Top 10 Hidden Messages in Famous Brand Logos


Have you ever wondered the creativeness behind any branded company’s logo? It has always been a challenging job for designers to come up with innovative logos for the company. Our list of top 10 hidden messages in famous brand logos may help you fill with loads of unknown information about branded company’s logo.

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10. Adidas


Adidas is a reputed sports clothing and shoe manufacturer in the world that originally had three stripes as its logo. The current logo is manifested to be the three slanted stripes which resemble a triangle shape. The three black stripes with the white space signify the mountain and obstacles respectively, that people need to overcome.

9. Amazon


Amazon’s logo seems pretty simple with an arrow from letter “A” to “Z” at first glance. It represents the diverse varieties among Amazon’s product. The arrow from letter “A” to “Z” symbolizes a visible smiles delivered to their customers.

8. Pepsi


Pepsi being the most trusted soft drinks brand in the world, decided to invest millions of dollars on their new logo with tri-color of red, white and blue within a circle. The circle symbolizes the globe and the tri- color represents the Earth’s geodynamics, magnetic field, and Pythagoras. It also resembles the American Flag due to its intentional colors implemented.

7. Google


Google’s logo comprises of four primary colors being broken intentionally by a secondary color green. Google wanted their designers to implement great deal of message behind the logo, the different colors on the logo signifies that Google is not a company that “plays by the rules” provided the broken pattern represents the playfulness.

6. BMW


BMW’s logo is a mixture of blue and white color alternately fixed in a circle of four quadrants. The white color signifies the propelling blade against the blue sky. BMW provided a major role in manufacture of aircraft engine during World War II which led to the emergence of this logo.

5. Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes-Benz’s logo resembles something like a wheel’s spokes but has a confidential meaning behind it. It represents a tri-star which manifests its dominance over land, sea and air.

4. McDonald’s


McDonald’s logo being the most recognized one in the world, with two arches in its logo allegedly considered as a letter “M”. In 1960s McDonald’s discussed a new logo with their design partners of two golden arches, which unconsciously would be recognized by customers as “symbolism of nourishing breasts”.

3. FedEx


FedEx’s logo looks pretty simple but seems very tricky in terms of hidden meaning. The space between orange letters “E” and “X” forms an arrow pointing forward which represents an aspiration over their speed and forward thinking.

2. IBM


It is not just the punch of lines passing through IBM’s logo.  The white lines passing through the IBM’s logo resembles an equal sign at the lower right corner which represents equality.

1. Toyota


Toyota’s logo is the trickiest out of all listed above. The three ellipses signify the heart of customer, the heart of the product and the heart of technological process in the company’s logo.