10 Amazing Facts About China not known to the World

The people of China, ancient Chinese culture and traditions, and China as a whole is unique to others in many ways. You find many things in China not found elsewhere. Chinese have created, invented and discovered many fascinating and amazing things in the world. China is one of the longest and oldest surviving civilizations in the world. The arts and varied culture adds more color to China. They eat snakes, cockroaches and many known to be disgusting food in the world. Different regions have different variation of the Chinese language. Today, they are mass manufacturing everything you can possibly think of. There are many martial arts that originated from China and Sholin School of martial arts is world-famous. Great Wall of China is seen from space. Now they are a superior superpower and an advanced economy in the world. The list is endless and today let’s sees 10 amazing facts of China not known to many people in the world.

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10. “Love Hunters” for rich bachelors

Chinese Love Hunters

Love hunting for the billionaires’ bachelors to find their perfect spouse is happening in China, where huge amounts of money are invested to find their ladies. Matchmaking in China has grown into a big money game to the so-called “Love Hunters”. Hundreds of girls are lined up, sometimes in bikini to get their rich guy. Even the girls have expectations, like the man should have at least a flat and a car to marry them. On the other hand these men are not just looking for beautiful girls but more than that. In short, a perfect life partner for huge sums of money. There are VIP memberships to attend events organised for matchmaking. A lot of choices and preferences are offered to these rich men for a price in China.

9. Ghost cities and ghost malls popping up rapidly in China

Ghost Cities of China

The rapid industrialization in China has led its government and investors to create empty cities and malls for future. There are cities and malls with zero occupants. The world’s largest mall built-in 2005 remains 99% empty. Hallstat in Guangdong province is a great example of one of the most under-populated cities in China. There are more than 60 million vacant homes from these vacant cities.

8. Nearly 35 million in China are cave dwellers

Cave Dwellers in China

Caves or Yoadong (Caves in Chinese) are used by more than 30 million people as a dwelling place. Chinese people use caves to live because of poverty and not able to spend money for apartments. Northern China has many cave dwellers, where parts of mountains are dug to make comfortable caves. Some caves are compact whereas others are as comfortable as posh villas.

7. “Sock City” produces one-third of all the socks produced in the world

Sock City of China

“Sock City” or district of Datang in Zhuji produces 1 in every 3 socks ever produced in the world. More than 8 billion socks are produced from the city each year. The “Sock City” is designated as an industrial development zone, which effectively produces two pairs of socks for every person on the planet in 2011.

6. You can major from bra studies in China

Bra Studies in China

A Hong Kong polytechnic is now offering a degree on bra studies. Chinese are serious in making the right bra and the right size. The country’s top bra manufacturer, Top Form has a bra lab at its factory. Top Form produces millions of high quality bras for well-known labels such as Victoria’s secret, Maidenform, and Playtex. The Chinese bra manufacturing industry is doing research to produce a better bra, where they have tried oil padding and air padding for bras.

5. Traditionally Chinese Medicines were derived from human body

Human Body Parts in Chinese Medicine

Even the government of China recommends its people to use human nail, urine, body fluids and other human wastes as disease treatment. Traditionally, Chinese have been using human body wastes like urine and excreta as medicines and a list of 35 human drugs were created from body wastage. A modern usage of human body waste includes the usage of dried human placenta to treat certain disorders. Human pubic are not an exception and used to cure diseases in China. The ancient Chinese have used bones, flesh and human organs as medicines.

4. China uses 45 billion disposable chopsticks per year

45 Billion Chopsticks Disposed in China

In a year more than 45 billion chopsticks are produced and disposed in China. This adds up to felling nearly 25 million fully grown trees in China. China has only 25 percent of its land covered with forest which is being used to produce chopsticks. Now, American chopstick manufacturers are exporting chopsticks to China.

3. Cricket fighting is a blood sport in China

Cricket Fighting In China is a Sports

Tang dynasty developed the cricket fighting in China more than 1,000 years ago. Later the sport was popularized by commoners. Cricket fighting is still practiced in China where male crickets are used as fighters. This sport is a popular pastime in China. These crickets are carefully bred and nourished with pedigrees to make them strong for the competition. Before the fight night, female crickets are dropped to cheer up the male fighters. A two-day tournament is held in Beijing every year as The National Cricket Fighting Championships.

2. China executes more than 4 times the world with death penalty

Execution in China

China is known for its strict laws, where capital punishments are common. More than 2400 people were executed in 2014 in China. The total number of prisoners executed in the country remains a top-secret. There is no discrimination in terms of who are executed in China. People from all groups and society are executed without exceptions including top billionaires. Lethal injections are used to execute prisoners. Traditionally, firing guards is the method of execution. Both lethal injection and firing guards are used to execute prisoners.

1. Dog meat festival

Dog Meat Festival in China

In 2013 the famous Yulin Festival for eating dogs witnessed killing of more than 10,000 dogs every year. Ever since the protest from online campaigns and animal activists, this number has dropped. This cruel event began in the year 2009 to bring in more tourism and to honor the summer solstice. The slaughtered dogs and cats are then put up in stalls and sold to people visiting the festival. Even pet dogs and cats are not spared in the event.


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