10 Most Beautiful Birds In The World

Can watching birds flying and chirping around you relieve stress? Yes, Of course is the answer. Imagine, you are watching them, enjoying and relieving stress of yourselves just with commonly wandering birds around. Think about the same scenario with some of the most impressive birds near you. They can steal your heart no matter in which condition of mind you are in. Here, we have come up with the 10 most beautiful birds in the world, which are worth watching until their presence around you.

10. Atlantic Puffin

Atlantic Puffin

Atlantic Puffin somewhat resembles like an animated bird, which is also recognized as “Common Puffin”. Native to the Atlantic Ocean, the bird feeds on squid and other sea creatures. Though the bird looks funny, the Atlantic Puffins are most loved by many across the globe. Further, the beak is very unique, which comprises of strips of orange and white coloration. The whole length of the bird is about 30 cm and the head seem to be crowned with rock solid glossy black. It is an endangered species, although they are never found on lands. Mostly spends whole of its life in the sea and are to be seen near the coastlines only during breeding periods.

9. Blue Jay

Blue Jay

Blue Jay by the name, is one such awesome creation by the nature, found majorly in North America. The head and lower back portion of the bird’s body is coated with blue features making it most emphasized in terms of beauty. A U-shaped collar around its neck featured with black color highlights the bird’s appearances in contrast with the snowy environments. Further, the Blue Jay eats nuts, fruits and small vertebrates majorly as part of diet. Also recognized as “Jaybird” because of the noise that it produces. The tiny bird with length of just about 30 cm, makes people fall for it.

8. Booted Racket-tail Humming Bird

Booted Racket tail Humming Bird

Booted Racket-tail Humming Bird is by far the most beautiful humming bird among the species of Humming bird. As the name says, the bird is featured with an incredible tail like extension that resembles like a racket. Basically, the bird is green in color with vibrant blue racketed tails, which makes it special for its looks. Further, the Booted Racket-tail is found in Colombia and Venezuela to Bolivia. Further, they tend to seek for the sweetest flowers powered with high energy nectar. Capturing the view of this hummingbird feeding on such flowerings would be a lifetime memory.

7. Stork-billed Kingfisher

Stork billed Kingfisher

Kingfisher family of birds are always loved my many from around the world and the top most happens to be the Stork-billed Kingfisher. The bird is found in tropical subcontinent and Southeast Asia. The size of the bird is considerably large at a length of 35 cm. Consists of an impressive blue wing and reddish-pink beak. Resides near the rivers, lakes and coasts, the bird hunts for fish, crabs and rodents. Additionally, the bird is known to have originated from a place known as “Chandannagar” from West Bengal, India.

6. Keel-billed Toucan

Keel billed Toucan

Keel-billed Toucan impresses people with its remarkable beak at a length of 20 cm. Fantastic looking beak blending with the bird’s head consists of stunning color combination of green, purple, blue and orange. The body is basically black with front portion from head covering with pure yellow coat. With a length of about 55 cm including its bill, the bird weighs between 380 and 500 grams. Primarily found in the parts of Southern Mexico to Venezuela and Colombia. They tend to travel at a very slow speed and can fly up to a height of 6,200 feet. Finally, the bird is considered endangered, since a lot of people fall behind to hunt for its beak.

5. Green Headed Tanager

Green Headed Tanager

Green Headed Tanager is a marvelous bird that can be just decided by viewing its beautiful green head. It is a tiny bird with a length of just about 13.5 centimeters. Primarily found in the Altantic forest in south-eastern Brazil, the bird blends well with the greenery environments. They tend to normally eat fruits and insects as part of diet. Since the bird is vibrant with tiny size, it is loved by many across the globe.

4. Flamingo


Flamingo is a remarkable orange beauty found almost all parts of the country except Antarctica. Additionally, the name “Flamingo” was derived from Portuguese or Spanish word “Flamengo”, which symbolizes “Flame-Colored”. The flame like coloration on the Flamingo’s body gives a stunning look when found them on groups. Flamingos fly for a long distance and can carry themselves at a speed of over 56 kilometers per hour. Additionally, they are considered as the wading birds, but lags swimming. Further, the incredible blood like feathers are due to their dieting conditions, which involve carotenoid pigments in them.

3. Peacock


Peacock is a wonderful bird, which stands to be evergreen when bird beauties are into consideration. The bird is native to Indian Subcontinent. The lower back portion of Peacock consists of a beautiful iridescent coloration that it elaborates to attracts females. Females seems to be using these iridescent colorations to shoo the predators from dangers. There are three variants in Indian Peacock species namely “Indian Peacock”, “Congo Peacock” and “Green Peacock”. The males tend to tune their vocal cords and produce vocalization as one of the primary features to attract the female ones. The iridescent coloration while displace consists of an eyespot like structures known as “ocelli”, which happens to be the most mesmerizing beauty the bird features.

2. Golden Pheasant

Golden Pheasant

Golden Pheasant consists of a vibrant reddish-orange neck with fantastic golden fern like crest on the head. Majorly found in the dense forests of western China. The bird grows to a size of about 90 – 105 cm and the tail’s length is two-third the bird’s size. Additionally, the name “Golden Pheasant” was derived from the Ancient Greek word “Khrusolophos”, which means the “Painted”. The bird’s appearances perfectly resemble like as if the entire bird is painted with color paintings. Golden Pheasant’s neck is featured with orange cape to help display its beauty while mating.

1. Scarlet Macaw

Scarlet Macaw

Scarlet Macaw hold the top most list in the 10 most beautiful birds for its distinct color combination on the body. Falls under the category of parrots, the bird resides majorly in South America in humid evergreen forests. The birds seem little to be spotted in other counties apart from Coiba islands. Scarlet Macaw is large with unique coloration on the body with a combination of red, yellow and blue. Further, it is considered as the most intelligent birds around the world, which can make voices like real humans. Finally, with an average length of about 90cm, the bird can travel to a speed of over 35 mph. Additionally, the Interesting fact to note that the bird’s life expectancy is at an impressive figure at 75 years.

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