10 Most Profitable Businesses With Less Investment

It is difficult for middle-class and low-class families to start a big business. There are some profitable businesses with very less investment costs. Such businesses are within the budget of people who can’t afford. Financial gains from businesses can help us grow financially and gain financial freedom. The businesses listed here are not only cheaper but has a good return on investment. Businesses like blogging or YouTube channel can be started with almost zero investment cost. These businesses work almost across all the geographies. So which are the ten most profitable businesses with less investment?

Here are 10 of the most profitable businesses which require less investment:

10. Bakery/Juice Center

Bakery & Juice Center

Bakery with juice center is one of the best businesses to start with very less investment. The only problem with bakery is that the items are easily perishable. You need to be careful on selecting the location for your business. Opening at a crowded or commercial place will help your business grow faster. Cakes, chocolates, pastries and snack items are always on high demand in such places. If you combine the bakery business with the option of juices then it is a plus. Either you can go with bakery or juice if your budget is little low. Rent, items in your bakery and labor are the only investments for this business.

9. Mobile Tiffin Service

Mobile Tiffin Shop

Mobile food service is a great way to earn big returns. Food joints are evergreen. Mobile food services are advantageous. You need not lease a space. You only need a moving vehicle with enough space inside to cook. In some countries, you do not even need a license to sell cooked food in such vehicles. Find a good space where small chairs can be laid to serve your fast food or breakfast. Select a place for running your business and if the business isn’t as profitable as expected then find another place. This business is simple and profitable business with little budget.

8. Mobile & Accessories Shop

Phone and Accessories Shop

Mobile phone sales are booming every day. Investing on mobile phones is a good choice to earn good returns. Open a small shop which sells mobile phones and their accessories in a prime location to help you earn good profits. The initial funding requires a rental space, some mobile phones and their accessories. You may also need some furnishing. A good location with good crowd is very important for maximum sales. Start with 4 mobile phone brands and expand to other phone brands. Sell mobile accessories like headphones, mobile covers, cases, chargers, tempered glasses and some smart devices to maximize sales.

7. Grocery Shop

Grocery Shop

Grocery shop is an evergreen business idea for good returns with low investment. Small grocery shop is what you should plan for. To start a grocery shop you may need some good planning like location, items, interiors, billing, contact with wholesale suppliers and arrangement of items. Grocery items have high demands in a residential area. A grocery shop can hold different food items and packed items. Some items are perishable while others are nonperishable. Based on the perishability, you need to plan the investment. If you plan for a modern grocery shop with wide range of products, then the investment cost might go high.

6. Dance Studio/School

Dance School

The only thing you need to start a dance school is a space to teach. If you are looking to go more professional then a dance studio with good interiors will go a long way. Apart from the rented space, you may need a good music system, speakers and mirrors. Little bit of advertising on social media and posters will bring in the first set of batches. Once these are set, all you need to do is show off your dance skills. You can start to teach all age groups – kids & adults. Once your skills are recognized, money will automatically follow.

5. Event Organizer

Event Organizer

The scope of business opportunity as an event organizing company is very high. Events can be social events or corporate events. Your job is to set up the space, decorations and end to end organizing of the event. The requirement of an event organizer changes based on the type of event. The first thing you need to be successful in the business is to have a website. Then, it is absolute necessity to market your business. You can market your business through social media, newspaper ads, posters, friends and through other channels. Communication and business negotiation skills are mandatory. We recommend you to start first with social events like parties, weddings and family get-together. Once it is successful, you can easily expand it to business events. Investment is less but returns are extremely high in this business.

4. Photography

Photography Business

Photography is a great business for great profits. If you have the hobby as a photographer, then you can turn the hobby into a profitable business. Wedding photography is one of the most sought after. To start photography as a professional business, you need a professional camera(s), lenses, tripod, flash lights, photography website, photo-editing software and laptop. Other opportunities for photographers are commercial photography, portrait photography, news photography and scientific photography. There is a wide range of business opportunities in this profession.

3. Ice Cream Parlor

Ice Cream Parlor Business

Ice cream parlor is one of the best investment opportunities to earn big returns. You only need a small space to start. Ice creams always have a good scope of selling among kids and adults alike. If you are in a country which is closer to the equator, then this business is one of the best. Rent a small space, set up an AC, some cool chairs & tables, machines to store your ice creams and labor if preferable. Many franchises are also available which is hassle-free. But we prefer you to start your own parlor. The locality where an ice cream parlor has to be opened should a prime consideration when thinking about this business.

2. Blogging

Blogging As A Business

Bloggers are earning millions of dollars online. Blogging is one of the easiest and most profitable sources of income. Find your passion and start your blog on it. To begin writing blogs as a beginner, we suggest you to start on Google’s Blogger platform which is free. A good writing skill on your niche is very important to start this as a business. If you want to develop your blog into a professional blog, then we recommend you to start on WordPress. There are different ways you can monetize your blog or website. Some of them are Adsense ad program, affiliate marketing, sponsored advertisements, selling your stuff, paid materials, e-books, donations and providing some services. To start it as a business, you need writing skills, web space, domain name, internet access and lot of patience and time.

1. YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel

YouTube channel stands first in our list of businesses with least investment. Future is going to be YouTube. Some are still unaware that you can make lots of money using YouTube. To start a business on YouTube, you need passion. Even a passionate web developer or doctor can start a YouTube channel about the topic they know. Once you find your subject matter, you only need access to internet, a good camera, video editing software and communication skills. You can start your YouTube channel in any language of your choice. There are certain guidelines to monetize your videos, please refer to YouTube terms and conditions regarding the same.


Vinod Suthersan is an young tech enthusiast, Blogger addict, Internet craze and thriving to learn new things on the world of Internet.