The chances of survival were very less and his recovery is considered a medical miracle by doctors.

7. Rob Small – Survives Blaze that lit him like Human Torch

Rob Small - Survives Blaze that Lit him like Human Torch

Photo Credit: Mirror

Rob Small underwent 30 operations after he suffered major fire burns. He baffled doctors, who feared that Small may not survive the burns. Half of his body was almost burnt by the horrific fire incident. Doctors claimed that he had only 30% chances of survival, but a miracle gene in his body helped his recovery from the burn. Rob Small was in coma for a month before recovering. He was trapped in a blaze, when he tried to flee the wreckage and accidentally he stepped on a puddle of petrol setting him ablaze like a “human torch”. His survival and recovery is considered as a miraculous medical recovery in the history of mankind.

6. Abigail Kopf – 14 Year Girl Recovered from Head Shot

Abigail Kopf - 14 Year Girl Recovered from Head Shot after Her Heart Stopped

Abigail Kopf’s heart stopped beating after she was shot on the head by the Kalamazoo Uber gunman on February 20, 2016. The 14 year girl miraculously recovered from her death-bed. The doctors attending her were about to harvest her organs, when the girl showed signs of life by squeezing her mother’s arms. Her recovery after three months of medical attention has been an inspiring medical story to the world and the girl’s goal is to do cartwheels adds more to our inspiration. The shootout left many people dead and the girl’s recovery after a head shot is truly a medical miracle.

5. Jaxon Taylor – Decapitated Head Reattached

Jaxon Taylor - Decapitated Head of Toddler Reattached

A car carrying young Jaxon Taylor, his sister and mother collided head on with at 70mph with another car on Sep 2015. The horrific car accident could have left Jaxon dead but the impact caused Jaxon’s head pulled apart from his neck in an internal decapitation leaving him in a serious condition. The kid was airlifted to a hospital at Brisbane. A 6 hour surgery by a team of surgeons resulted in a medical miracle. The team used a halo device to keep the kid’s skull still when carefully reattaching the vertebrae with a thin wire. The kid’s survival is deemed a medical miracle by the family.

4. Luke Burgie – 6 Months Gastrointestinal Problem Vanished Miraculously

Mother Maria Theresia Bonzel is Known to have Healed Luke Burgie

In 1998, Luke Burgie had just completed one year of his preschool when he fell ill with a gastrointestinal condition which his doctors couldn’t find and even diagnose. The boy suffered violent episodes of diarrhea – eight to 10 times a day for 6 months. Luke was unable to go to school. His doctors suspected of a colon tumor but nothing was sure.

Tests by the doctors were never conducted as the sickness suddenly vanished one day on Feb. 22, 1999, when two nuns of Bonzel’s who prayed to Mother Bonzel. They recited a series of prayers over nine straight days asking Mother Bonzel, who died in 1905, to intercede for Luke. Pope Francis himself affirmed that Luke’s recovery is a miracle and Bonzel was responsible for the miracle required for her beatification.

3. Newborn Survives Car Crash that Killed Mom

Newborn Survives Car Crash that Killed Mom

A newborn from the lifeless body of her mother miraculously survived a horrific car accident. The horrifying car crash left the mother dead and her husband with four broken limbs. Matt Rider was driving his wife Sarah Iler to a hospital to deliver their first daughter when the terrible incident happened. The impact was so high that the couple were thrown out from the car and the vehicle overturned. Iler died on the spot by the impact. The Emergency responders rushed to give Iler CPR in an effort to save her baby, who was delivered by Cesarean section at Saint Francis Medical Center. The baby named Maddyson was born by an emergency C-Section on 18 May 2016 from the dead mother’s body.

2. Taylor Norcross – Declared Brain Dead after Car Accident Recovers

Taylor Norcross Declared Brain Dead Recovers

Mother, 27 declared brain-dead by doctors recovers after just two months of a severe car accident that hit a 1,000lbs moose. This recovery of the lady is considered shocking and a medical miracle by doctors. Taylor Norcross was asleep when the car hit the animal. Fiancé Frank Gatto was driving the car in the night when they met with an accident. The animal ripped off the roof of the car and hit the woman’s head causing severe injuries. She was brought to the hospital in an almost dead state. The doctors who attended her, told that she may not live and have very less hope. Doctors put her in medically induced coma and she made a remarkable recovery after just two months.

1. Justin Smith – Man Presumed Frozen Dead Recovers

Man Persumed Dead Frozen Recovers - Justin Smith

Photo Credit: Yahoo

A man presumed dead to a solid frozen state on the road recovered miraculously. The 26 year old had no pulse and was frozen solid in snow in February 2015. His family presumed him to be dead, but the emergency medical team were able to recover him after weeks of medical attention. Though, Justin’s toes and pinkies were amputated, the man recovered miraculously from the dangerous state.


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