Top 10 Strangest Buildings With Peculiar Architecture

The architects have been very innovative in building the strangest and weirdest physical structure through mortar and bricks. Such crooked designs are intentionally made by them to attract people’s vision. Some antique designs constructed few decades ago, solely competes with the modern architecture that are developed today. Moving down the list may leave you amazed with unimaginable architectures by brilliant minds.

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10. Lotus Temple (India)

Lotus Temple

Lotus Temple located in New Delhi, servers as the mother temple on Indian subcontinent. It is one of the best awarded architecture in the world. The building is surrounded by gardens and ponds, which comprises of 26 acres. It resembles a lotus flower, composed of 27-free standing marble-clad “petals” having nine sides in clusters of three. A central hall of the lotus temple with nine doors is capable of holding up to 2,500 people.

9. Habitat 67 (Canada)

Habitat 67

Habitat 67 is one of the most recognized and creepiest architecture in Montreal. It is designed by Canadian architect Mosche Safdie. It was built mainly to provide integrated suburban homes, fresh air, and multileveled environments. It originally contained 158 apartments, reaching up to 12 stories in height. Each unit in habitat 67 is facilitated with at least one private terrace with approximately 200-1000 square feet.

8. Longaberger Company Headquarters (USA)

Longaberger Company Headquarters

Longaberger Company Headquarters is designed in the shape of a giant basket, since they are one of the largest manufacturer and distributor of maple wood baskets. The building was creatively designed with fledged 180,000-square-foot which comprises of seven-storey. In order to prevent ice damage, baskets are heated during cold weather.

7. Kansas City Library (USA)

Kansas City Library

Kansas City Library is a funky building found in 1873, loaded with books, journal articles, pamphlets and materials related to American culture. Some of the famous titles include the Lord of the Rings, Romeo and Juliet, invisible man. It features a total of 22 book titles, made of signboard mylar which measures approximately 25 feet by 9 feet.

6. Gate of the Orient (China)

Gate of the Orient

Gate of the Orient is a $700 million skyscraper located in the heart of Suzhou’s central business district. It resembles a giant pair of trousers criticizing the most humorous part of the project. The building is 301.8 meters making it 74-storey soaring into the sky.

5. Dancing Building (Czech Republic)

Dancing Building

Dancing Building is amazingly designed by Croatian- Czech architect Vlado Milunic, which resembles a dancing couple, named after famous dancers Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. During initial stage of construction, it was indulged in controversial acts due to non-traditional design which resulted in delayed completion of the project. It was then famed by Vaclav Havel-Czech president, who lived for decades near the site, with intuition that the building would become a center of cultural activities.

4. Niterio Contemporary Art Museum (Brazil)

Niterio Contemporary Art Museum

Niterio Contemporary Art Museum, being one of the greatest landmark in Rio de Janeiro resembles a UFO if you haven’t noticed, is entirely supported by a cylindrical diameter of 29.5 feet. The building seem like it is floating above surrounding water. One end of the museum is a complete cliff which ends up into the sea.

3. Stone House (Portugal)

Stone House

The Stone House is the only antique building out of all listed here. It is sandwiched between two giant rocks, supported by concrete mix which resembles the house from the famous American cartoon program, “The Flintstones”. This house seems creepy, but attracts hefty amount of tourists across the globe. It is facilitated with modern interior such as bulletproof window, fireplace, and everything required to provide best hospitality.

2. The Crooked House (Poland)

The Crooked House Poland

The Crooked House is extremely bizarre in terms of design due to its squeezed look. This masterpiece was created as an inspiration from fairytale illustrations by Szotyńscy & Zaleski. It was constructed in 2004, with lavish 4000 square meters of area.  It mainly consists of shops, bars, and restaurants, which happen to be the prime location for tourists. Camera flashes are very often seen near this house due to its unique impression.

1. Atomium (Belgium)


Atomium as the name suggests, resembles an atom, stands 102m tall with 18m diameter clad sphere made of stainless steel. It was designed by engineers and architects for Expo 58 in the year 1958. Each unit of stainless steel spheres are connected by escalators. It is considered Europe’s creepiest building.

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