10 Most Beautiful Female Armed Forces in the World

Females have played many roles in the military as ancient warrior women in history and the women serving in conflicts as commandos, fighters, and soldiers. They have taken part in World War I and II, and many other Civil Wars. Countries like Israel, Russia and United States have given special importance to women. Today, women are actively participating in different parts of military operations around the world. There are millions of women soldiers in the world military population.

The thought of women as warriors and soldiers may leave men thinking them as “tough” while some men may think it as “appealing”. But as a whole, when we think of young women, we only think of beauty. So, when it comes to female armed forces which are the most beautiful in the world? Let’s go through the list of most attractive and beautiful women armed forces from around the world. If you keep a beauty contest for these girls listed, some might win them.

Here goes the list of ten countries with the most beautiful female armed forces in the world:

10. Australia – Women in the Australian Defense Force

Australian Beautiful Female Military

Australian military is at number 10. The Australian Defense Force is the military organisation responsible for the defense of Australia. Until World War II women were restricted to the Australian Army Nursing Service. In the 1940s, the role of women in defense forces heightened. Today, ADF inducts women in combat operations as well. The country is full of many extremely hot women. Australian Defense Force is not an exception. Their unique complexion and looks make them one of the best looking female armed forces in the world.

9. Sweden – Women in the Swedish Armed Forces

Swedish Beautiful Female Soldiers

Swedish Armed Forces is in at number 9. Since 1989 there are no gender restrictions in the Swedish military on access to military training or positions. Swedish women are part of all kinds of military services, positions and combat. The Swedish Women’s Voluntary Defence Service (commonly known as Lottorna) is an auxiliary defense organization of the Swedish Home Guard, a part of the Swedish Armed Forces. Sweden is a beautiful country with beautiful girls. Swedish women are tall, intelligent and extremely feminine. All these characteristics make the country’s armed forces one of the most beautiful.

8. Croatia – Women in the Republic of Croatia Armed Forces

Croatian Beautiful Female Military Forces

Croatian women are stunning, intelligent and come with flawless skin. The reason for their beauty – mix between French and Italian genes. They do not need makeup as they are naturally beautiful – God’s gift. The Republic of Croatia Armed Forces consists of army, navy and air force. Conscription in the country was abolished in the year 2008. The female forces of the country are young, energetic and are breaking barriers in the field of defense. The above picture is an example of beauties in the Croatian military and it doesn’t end there.

7. United States – Women in the United States Armed Forces

United States Hot Female Armed Force

United States should definitely be in this list for its large number of the military population serving its Armed Forces. The United States Armed Forces – the strongest and the most powerful armed forces in the world. After the establishment of The Woman’s Army Auxiliary Corps in the United States in 1942, women have taken part in various roles in missions of the United States Armed Forces. Female warriors and fighters of the United States forces have taken part in World War II, Vietnam War, and Korean War. Female soldiers from United States are hot and this fact can be verified by searching for few images/selfies on Google search. United States women are strong, powerful, have flexible body and are skillful. All these facts make them even more attractive.

6. Poland – Women in Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland

Polish Beautiful Female Armed Force

First thing first, Polish women are generally appealing for being tall, thin, and have high cheeks and a great body bone structure. “Beauty genetics” must be doing the trick. Polish Armed Forces is no doubt that it is at number 6 on this list. The Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland is the official armed forces of the Poland. The country’s military forces contain men and women in various positions. The country’s small military population of beautiful women has given us the authority to list them here. Polish military personnel are super good-looking in both normal life and as well in battlefield.

5. Serbia – Women in Serbian Armed Forces

Serbian Beautiful Female Armed Forces

In Yugoslavia (including Serbia and other states), two million women were directly involved in non-combat support roles with Yugoslavia’s partisans. Serbia is a small country in Europe that has its influence from the Byzantine period and the beautiful women of this country is an example. Women in the Serbian Armed Forces draw their beauty from Russia and Europe. The country’s military forces have high numbers of female candidates with great skills and enriched with beautiful looks. The women serving the military are not only beautiful but are tall, have thick glossy hair, long legs, thin and mostly brunette making them an amazingly mysterious combination. Females in the Serbian Armed Forces stand at number 5 on the list of top 10 most beautiful women armed forces in the world.

4. Greece – Women in Hellenic Armed Forces

Greece Hot Female Armed Forces

Greek’s military forces are known as Hellenic Armed Forces that comprises of men and women with equal rights. Greek women are known for their divine beauty in history as well as in literature. Greek Gods are an example of the beauty of females in Greece. Women in Greek military forces may leave you mesmerized with their enchanting looks. All men above 18 years of age serve for 9 months in defense. Women may serve in the Greek military, but cannot be conscripted. Greek women have rich feminine looks, classy and consider themselves powerful. Even with the military dresses on, they look amazingly attractive. You should check the Greek battle field training centers of women to get some inspiration.

3. Romania – Women in Romanian Armed Forces

Romanian Hot Female Armed Forces

The Romanian Armed Forces are an active force since 1860. During the World War II, Romanian women played a major role in the Royal Romanian Air Force. Today, the Romanian Armed Forces comprise of both men and women. Women serve across Naval, Air and Land forces of Romanian Armed Forces. Female candidates of the Romanian Armed Forces can be distinguished by good looks and some of them are worthy of a beauty contest.

2. Russia – Women in Russian Armed Forces

Russian Beautiful Female Armed Force

Women in the Russian Armed Forces are in at number 2 for being hot, for their unique beauty and combating prowess. Russian military is one of the most powerful and largest nuclear nations in the world. The three military services of the country were found in the year 1992 after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The country has a strong military staff of more than 1 million with an annual budget of about $65 billion.

Women play an important role in the Russian Armed Forces today and as well as during the Soviet Union era. During the Soviet Union, women took part in the World War II. Women forces increased due to loss of military population during the World War II. The Russian army runs the Miss Russian Army beauty contest for attractive female Russian soldiers. That is something interesting for us to note at this point. Today, the world recognizes the Russian women serving military to be of ultimate beauty and power.

1. Israel – Women in Israeli Defense Forces (IDF)

Israeli Beautiful Female Armed Forces

Women in the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) would like you spellbound for the fact that they are all beautiful, attractive and gorgeous. The fact can be cross-verified by checking the Wiki page dedicated for the female soldiers serving in the IDF. During the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, women stood in front as combat leaders and fighters. Women have been part of all the major wars Israel has undergone. Israel is one of the few countries in the world with a mandatory military service requirement for women. Women in service are provided equal rights for all the positions in the IDF. Every single and married women without children are part of the mandatory conscription. As of 2010, 88% of all roles in the IDF are open to female candidates, and women could be found in 69% of all IDF positions. Females in IDF are the most beautiful in the world.

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