10 Craziest Fashion Trends Around The World

Everybody has the right to choose and wear what they want, and no one can infringe on these rights as fashion trends reflect individual ideals and also the collective culture of a people or community. Nevertheless, the average knows that fashion trends like eye tattoos, shirts with Hitler’s face on them, and the men lingerie are crazy plus bizarre. Now fashion creativity is a good thing because famous fashion trends originate from this, but there are some ideas that rub the public the wrong way, in this article we will list the top ten craziest fashion trends in the world with their locations.

10. Mexican Pointy Boots, Mexico

The Mexican pointy boots originated from the town of Matehuala which is located in the Mexican state of San Luis Potosí. It is also called as “Trivial boot”. These boots are elf-like and grew in popularity in 2009. They are worn in a comedic way by guys who are into tribal electronic dance. This fashion trend has also found its way into the United States in places like Dallas. Other regions such as Tennessee, Mississippi, and Oklahoma also follow this trend where Matehualan migrants live.

This fashion trend is not only crazy but funny. You must be braveenough to try the Mexican pointy boots. This has become quite popular among theall-male troupes dancing to electronic music. Some designers go further byadding LED lights, mirrors and disco balls to the footwear. All thosemodifications depend on the wearer’s personal choice. Ultimately, this trendhas been coexisting with the musical sub-cultures.

9. Hitler Chic, Nazi Germany

In early 2018 Hitler invaded the city of Bangkok Thailand.You may be thinking no way right, Hitler’s long dead. And you’re right as thisinvasion was into the Bangkok fashion world.

In this invasion, Hitler appears on different kind clothingall in cartoon form. We’re talking about hitlerized versions of Teletubbies,pandas, and famous characters all appearing on caps, sweatshirts, t-shirts,jackets etcetera.

This fashion trends doesn’t spark or maintain fascism but bythe ignorance of the Thai people. Not only Thailand, but other South Asian countriessuch as Indonesia and Myanmar follow this trend. But, Thailand follows thetrend extremely close.

8. Southern African Metalheads, Botswana

In the South African country of Botswana, the fashion trendof metal head is becoming a thing. Africans normally like metal accessories,and now metal belts and even metal leather have been added to the shoppinglist.

This fashion style is used mostly by males and it makes themresemble the doomsday cowboys. According to them, the metallic culturesignifies freedom, power, and strength which indicate that they don’t knowabout Korn yet. Their members give themselves names like a demon or gun smoke.

7. Gothic Lolitas, Japan

This is a Japanese fashion trend and has nothing to do withthe western term Lolita. This fashion trend is associated with stylish and cuteVictorian-era clothes. The basic features of this trend are knee length andfloor length skirts along with cupcake figure supported by petticoats. It hasseveral subcategories, and the most famous is the Gothic which appears darkerthan the others, this trend tends to make its wearers look like “faux-vampirefashion as understood by a 15-year-old.” In addition, umbrellas must be used orelse it makes you look weird, or so they say.

6. Transparent Jeans, UK & Possible Multiple Locations

In the 21st century, we saw something weird known as see-through or transparent jeans. This is definitely one of the craziest fashion trends in recent times and will be so in the future. In 2017, Topshop released a version of see-through jeans. The next year we saw history repeat itself when PrettyLittleThings released their variant of see-through jeans. It is made up of completely plastic and many do not know when and how to use them. The social media chatters indicated that this trend was too much for them to digest.

Topshop even had some recommendations on how to wear this weird suit. They recommend you to wear some clothing underneath before putting this odd thing on. This is definitely one of the strangest fashion trends in the modern world.

5. Eye Jewelry, Netherlands

Now I’m sure you’ve about all about the different kind ofways to increase the beauty of the eyes, but I bet you’ve never heard about eyejewelry. This is another example of crazy fashion. It seems they’ve run outideas for eye cosmetics, contact lenses, maybe that’s why they could come upwith something like this.

This trend originated from the Netherlands around 2000 in Rotterdam and is mostly used by teenage girls. The procedure is done by inserting small stud made out of precious metals into the eyes. The Dutch say that the technique is harmless, but even that is not enough to encourage us to try it.

4. Manba, Japan

This trend originated in Japan. Yep Japan again, why theyhave such strange fashion sense. The latest one is now the Manba which is wornor used by Japanese girls. These girls normally date guys who have a strangefashion sense. Manna is a variation of the well-known Ganguro culture whosefeatures are heavy makeup with dark skin. The faces of Manba girls are usuallypainted deep, dark brown, with white coloring around the eyes, usuallycircular. Their hair is normally dyed silver blond with outrageous clothing.

Japanese fashion trends are quite crazy (all the time).Manba is no exception and is one of the craziest fashion trends to have comefrom the nation. The origin of this fashion trend dates back to the mid-90s.Ganguro is distinguished by contrasting make-up against their dark-tanned skin.This cultural Japanese fashion has its relation to demons and ghosts in theJapanese folklore. Manba is a sub-type of Ganguro which got its name after themountain witch yamanba in the Japanese folklore. During the mid-90s it wasextremely popular among young women in the country.

3. The Facekini, China

This sound weird, but you read it right. It’s something the Chinese created to protect themselves from getting a tan while at the beach, and yeah they hate getting tan. It seems that over there it’s linked to manual labor which is a no.

This is how the facekini came into existence which is worn mainly by the females who go to the beach around the East China Sea Coast. It is famous in Qingdao where it originated. On the beaches, a facekini may seem quite a normal thing as the majority of the women wearing them. They are created from the same material that’s used to make bathing suits and are often of the same design with them.

2. Eye Tattoos, Roman Empire (Greece)

Yes, it’s actually a thing and yes it’s been around for along time. But back then it was used for people with medical issues but now it’sused for fashion. In the past it was done on the cornea, now it’s the actualeye white (sclera) which is being inked. This process is potentially harmfuland several people have gone blind from this procedure. Yeah, not very goododd!

Today it is also known as scleral tattooing as the majority of the tattooing happens in the scleral region. Its origin dates back to 2007 when an article about the first scleral tattooing was published in the magazine Body Modification Ezine. Due to its various side-effects and potential harm to the eye, a bill was filed by Oklahoma Senator Cliff Branan to make the process illegal.

1. Bagel Heads, Canada

A bagel really! This is something the average person can’t wrap his head around, and more famous in Japan again. In this process, a saline drip is inserted into the forehead and the saline bulges out in the form of a bagel. But, its effects are temporary. They could have chosen any other object. Of all the on this list, this is the craziest. This trend is more of temporary body modification than specific to clothing trends.

The history of bagel heads dates back to 1999 when Jerome Abramovitch performed the first bagel head in Canada. The trend moved to Japan in 2007 by Keroppy Maeda. The procedure is a temporary 6 to 24 hours swelling on the forehead leading to a distortion effect. The trend reached its peak after several media outlets such as National Geographic TV documented the procedure. The procedure is believed to be potentially unsafe and dangerous. It could lead to extreme dehydration, skin-sagging, and infections.

So there you have the list of craziest fashion trendsworldwide, seriously hope you don’t plan on trying them out.