15 Mysterious Islands Which are Actually Fictions

7. Lincoln Island (The Mysterious Island Novel 1874)


Lincoln Island is the mysterious island from the novel “The Mysterious Island” by Jules Verne, published in 1874. The main plot of this novel is around the Lincoln Island.

6. Neverland (Peter Pan or The Boy Who Didn’t Grow Up – Theater Play 1904)


Neverland was first introduced as “the Never Never Land” by the writer J. M. Barrie. This island is a fictional place created by the writer in the theater play “Peter Pan or The Boy Who Didn’t Grow up”. The residents of this mysterious place do not grow at all after certain age. Neverland is a small island offshore of Britain and is the dwelling place of Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, the Lost Boys and others.

5. Azkaban: island prison in the Harry Potter series 1997 – 2007


Azkaban also known as the Azkaban – island prison is from the Harry Potter Series build in the 15th century and is in use since 1718. Azkaban is a prison in the middle of the North Sea where wizards who violate the laws of the British wizarding world are sent. Azkaban is at a lower latitude than Hogwards. Azkaban Island has grounds outside the prison where dead prisoners are buried. In the movie, the prison appears to be a triangular and tall building with the center being hollow. Azkaban prison is known for its evil and fear throughout the Harry Potter series.

4. Utopia (Utopia Novel 1516)


Utopia is a fictional island created by the writer Thomas More and it was first published in the novel Utopia in the year 1516 in Latin. This book narrates us about the island’s society, religion and political customs. This mystery island was originally a peninsula but later it was separated from the main land by King Utopos by digging a 15-mile wide channel. This island consists of 54 cities, where each city is divided into 4 equal parts.

3. Harper’s Island (Mini-series 2008)


Harper’s Island is a creation of Ari Scholossberg in his Harper’s Island horror/mystery mini-series. Harper’s Island has one season of 13 episodes. The mysterious part of this thriller series is, in each episode one character and as many as five get killed. This series was originally shot on Bowen Island two kilometers west of Vancouver, British Columbia.

2. The Island (Lost – TV Series 2004)


“The Island” is from the sci-fi TV series “Lost” aired on the American Broadcasting Company consisting of 6 seasons (121 episodes). The Island is the main set-up of the series and is famous for its unusual and supernatural happenings. The story starts when a commercial passenger jet flying between Sydney and Los Angeles crashes on the mysterious tropical island somewhere in the South Pacific Ocean.

1. Gilligan’s Island (A Sitcom from 1964)


Gilligan’s Island is an American sitcom produced by Sherwood Schwartz and aired via United Artists Television. Story is mainly followed by the comic adventures of seven castaways who attempt to survive from the mysterious Gilligan’s Island where their sheep had been shipwrecked. The episodes mainly consist of unsuccessful attempts to escape and dissimilar castaways’ conflicts.

This show is known for its solid ratings in the 1970s and 80s. Now, the title character of Gilligan is famously recognized as an American cultural icon.

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