10 Benefits of Being a Short Girl You Should be Happy About

Have you ever felt bad for being short? Were you ever embarrassed by your tall counterparts? Did you struggle to get stuffs from the high shelves? Sometimes you had to depend on tall people to help you. There are many such occasions you may feel bad about being a short girl. But, there are many benefits of being short. Never worry, you would be refreshed to know few of these things about being a short girl are really cool.

Many celebrities and actresses have faced the problem of being short, but most of them have found the positive side of being short. Female celebrities who are short have achieved many laurels in their life. Some of the most famous ones are Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez. Never feel ashamed that you are short and tiny. Cherish these super cool things you can enjoy that can’t be enjoyed by tall people.

Let’s check some of the cool benefits and advantages of being a short girl you would be happy to hear. This list is endless.

10. No fear of being taller than your boyfriend

Kim Kardashian is Short and Enjoys company of Tall Girls

Kim Kardashian is a famous celebrity who is not tall as you think. She is only 5’2” in height and she is happy about herself. When you are short, you do not have the fear that your boyfriend may be taller than you. Even Kim enjoys being short and her husband is 5’8”.

9. Date any guy without worries

Short Girl can Date Any Guy

When you are single, you have the advantage of dating pretty much any guy you meet. 99% it would be evident that the guy would be taller than you. The chance of dating any guy literally increases when you are a short girl. Cherish the opportunity!

8. Wear the Tallest Heels and Never Look Odd

Short Girl Wearing Tall Heels

Try the tallest available heels in your nearby store and you would surprisingly never look odd at all. Many celebrities who are short wear tall heels and their beauty is never reduced. Most of the heels in the shop would fit you perfectly and it would look beautiful on your legs. Wearing heels is a confidence booster for short girls. This is a must try for short women.

7. Many Boys Find You as Cute

Short Girls Look Cute - Kaitlyn Dever

Guys usually like girls who are shorter than them and they also find them cute. Kaitlyn Dever is a live example for this fact. Kaitlyn Dever is only 5’1”, but is cute and beautiful. A psychological reason is related to men finding girls short to be cute and adorable. Men who enjoy being with a short girl and love her might be because short girls make them feel bigger. Men would easily make you special by lifting you, carrying you and hugging you.

6. People Tend to Protect Shorter Girls

Short Girls are Protected by People

It’s human tendency that bigger and taller people tend to protect the smaller ones. Likewise, short girls being cute and adorable are protected by people. As a mom protects her kids, short girls are protected by their father, brother or boyfriend. Even the general public would support and safeguard the shorter girls.

5. Kids Love You & Nobody Feels Threatened

Kids Love Short People

Nobody in this world, including kids is ever threatened by short people, more precisely short girls. Kids love to play with short girls and enjoy accompanying them. There are very mild chances that people feel threatened by short girls. Being loved by kids is something heavenly and you should be proud of this fact.

4. Get Free Piggyback Rides at Random Moments

Short Girls Get Free Piggyback Rides

You start to feel like a baby when you randomly get piggyback rides from different people. You can enjoy the free ride at surprising moments from your brother or boyfriend. Your dad can easily give you a piggyback ride as well. Take piggyback rides from anyone bigger than you at any point in time. This is a big fun part of being a short girl you should be happy about. This is one of the cutest benefits of being short.

3. Enjoy the Shadow of Tall People

Short Girl Enjoying Shadow of Tall

You can take the advantage of taller people by enjoying their shadow to protect yourself from sun. All short women and girls can protect themselves when standing with taller people and under the sun.

2. You Spend Less for Your Clothes

Short Girls Spend Less for Shopping Clothes

Shopping clothes is going to cost you less. If you are short, you would go for the sizes “S” or “M” which is cheaper than the bigger sizes. You can even try kids clothing that would cost you even lesser. Save some bucks babe!

1. Short Girls Look Younger Than their Actual Age

Short Girls Look Younger than They Actually are

This is the best part of being short. You do not age easily. This is applicable to most people and not all of them. Apart from the fact that you are going to live longer than tall people, you are also going to look young as you age. Jennifer Lopez is one such celebrity who is young even in her 40s. She is around 5’4” and happy with her youthful looks today. There are many more thing for short girls to be happy about.


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