Top 10 Most Venomous Snakes Around The World

People are scared of snakes, due to venom presence in them. However, some of them keep snakes as their pet animals since they are considered beautiful amongst animal creation. The venomous snakes have the same synonyms as the most dangerous snakes in the world. There are about 3000 species of snakes, and about 70% of them are venomous. Some of the most venomous snakes in the world are listed below, which is capable of killing humans in a matter of seconds.

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10. Belcher’s Sea Snake

Belchers Sea Snake

Belcher’s Sea Snake is a highly venomous stripped sea snake commonly found in tropical regions of Philippine Islands. Their deadly venom is sufficient enough to kill a human in a matter of minutes. However the bite doesn’t hurt the individual but are highly lethal. The venom generally contains neurotoxin capable enough to suffocate lungs and degrade the immune system and can paralyse the victim to death.

9. Philippine Cobra

Philippine Cobra

Philippine Cobra is similar to Black Spitting Cobra which is capable of spitting its venom up to 3 meters. They contain deadly venom that contains neurotoxin to collapse the respiratory function of the victim within few minutes of bite. Single bite can contain 50mg of venom, strong enough to kill a human within half an hour. This is the only Cobra snake to enter this list of most venomous snakes due to its unbelievable toxin strength.

8. Death Adder

Death Adder Snake

Death Adders are mainly found in Australia and are primarily focused in areas like open woodland and bushes. They are extremely venomous and strike at tremendous speed. The strike and back again position is estimated to be 0.15 second. Single bite can inject up to 100mg of venom that is strong enough to paralyse a human within minutes. General symptoms include infection in the blood vessels, which can cause cardiac arrest and respiratory failure to eventually cause death.

7. Tiger Snake

Tiger Snake

Tiger Snake is primarily found in Australia and is highly venomous. As the name says, the body of the Tiger Snake resembles a tiger’s fur with black strips. They are generally 7 feet in length and its venom is strong enough to kill within minutes after the bite. The toxin is potentially lethal that contains neurotoxins and when injected into the blood stream can result in some symptoms like nausea, abdominal pain, numbness, swelling and paralysis. The individual will require immediate medical attention in attacked by this snake.

6. Black Mamba

Black Mamba

Black Mamba accounts to be the longest venomous snake on earth after the King Cobra. It is found generally in South Africa and is commonly referred as the “Kiss of Death”. Black Mambas are extremely venomous capable of killing a human in less than 45 minutes. They deliver venom to the fullest with just a single bite and have to capability to regenerate venom within hours after the encounter. They are very alert and aggressive, which is also one of the fastest land snakes. The toxin is highly lethal and when injected into the victim can cause some symptoms like nausea, blood clots, neurotoxicity and cardiac arrest, all together can lead the victim to death.

5. Beaked Sea Snake

Beaked Sea Snake

Beaked Sea Snake is commonly found in tropical regions of Indo-Pacific. It is highly aggressive, alert, and venomous, strong enough to kill any animal on its way. Beaked Sea Snakes are capable of staying under water for over 5 hours. Single bite is strong enough to kill 50 humans. 1.6 milligrams of its venom is estimated to be six times stronger than the venom of a common Cobra snake. If the victim gets bitten by Beaked snake will certainly require immediate medical attention since survival rate is very low.

4. Blue Krait

Blue Krait

Blue Krait is a lethal snake generally found in Indian subcontinent. Single bite by this snake is considered 15 times more venomous than a common Cobra snake. They commonly feed on rodents and other snakes. Kraits are generally aggressive, alert and nocturnal. The venom contains deadly neurotoxin that can kill the victim within 6-10 hours of Krait bite. The symptoms include no pain in the bitten areas but the neurotoxin can cause respiratory failure followed by severe abdominal pain. If not treated on time can absolutely kill the victim.

3. Coastal Taipan

coastal taipan

Coastal Taipan is a deadly snake from Australia, which have a unique capability to undergo seasonal change in color. Their venom is highly fatal with great potential to kill 12,000 Guinea pigs. Single bite contains 120mg of deadly neurotoxin and taicatoxin sufficient enough to clot entire blood stream. Symptoms generally include paralysis, nausea, internal bleeding and destruction of critical tissues. Coastal Taipans inject fatal dose of venom, which can make the victim impossible to survive after the bite. Death occurs within 3 hours after the Taipan bite.

2. Eastern Brown Snake

eastern brown snake

Eastern Brown Snake is commonly found in Australia and Indonesia. The adult snake grows up to 6 feet in length and are generally greyish brown. These species are highly aggressive when they are in contact with other animals and even juveniles are capable of killing the opponent. They are surprisingly fast in terms of their movement and can strike the victim multiple times to kill them immediately. Single bite contains 0.053 mg/kg sufficient enough to kill 200,000 mice.

1. Inland Taipan


Inland Taipan is a highly venomous snake, mainly found in Australia. These inhibit in steppe climate region and are extremely lethal to kill anything on its way by using its toxin. The death rates of humans are comparatively less, since they are shy and always try to escape from the opponent. Single bite contains 110mg of venom that is capable of paralyzing and killing up to 250,000 mice or 12,000 Guinea pigs or 100 humans. Common symptoms include respiratory failure, paralysis and cardiac arrest eventually killing the opponent. Death may occur in 30-45 minutes.

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