10 Bizarre Facts About McDonalds

McDonald’s have extremely influenced people by the way they serve their customer in terms of taste. The kind of product served by them is undeniable, which led to their extreme growth across the globe. There are about 35,000 outlets worldwide, serving millions of customers every day. Have you wondered the salary paid to their employees, damage caused to the environment and devastating contribution towards obesity? Here, we have listed 10 bizarre facts about McDonald’s that is comprehensively shocking for the folks.

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10. McDonald’s All Top Prize Monopoly Promo Were Won Fraudulently Between 1995-2000

McDonald's Monopoly

Monopolies being one of the expensive games in the world, however, McDonald’s failed to move forward with a better perspective. McDonald’s hired a subcontracting company called Simon Marketing to assist the promotion of the game. This scenario eventually tossed to fraudulent activities where almost all top prizes in McDonald’s promo got under scam. $13 million in prizes were given to employees of the company running the promo.

9. McDonald’s In Germany Offers To Buy Beer

McDonald’s Beer

Beer fans can grab McDonald’s Beer feast only in its Germany outlets. McDonald’s offers beer at cheaper rate in Germany than other branded liquor restaurants. They serve at a moderate price of 1.99 Euros, pretty cheap when compared McCafe’s 2.69 Euros. The outlet serves in a plastic cup of 330ml, which can be ordered with McRib combo meal or a cup of beer itself.

8. McDonald’s Logo

McDonald's Logo

Have you ever wondered the hidden message behind McDonald’s brand logo? In 1960s, the company changed to a new logo with golden arches, which was persuaded by Louis Cheskin (Design Consultant) not to implement them. But the company decided to go forward with the same logo, although it was stated by the designers that the logo would subsequently remind of “Large Breast”.

7. McDonald’s Is Richer Than Mongolia

mcdonalds mongolia

McDonald’s current revenue is about $30-billion from franchise stores alone, which is fairly enough to cross Mongolia’s economy. It was also estimated that McDonald’s daily customer traffic is greater than Great Britain’s population. The revenue jumps drastically as it proceeds every year, since a new franchise opens every 14.5 hours.

6. The Golden Arches Are More Recognized Than The Christian Cross

Golden Arches More Recognized Than The Christian Cross

The one and only way to get famous in modern era is by marketing and advertising. McDonald’s spends about $2 on advertising and marketing, which is one among the most expensive budget in the world. Due to such drastic marketing across the globe, even kids are aware of the golden arches. According to Sponsorship Research International’s survey, 88% of people could identify the golden arches versus 54% for the cross.

5. 1 in 8 Americans Are McDonald’s Employees

mcdonalds employees

Have you ever wondered why all workers in McDonald’s outlets are youngsters! Though McDonald’s is a prime time employer in the world, the hired ones never tend to work for long period of time. Majority of them seem to be of part-time young workers mainly those focusing on earnings for their pocket money. Eric Schlosser published an article in 2001 which stated that one in eight Americans is employed by McDonald’s and it was also stated that McDonald’s hire about 1-Million people every year.

4. The Company Sells More Than 75 Hamburgers Per Second

McDonalds Hamburger

There are about 35,000 outlets of McDonald’s across the globe, serving almost 1% of the world’s population. It is also estimated that they serve about 68 million people, more than the population of Great Britain. Americans are the largest consumer of beef and the majority is supplied by McDonald’s itself. They consume about a million Pound of beef every year fed by McDonald’s, a devastating health hazard for Hamburger consumers. McDonald’s is known to be the largest purchaser of pork and beef, also one of the major contributors to environmental and health damages.

3. Stella Liebeck Won Over $500,000 After A Court Battle Against McDonald’s

stella liebeck

In 1992, McDonald’s served a defective hot coffee to 79-year old Stella Liebeck that resulted in third-degree burns in her pelvic region, which became a prime flashpoint in United States. The coffee served was at 88-degree Celsius temperature, a genuine cause of concern had to be taken from McDonald’s perspective. However, this led to a fury quarrel between the lady and the representatives. Her medical expenses crossed over $10,000 but McDonald’s denied such hefty total and offered her about $800. Liebeck moved forward to produce this case against the civil jury, where she won a jackpot of $500,000.

2. A McDonald’s Employee Takes 1.2 Million Hours To Earn An Annual Earning Of McDonald’s CEO

McDonald's CEO

The McDonald’s pay gap between its CEO and workers has doubled in recent years, which led to continue strike by some outlet’s employees. The wages paid are highly low to their employees, since it requires very low skills and there is high demand for the job. Nerd Wallet, a financial website, decided to compare wages of McDonald’s CEO and its employees, what came out was highly shocking. The McDonald’s employees have to toil for about 7 months to match the annual earnings of its CEO. This produced an exaggerated estimate that showed CEO’s wage being about 1200 times greater than an ordinary employee’s wage.

1. McDonald’s Originally Served Hot Dogs Instead Of Hamburgers

McDonald's Hot Dogs

The Hot Dogs is highly unhygienic and contains high level of cholesterol, capable of causing colorectal cancer by 21%. It was in 1977 when CEO Ray Kroc, who denied and forbid from selling Hot Dogs in almost all of their outlets, an extreme positive step against health hazard. In spite of his extreme action against Hot Dogs, they were again introduced in 1990s as an optional during late nights. The customers as well have got used to having Hot Dogs due its sensational taste prepared by McDonald’s.

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