12 Benefits of Being a Tall Girl You Should be Happy About

Have you regretted for being a tall girl? Have you found yourself cramped behind your car seat? Were you not comfortable to go for a piggy-back ride behind your boyfriend? Do not worry babe! We have something special for you in this post to make you delighted.

Do not feel ashamed or embarrassed for being a tall girl. Do not worry for being tall, as we think that tall girls are awesome, superb, a leader, bold and of course beautiful. Check out the list below and forget the disappointing thought of being tall.

12. Modelling Opportunity

Model Nicole Kidman Standing Tall

Last but not the least; you can be a model anytime soon. You might get offers for modelling anytime for your height. Stay fit and healthy to get some cool offers. Modelling not just requires beauty, but also height. Hence, enjoy being tall and bold.

11. Tall Guys Accompany You at the Party


You are going to be accompanied only by the tall guys at the party. Not every other guy is going to join you. You should be happy for being selective.

10. People Notice You (Attention Seeker)


Among a crowd, if you are the tallest girl then people are going to notice you more than the others. Some may feel this as a disadvantage and shy off as well. But, consider this is a confidence booster when you are noticed in your company, college and school. Best part being noticed by guys!

9. Included in Sports without Great Sporting Skills


This is one advantage of being tall; you will be included in most of the sports even if you are not good at it. Sometimes you are the captain of the team. And you are valued as the most capable one in the sports. This is going to boost your confidence and your adrenalin is going to rush through your veins.

8. Tall Girls = Great Legs


This is my favorite part. Guys love girls with long legs. If you have long legs, then enjoy boasting it. If you have long legs but not toned, then do not wait to work on them. Do some exercises to make yourself fit, slim and toned.

7. Forget adding some Extra Pounds


If you are foodie, then continue to be one because tall girls need not worry about adding some extra pounds. You are not going to look fat very soon if you are a thin tall girl. Enjoy munching your favorite burger and dairy products without worrying about adding a few extra pounds.

6. Look Fabulous in Long Dresses


Any long dress is going to fit you right without the need to do a hemming. Unless you are not too fat, where you might need some custom fit. Otherwise, look fabulous in any kind of long dresses. Believe! You are definitely going to look great in your favorite dresses.

5. Reach your Kitchen Shelf Easily


Like heels, you can forget to have a kitchen ladder or stool at home. You can reach your kitchen shelf, book shelf or anything placed at a greater height without asking your guy to help you or to use the kitchen ladder.

4. Quick Paces


If you are a tall girl, then you have long legs which mean you can keep long steps and quickly reach your destination. Less energy but long distances covered easily because of your height advantage.

3. Enjoy Concerts from Behind the Crowd

 Tall Girls Easy to View The Concert

Do not worry that you are left behind at the back during your favorite shows, concerts, events or even a photo shoot. Repeat with us! Never worry! You can easily manage to watch your concerts and shows from behind the crowd without any difficulties.

2. Hug Easily


Being tall means you can hug your short friends easily. Do not worry that others are not comfortable hugging you, but you would definitely feel comfortable hugging others.

1. Bye Bye Heels!


If you are a tall girl, then you need not wear those uncomfortable heels all the time to match the height of other girls and guys out there. You can enjoy being tall even without those heels. But, you can definitely make yourself super cool by wearing your favorite heels. Guys enjoy them on tall girls as well.


Vinod Suthersan is an young tech enthusiast, Blogger addict, Internet craze and thriving to learn new things on the world of Internet.