100 Amazing Facts Around the World

10. A single Boeing 777 engine delivers twice the horsepower of all the Titanic’s steam engines combined.

Boeing 777 Delivers Twice the Power of All Titanic Ships

9. Over $44 billion worth of edible, unopened food is thrown away in the US every year.

Over $44 billion worth of edible Wasted in US

8. Ears and nose never stop growing.

Ears and Nose Never Stop Growing

7. The stomach in your mouth feeling on a roller-coaster is your organs floating inside you.

Roller Coaster Causes Organs to Hang

6. The way you cut your vegetables can change the way it tastes.

The Way You Cut Vegetables Change Its Taste

5. The 2011 earthquake near Japan increased the Earth’s rotation speed.

Earths Rotation Increased After Japan Earthquake

4. At the 1936 Olympic games, competitors from Liechtenstein were shocked to discover their flag was exactly same as Haiti’s. A year later Liechtenstein added a crown to their flag.

Liechtenstein's Flag After Crown

3. The Burramundi fish grows up as a male first, after two years turns in to a female to breed.

Burramundi fish Can Change Gender

2. You spend 24 years of your life in a beautiful coma known as sleep.

Professional Sleepers

1. A portion of the water you drink has already been drunk by someone, maybe several times over.

Water you Drink is Already Drunk By Someone

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