10 Deadliest Fish Around The World

The oceans of the world comprise of over 30,000 species of fishes, out of which are either categorized as sea food fishes, beautiful fishes, or dangerous fishes. Fishes have always been useful to the human beings; however there are few fishes that are life-threatening. Here, we have listed the 10 dangerous fish around the world that can kill you in a matter of seconds.

10. Great Barracuda

Great Barracuda

Great Barracuda is one of the dangerous fish around the world, primarily found in subtropical oceans. Barracudas are very bulky and long, which can weigh up to 100 pounds and length up to 6 feet. They basically indulge in ambush to trap their prey and can accelerate at a speed of 43 km/h. These fish are found in areas where the visibility is very low and they are more attractive towards lustrous surface. The tooth is about 3-inch long and the front portion of the fish resembles partially like a crocodile’s head.

9. Giant Freshwater Stingray

Freshwater Stingray

Giant Stingray is a cartilaginous fish usually in the form of a saucer shaped with the most dangerous stings in them. Stingrays generally does not attack humans, but accidental touch of the stings could be fatal. The most renowned animal lover and adventurer – Steve Irwin, was killed by a stingray while he was on an adventure swim in the ocean, when the sting pierced his heart who collapsed to death in a matter of seconds. Stingrays normally rest on the sea beds, making it impossible to figure out with naked eyes. If you find your sea bed moving without your action and find the presence of stingray, it is highly recommended not to rush and escape, which can make you possibly get in touch with the stings. Contact with stingers can result in local trauma, bleed, vomiting and fungal infection. Victims can immediately die of trauma and injury if they come in contact with the vital organs.

8. Candiru Fish

Candiru Fish

Candiru is a parasitic fish, also recognized as “Vampire Fish”, found in the rivers of Brazil, Peru and Bolivia. Candiru Fish primarily targets the Urethra when the individual urinates in the river. There have been many occurrences of Candiru fish entering the vaginal region and causing the urinary track to malfunction. An adult Candiru can grow to a size of 40 centimetres and is translucent, making it highly impossible to spot with naked eye. The tribal group suggest people to enter the river with their genitals completely closed in order to prevent from getting attacked by the deadly Candiru fish. The primary food for the Candiru fish is Urea and blood, which causes them to enter the victim’s body through genital or anus region to infest on them. If the fish gets inside an individual and starts infesting, the final stage can lead to organ amputation.

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7. Electric Eel

Electric Eel

Electric Eel is one of the supernatural fish in the world, which is capable of producing electric current of 600 Volts. As we all know that, 600 Volts can definitely burn the victim’s internal organs to death. Electric eels are generally found in rivers and are capable of passing electric current over several meters that can contribute comprehensively in terms of electrocuting any nearby individual. Electric eels could be provoked to discharge the electricity by making them tired, which can facilitate in catching them with least safety measures.  They are capable of knocking giant animals like horse and crocodile instantly to death. Rubber gloves are generally used while handling an electric eel. Lesser shocks can cause the victim to faint and immediate medical attention would be required to prevent from cardiac arrest.

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6. Payara


Payara is a lethal fish found in the Amazon Basin, also recognized as dogtooth tetra. The jaw completely resembles a dog’s jaw and a single bite can gulp an individual like a piece of cake. Payara is also recognized as “Saber Tusk Baracudda” and was originated in Amazon Basin. It can be much more deadlier than Piranha, since the Piranha prefers to commute in group, whereas Payara is a one man army. Payara is the only fish capable of chasing a Piranha and swallow them to death. The best possible way to prevent them in conflict with other fishes could be the ones that are unfit to devour.

5. Box Jellyfish

Box Jellyfish

Unlike other fishes listed here, Box Jellyfish is comparatively different due to venom stings in them. Box Jellyfish can be very fatal to humans if they come in contact with each other. As the name says, the jellyfish’s head resembles like a box with tentacles spread below them. They are considered as the world’s most dangerous creatures and they are also recognized to be majorly attacked in Queensland of Australia. The venomous stings in them can cause an individual to faint immediately after the bite and can slow down the heart beat, finally leading to cardiac arrest. Intense care needs to be taken after the sting attack as the poison can attack the nervous system to malfunction. A well grown Box Jellyfish can weigh up to 2 kg and can consist of 15 or more poisonous tentacles with a length of about 2 meters.

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4. Goliath Tigerfish

Goliath Tigerfish

The Goliath Tigerfish, found in the Congo River Basin, is a bigger version of Piranha. It is also recognized as the “Giant Tigerfish, generally 8 feet long and weigh about 70 pounds. Goliath Tigerfish is incredibly fast in terms of chasing the prey, which is estimated to be about 100 km/h. Their mouth is filled with monstrous teeth that resembles a death traps and each tooth is about two-inches long that is capable of splitting the prey’s organs apart to death. They are very sensitive to vibrations and are capable of tracking the prey from several kilometres.

3. Great White Shark

Great White Shark

Great White Shark is one of the nature’s deadliest killer machines, which is also recognized as “white pointer or white death”. They are found in almost all the oceans across the globe including well known sea shores. The only known sea creature known to us, which can probably kill the Great White Shark is the Blue Whale. White Shark is responsible for the most number of fatalities every year and continues to be the deadliest in terms of kills. It can accelerate at a speed of 55 km/h to chase its prey to death. The Jaw of Great White Shark is massively strong which can tear apart its prey. Though the name says, the shark is not white in color, rather the color ranges from grey to blue.

2. Piranha


Piranha is the most feared fish in the world, due to its fierce razor sharp teeth, which is primarily found in freshwater of South American rivers. They tend to travel in groups and the ambush attacks can cause even whales and other deadly fishes to be killed in a matter of seconds. The situation becomes sarcastic when a predator of Piranha becomes a prey. The attacks by Piranha are so lethal that, they peal the victim’s skin apart to leave them with bruised flesh and finally to death. Piranhas are capable of surviving out of water for a very long time and if you get in touch with the jaw by chance, can cause either finger or toe dismantled.

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1. Bull Shark

Bull Shark

Bull Shark is considered as the most dangerous fish around the world in terms of fatalities caused to humans and other deadly fishes. Bull Sharks is found worldwide and is also recognized as Zambi in Africa. They are capable of travelling at very high pace, with massive current in the sea and have sharp sensing capabilities. Most shark attacks reported near the sea shore are encountered by Bull Sharks. They become more interactive with humans, since they prefer to coastal water less than 100 feet depth. They tend to be very aggressive with humans and there have been many attacks and deaths on humans since 1916. A single bite can be so fatal to cause the victim to faint on spot, which can facilitate the shark to devour on them.

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