10 Celebrities Having Pilot License to Fly

Aren’t you excited to touch the sky solo? Of course will be the answer from majority young wanderlust across the globe. There are so many unknown facts wandering about the celebrities, out of which one stands to the pilot license passed by them. Not just the profession they achieved in their career, but also touching the skies solo by gaining the pilot license. We come up with the 10 celebrities having pilot license still touching skies solo.

10. Hilary Swank

Hilary Swank

Hilary Swank is recognized across the world for her two renowned Oscar Awards. She recently shortened her hair from long as a symbol for Amelia Earhart over missing in Pacific during aviation. Hilary had about 19 hours of flying experiences but there were multiple reasons for not granting access by insurance company to go solo. However, there are many instances of her flying the plane and following her passion towards touching the skies.

9. John Travolta

John Travolta

John Travolta is best known for his success in acting for Saturday Night Fever in 1977. But he is not successful just as an actor, but is highly professional when aviation is into consideration. He have proved that his living was towards the passion of flying a plane. At the age of 22, Travolta acquired the license to touch the skies and even today, Travolta continues towards his passion. Currently, he is the owner of multiple planes, including Boeing 707-138.

8. Richard Hammond

Richard Hammond

Richard Hammond is a journalist, well known for representing the Two Car Programme Top Gear for BBC in 2002. He passed the helicopter license in 2012 and now owns a second-hand Robinson R44 worth of £150,000. His hefty toy much satisfied him, but annoyed his neighbors due to huge noise. In the initial days, Hammond used to shunt to and fro for his career in journalism, which triggered bad rapport with the neighbors.

7. Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman

We all recognize Morgan Freeman as one of the best actors in the world, but ever thought that he holds a license to fly a jet? Definitely not, but Morgan was a mechanic in the US Air Force right from his teen age. Later, he was promoted to a trainer for fighter jets. Currently, he owns a Cessna Citation 501 jet bought by him recently. He bit the chain to hold the pilot license at the age of 65.

6. George W. Bush

George W Bush

We all have seen George W. Bush as the president of United States, holding the mic and honoring the mob. But, there are many internal talents in him, and one among them is piloting the plane. Also, ranked in the list of best presidents of United States for the past three decades, Bush manages also to enter into the list of 10 celebrities having pilot licenses. Even before entering into democracy, George was a naval aviator during World War II. In 1968, he joined the 147th Flight Interceptor Group in Texas to undergo the naval training. Further, he took a 54 weeks flight training at Moody Air Force Base to finally ending up with combating.

5. Tim McGrew

Tim McGrew

Tim McGrew’s historic story about holding the cockpit of a plane is potentially incredible. Widely recognized to be one of the best singers, since 1996. Tim was much interested into aviation right from his childhood as his father was a career Army aviator. Obvious to know that, Tim spent almost whole of his time looking planes, jets and helicopter. It didn’t take much for Tim to fly a plane, which was basically guided by his dad. Through his career, there have been a lot of times him thinking about flying a plane, when he went sober. Finally, with lot of researches, Tim owns a private jet with pilot license since last five years.

4. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie

The Best known American Actress today holds the license to pierce into the sky. Angelina Jolie was inspired by her son Maddox, who was much interested into flying planes. She caught the flying pilot license eight years back in 2004 and continues to fly. It was when her son always excite her about flying a place, finally got through in 2004. She flies her private plane Cirrus SR22.

3. Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford is considered as one of the world’s most renowned pilot when celebrities are into consideration. He have spent about 5,000 hours just flying in the sky with an estimated license age of over 20 years. Well known for piloting in the Star Wars film, Ford owns a Cessna citation twin jet plane. He achieved the pilot license at the age of 53, who had once crash landed his plane, which resulted in minor injury. However, he recovered very quickly due to his intense passion against flying.

2. Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

We have seen Tom performing stunts in many Hollywood movies including in flights and jets. But, here comes the reality of him holding a real time pilot license to fly. Interesting to know that Tom Cruise is now the owner of five private jets, who bags the license since 1994. Additionally, P-51 is considered to be his favorite plane, where the picture of the plane was carried by him all over the world. His method of flying the plane is always outraging. He was once filmed from a helicopter, leaving the cockpit and moving to the other end of the place alone.

1. Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood is by far considered to have passed the pilot license for over 30 years now. He is most recognized for his success in the Western TV series Rawhide. Flying was his hobby, since he quoted “Pilots to be identified with unique code on the aircraft”. Immediately after passing the pilot license, he chose a Aerospatiale AStar helicopter. The interest was acquired after taking part in the Paris Air Show . Soon after the purchase, Clint shipped the toy to his home, where he played with for several hours before to take for the long trips. Today, he owns many private jets, proving himself towards his passion for touching the skies.

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