10 Most Beautiful Trees In The World

Trees are considered the lifeline for majority lives on earth. This fantastic creation by nature not just helps for other organisms to live, but also produces bliss all over. Apart from hoping the best out of advantages from trees for humans and other organisms, they even look amazing to keep staring for life. We have come up with a fair list of 10 most beautiful trees in the world, which seems to be liked chiseled to personify beauty.

10. Angel Oak

Angel Oak

Angel Oak can be fantastic for kids and children as the branches can be easily fetched from the ground for play. The tree is basically huge, and the longest branch accounts to a length of 187 feet. The Angel Oak located in the South Carolina is considered to have been in existence since last 500 years. A single tree there can almost host and give shelter for over 100 members. The name oak comes after the estate of Justus Ange and his wife.

9. Wisteria


Wisteria is the only plant on the list to be considered in the list of most beautiful trees. The reason behind is that the Wisteria plant resembles like a tree, which can be used to grow on buildings and walls. Majorly found in the parts of China, Korea, and Japan, the plant tends to climb and crawl the walls. Mind-blowing in terms of looks, the flowering plant is featured with either violet or pink in color. The plant is used even as food plants in some of the species.

8. Baobab Tree

Baobab Tree

The baobab tree is an impressive tree found in Madagascar. The tree resembles as thought a person is standing with something on the hands. The trunks have the capacity to store excess water of up to 120,000 liters. The quote “a defining icon of African bushland” from Africans itself is enough to personify the beauty of Baobabs. The tree produces fruit and other components that can be used for producing as an ingredient for fruit thickener or sweetener.

7. The Dark Hedges

The Dark Hedges

The Dark Hedges trees as a group form an incredible avenue and have been recognized among the people across the globe. The “Game of Thrones” program from the HBO television features the iconic tunnel like avenue located in Northern Ireland. There have been a lot of stories piling up from the legends about the avenue in Ireland. And one of such include a ghost called the Gray Lady haunting the beautiful street of the avenue. Some of them predict the lady to be the daughter of James Stuart and some with the mysterious death of the house’s maid.

6. Jacarandas Tree

Jacarandas Tree

Jacarandas tree is special for its look, as the tree gives a vibrant blue coloration all over. Found majorly in parts of tropical and subtropical regions. And some countries include Central America, Mexico, Cuba, and Jamaica. Asian countries as well contribute to cultivating the tree. Additionally, the tree is also considered into the customs and culture. The name comes from the indigenous language from South America called the “Guarani”. In Guarani language, the word Jacarandas refers to “Fragrance”. Not just special by appearances but amazing in terms of fragrance as well. Do not miss to see this tree once in a lifetime.

5. Mimosa Tree

Mimosa Tree

Mimosa tree is also recognized as “Pink Silk Tree” and the term comes from the Persian. The immature fruit and the flowers together comprise the tree with fantastic looks. Flower coloration can range between red and pink at the tips, which grows through the summer season. Additionally, as they are well seen to be beautiful during the summer, the tree can produce much better flower contrast with better watering and moisture. Finally. The tree is seen from Persia to China and Korea.

4. Flamboyant Tree

Flamboyant Tree

The flamboyant tree is considered as one of the most attractive trees across the globe with magnificent looks. The flower produced from the tree consists of each at size 8cm in length tinted completed in orange. The orange color gives an incredibly flame-like appearance and the flowers from them are used for ornamental purposes. Flamboyant is also recognized as “Delonix regia”, which falls under the endangered list for wild plantation preservation. Can be found along the roadsides in tropical and sub-tropical regions across the globe.

3. Dragon Blood Tree

Dragon blood Tree

Dragon blood tree resides in parts of Yemen, located in the Arabian Sea. The beautiful tree comprises of a unique look which resembles like a mushroom. The Dragon blood name comes after the tree’s red sap production. The different looking tree also resembles like as thought an umbrella is held upright. Majorly found in the sloppy hilly areas where the soil is not much rigid and with low soil quantity. Further, the tree produces dark resin, which grows up to 5mm in length.

2. Cherry Blossom Tree

Cherry Blossom Tree

Cherry Blossom trees are impressive when seen hanging with glittering cherry like blooming filled on the tree. The tree gets its featuring due to the flower called Sakura. Sakura is a Japanese word and the tree is widely distributed in Northern Hemisphere. The tree does not include in the production of fruits but helps in ornamental purposes. A festival is celebrated in Japan called “Hanami”, which mainly focuses on the Cherry Blossom tree. The people are not just impressed with beauty in Japan but are also being motivated since World War II.

1. Maple Tree

Maple Tree

The maple tree is fantastic by looks and considered as the most beautiful tree in the world. The species is native to Asia with over 128 variants. Further, the Maple trees can grow up to a height of about 150 meters comprised of small branches and shrubs. Relatively, the tree grows fast, which helps in the use of commercial purposes. The color of the leaf represents the beauty of the tree. The pinkish-orange coloration of the leave all over the tree makes it impossible to refresh the eyesight at a single glance. The famously recognized maple trees discovered across the globe are Norway Maple, Silver Maple, Japanese Maple, and Red Maple.

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