100 Amazing Facts Around the World

85. There are some turtles, such as the Australian Fitzory River turtle and the North American eastern painted turtle, that can breathe through their bottom as well as mouth.

Australian Fitzory River turtle

84. The praying mantis can actually camouflage itself by changing color. It can vary from dark brown to green to blend in with tree bark and leaves. This enables it to hide from predators.

The praying mantis camouflaging

83. Research from the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences shows that people who ate spicy foods six to seven times a week had a 14% lower risk of premature death for all causes, rather than people who ate less spicy foods.

Spicy Food Lets You Live Long

82. Uruguayan architect Rafael Vinoly designed a ring shaped bridge on Uruguay’s southern coast called the Laguna Garzon Bridge, to encourage people to slow down and take in a view.

Laguna Garzon Bridge - A Ring Shaped Architecture

81. All surface water of the Atlantic Ocean is significantly saltier than the Pacific Ocean.

Atlantic Ocean is Saltier Than Pacific Ocean

80. There is a 30-foot replica of a 1951 Canadian nickel in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.

Canadian nickel in Sudbury

79. 3.5 billion years ago, a mega-asteroid that was likely 30 miles across slammed into Earth in Australia. The impact caused tsunamis and craters bigger than many US states.

Mega Asteroid Hit Australia 3.5 billion Years Ago

78. Scientists say that dieting could force your brain to eat itself.

Dieting Could Lead To Brain Eating Itself

77. On July 11, 2016, an Indian village in the state of Uttar Pradesh set a new Guinness World Record for planting nearly 50 million trees within 24 hours.

50 million trees within 24 hours Planted in an Indian Village in 24 Hours

76. The Yakuza, Japan’s largest organized crime syndicate, provided water, food, blankets, etc. during both the 1995 and 2011 earthquakes at a much faster response rate than the Japanese Government.

Yakuza Mafia Helped At A Faster Rate During 1995 and 2011 earthquakes

75. The brain isn’t fully operational for learning until after 10 am, science has proved that school begin way too early.

Schools Are Starting Way to Early

74. Intelligent men and women are easily annoyed by people in general, but tend to remain silent in attempt to avoid meaningless arguments.

Intelligent Men and Women Easily Get Annoyed

73. In 1986, a Soviet pilot made a bet with his co-pilot that he could land the plane blind. He curtained all cockpit windows and crashed the airplane into the landing strip killing 70 out of the 87 passengers on-board.

Russian Airplane Accident Due to Negligence

72. In a German village called Fuggerei, the rent hasn’t been raised since 1520, it costs only 88 cents to live there for an entire year.

Fuggerei is a German Village Where Rent Hasn't Raised since 1520

71. If you travel across Russia, you will cross eleven different time zones.

Travelling Through Russia Lets You Cross Seven Time Zones

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