10 Countries with the Most Attractive Women in the World

Women make society colorful and beautiful. The percentages of people who are beautiful vary from country to country. Every country has its own set of gorgeous women, but there are countries where the majority of the women are beautiful. And, there are also countries where women have attractive characteristics like long legs, slim body, and beautiful eyes. It is very difficult to calculate and say the accurate figures of which country has the most beautiful women in the world. We have analyzed certain parameters like the number of “Miss World”, “Miss Universe” titles of a country and the normal visual instinct factors from movies, social networking, and Televisions to create this list. Here goes the list of top 10 countries with the most attractive women population in the world.

10. Ukraine


Ukraine’s PM Yulia Tymoshenko is a great example of beautiful women in Ukraine. Majority of the Ukrainian women are feminine in nature, tall, and have a skinny body. Ukrainian women are fashionable people, who enjoy taking care of their body and looks.

9. Cuba


Cuba has a long history of producing stunningly attractive women and men in the world. Cuba like many other South American nations has a good number of good-looking women. Cuban girls have good body structure and a pretty face. Especially, the Hispanic people in Cuba are highly attractive and good-looking. Anabella Acosta from Cuba serves as a beautiful angel from the country.

8. Mexico

Prisila Perales of Mexico


Mexico is not just famous for its food, restaurants, and pizzas, but also their girls. If you happen to visit a football match, you would find all the hot and attractive women out there supporting their country. Mexican girls are naturally attractive like most of the Latin American girls. There are many people saying Mexican women are unattractive, until and unless you don’t visit the country. Barbara Mori is one such example of divine beauty from this country.

7. Argentina


Argentina is a great place to find gorgeous girls and women in the world. Even in the remotest and interior parts of Argentina, you happen to find pretty women easily. Argentinian girls are known to have straight and dark hair, and they happen to take good care of their body and their natural beauty. Argentinian women are tall, lean legs and are commonly sculptured with good facial features. Martina Stoessel is a living beauty from Argentina who is a teen actress, dancer, singer, and model.

6. USA


The United States of America has many attractive women, who are tall, well-maintained body, very good hair textures, and a pretty face. The USA is a country, where the genes definitely get a boost from neighboring Puerto Rico. Like other nations in the world, USA has all types of women, but you find the majority of the women attractive and beautiful. Hollywood is the best example of the beauties from the US. The USA has many Hollywood queens and beauties; a definite mention for such beauty in the country is Olivia Culpo.

5. Sweden


Swedish women are considered to be aesthetically superior by the majority of the neighboring Danes, Finns, and Norwegians. Swedish women are tall, fair, and have a great bone structure to look beautiful. Swedish women look more feminine naturally, without makeup. Swedish women are definitely the most attractive in entire Europe. When we think of Swedish women, we remember the beautiful lady Mini Andén.

4. India


India is a great nation, with colorful and many good-looking women. Women in India have a medium stature, with amazingly crafted eyes and stunning looks. Indian women are naturally beautiful and pretty. Indian women have many Miss World and Miss Universe titles under their basket. The traditional attire of the Indian Women makes them more attractive and beautiful. There are many beautiful women from India like Priyanka Chopra and Aishwarya Rai Bachan who are popular worldwide for their beauty.

3. Colombia


On 25 January 2015, Miss Colombia Paulina Vega was crowned as the “Miss Universe”. Colombian beauties have exotic features and a natural glamour on their face. Like most of the South American women, Colombian women have a distinct curvy body, good stature, great looks, and a sensual face. Colombian women are known to take good care of their looks. Not to forget that the famous singer Shakira is also from Colombia.

2. Brazil


When you hear this country’s name, most of us remember two things – the beautiful Brazilian girls and Brazilian girls dancing the Samba. The young girls in Brazil look beautiful whereas the middle-aged women in Brazil look amazing and attractive. The entire globe knows about the fact that Brazilian girls are beautiful, because of their perfectly mixed gene combination. This perfect gene combination comes from the combination of Italy, Germany and/or Afro-Brazilian. Brazilian women have natural beauty, nice body, and are tall. In short, we love Brazil girls for their body and looks. The Victoria Secret Angel Izabel Goulart is one of the greatest make from Brazil.

1. Venezuela


Venezuela is the land of beauties with many beauty pageants and titles for major beauty contests like Miss World and Miss Universe. In general, South American girls are beautiful and most of the times this beauty is carried till their middle age. Venezuelan girls are tall, have a curvy perfect nose and very good facial features to make this country with the most number of beautiful women. Genesis Carmon shouldn’t be forgotten as a beauty queen from this land.

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