10 Animals With Deadliest Teeth

To be very frank, an animal’s main tool of defense is the teeth that they sustain. Adding on to the consequences of attacks on humans by animals over teeth sequels, not all of them are life-threatening. Most of the animals generally rely completely on their teeth for life. Additionally, there could be more animals out there with much stronger and dangerous teeth. But, we have come with the real-life consequences of animal attacks on humans and other animals just implying on teeth. Here, we have listed the 10 animals with deadliest teeth whose each tooth basically can resemble the strength of iron.

10. Nile Crocodile

Nile Crocodile

Nile crocodile is a powerful animal residing majorly in freshwater of Africa. Out of all the crocs out there, the Nile crocodile is much extended in terms of strength as they possess powerful jaws. Additionally, they are very aggressive by nature, which consists of incredible armory scales. While focusing their teeth as we proceed, the Nile crocodiles consist of teeth that are conical and sharp.

Further, these teeth along their jaws are much capable enough to pierce the prey’s flesh with no hassle. Intelligently, they tend to use their sharp teeth and powerful jaws to topple their rivalries underwater easily. They basically trap the preys by putting in more pressure on their jaws to play the trick.

9. Gaboon Viper

Gaboon Viper

Gaboon viper happens to be the only snake species on this list. But, logically you may think the snakes with fangs are just for the reason to inject the venom on prey! Of course, they are injecting the venom, but while they are injecting, the pain is something to be noted. The Gaboon vipers have the longest fangs of any venomous snake at a length of 2.2 inches. As previously said, the snake’s bite can be one of the most painful animal bites. Largely found in the rainforests of sub-Saharan Africa, they are known to be calm and unaggressive by nature.

8. Cookiecutter Shark

Cookiecutter Shark

Also recognized as “cigar shark”, the cookiecutter shark is majorly found in parts of tropical and warm-temperate oceanic basins. The name cookiecutter would seem special for this shark as they bite on their offenders in a round plug fashion. The most highlighting part of this shark is the sharpness of their teeth. If you ever come across them, then don’t miss the saw-like cutting edges along the jaws.

Additionally, the upper portion of the jaw consists of about 35 teeth verse the lower ranging between 25 and 31 teeth. Further, a single bite can leave behind a cookie-like crater on the victim’s body. While most of the times, the attacks from cookiecutter sharks are not considered dangerous on humans, however, can potentially cause intense wounds on the flesh.

7. Bengal Tiger

Bengal Tiger

Obvious to the fact that the jaws of tigers are amazingly strong. But, if you consider among the tigers, the Bengal tiger surpasses the strength they accumulate in their teeth. Additionally, they are accounted to be one of the most dangerous and biggest wildcats in the world. The teeth are very fat and rotund that are capable enough to pierce any flesh out. Also recognized as “Royal Bengal Tiger”, the Bengal tigers are majorly distributed in parts of India, Bangladesh and Nepal.

6. Piranha


Most famously, the piranhas are very much recognized to be dangerous only after we saw them coming on films. Piranhas are considered on the list of most dangerous fish in the world, due to their creepy jaws. Their teeth and powerful jaw is as much comparable to a cutting machine. Furthermore, the teeth are typically triangle and razor-like shape, which makes it easy for them to cut apart anything on its way. These razor-like teeth are formed along the jaws in a row that helps them in rapid punctures.

5. Lamprey Eel


Don’t get scared that this is a monster alien from somewhere outside our planet, Earth. The teeth of the lamprey eel pretend to be an alien. Lampreys are one such fish species with no jaws but with incredibly dangerous teeth. The “Lamprey” comes from Latin, which means “stone licker”. They use their strong teeth to get latched on the host’s fresh to such their blood. The structure of the fish’s teeth is in the form of an oral disc that consists of a meshwork and other proteins. Further, the Lampreys are one of the most energy-efficient swimmers, which uses techniques to lower the pressure around them while swimming.

4. Goliath Tigerfish

Goliath Tigerfish

To be very honest, the goliath tigerfish is a real monster. At first glance, the goliath’s mouth might seem just like a leg-hold trap. Also recognized as “giant tigerfish” or “Mbenga”, the tigerfish majorly reside in the freshwaters of Africa. They are basically predatory in nature and can be dangerous for humans as well. The most sightings of goliath’s attack would be seen reported in The Congo, with the comments of them being incredibly strong. Furthermore, the goliath fishes consist of teeth fitting into distinctive grooves that are as much comparable to iron spokes. Finally, the locals have named the fist as “Mbenga”, which mean an evil spirit.

3. Payara


Now, considering fishes would be an obvious thought as most of them consist of sharp teeth. But, if you are very keen about the teeth that payara holds then you are going to experience one of the deadliest teeth in the world. Payara is basically found in the tropical regions of South America in the Amazon Basin. An adult can grow to a size of 30 centimeters.

Payaras are generally very aggressive and are not suitable for the hybrid aquarium. Therefore, they should be placed along with sizes bigger than them to avoid the others from being gulped. The teeth are something to be very noticed as they consist of incredibly long and sharp along the front of their jaw. Finally, stay cautioned from them even if you are a seasoned fisherman.

2. Hippopotamus


As we all are aware that the hippopotamus is one animal that is completely different in terms of structure to win the hearts of kids and children. Also recognized famously as “hippo”, the animal is semiaquatic as they reside most of the times immersed in water. Being said that they are loved by youngsters, the actual behavior of hippos is unpredictable. They are considered one of the most dangerous animals in the world that are known to impose furious anger in no time.

Being said that they are dangerous, the hippos consists of sharp teeth that are known to have caused injuries to civilians and public at multiple locations across the globe. Additionally, they are also known to chase the ones they find are harmful under their territories. The most highlighting part being the hippo’s teeth, wherein they sharpen their teeth as they grind together. Finally, as their teeth are made of ivory canine, it is considered one of the most valuable around the world.

1. Great White Shark

Great White Shark

The Great white shark happens to be deadliest sea animal of all time due to their unimaginable teeth. Also considered as a “killer whale”, the sea animal is accounted as the largest flesh-eating animal in the world.  Too interesting to know that the white sharks newly grow their teeth every eight months like reload of ammo of a machine gun. Additionally, they are known to hunt almost across all the oceans available. Further, the teeth resemble like a real knife, which they use for stabbing rather than chewing. More dangerous for other sea animals is that they are known to not miss the target more than once.

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