10 Cutest Dog Breeds Of All Time

Dog breeds are most loved pets across the globe. Majority of us love to be in touch with puppies than the matured dog breeds, since puppies of any dog breed are adorable. There are few dog breeds that are irresistible to pamper them when seen. Dog breeds are the only creatures on earth to interact with an individual’s feelings and make them happy at times. Our list of 10 cutest dog breeds would definitely provide you with a comprehensive idea to choose the best of your taste.

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10. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Pembroke Welsh Corgi is one the cutest dog around the world, which was originated from Wales. It is very intelligent, friendly and smart, if trained can do several incredible activities. Corgi tends to follow their owners most of the time, being one symbol of affection towards them. The Corgi’s body is slightly elongated making them more stylish while walking. They behave well with other pets and generally seek attention of who so ever comes on their way.

9. Pomeranian


Pomeranian is a German origin lovely dog breed, which resembles a perfect teddy bear. They come in wide varieties of color making Pomeranian fans to pick the best of their choice. It is impossible to refuse pampering this breed if seen by an individual. Their coating is generally double and hence grooming would be pretty simple that helps them shine anytime. Pomeranian is a social, friendly, and playful dog breed, but at times can indulge in aggressive fight with other dogs.

8. Papillion


Papillion is one of the cutest dog which entirely suits for movies and shootouts. The head portion of Papillion generally resembles butterfly-like look making them uniquely featured. They are alert, intelligent, and socialized, which always loves to be in touch with kids and children. Papillion can guard its owners to the core with excess care to alert them when intruders pass by.  They are allergic to cold weathers due to their single-coated fur and should be a major concern if left for long time under cold weather conditions.

7. Morkie


Morkie is a cute cross-breed of Maltese and Yorkshire terrier and is of American origin. The coat is generally silky smooth with color variation ranging between white and black. It forms healthy relationship with the owner making it a complete social dog breed. They are very alert, loyal and playful, but may require precise training at initial stages of their life. They generally alert the owner when they come across any stranger and if left at home alone can produce destructive noise.

6. Boxer


Boxers are strong, alert and short skulled dog breed capable of mauling to their extreme. Though they are very strong, they never involve in such fierce activities, and they are always very friendly. They involve in mischievous activities until the owner notices them.  Boxer’s puppy can definitely melt your heart for its charming short, silky and smooth hair. They are loyal and affectionate to their owner making a perfect match for a family.

5. Husky


Husky is a very strong cross-breed, which resembles a typical wolf.  As the name says, they are used to pull heavy items, generally used to pull sled in northern regions. Due to wolf-like appearance, they look unique and lovely with perfect contrast in snowy regions. The ears are perfectly triangle in shape to add more beauty to their appearance. They are capable of withstanding temperatures around -50 to -60 Degree Celsius.

4. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever is a large-sized charming dog breed and is one of the most loved ones in the US. As the name says, there are no much color variations seen in these breeds, which can commonly range from light golden to dark golden. They are highly intelligent capable of doing some normal tasks to help their owner. Retrievers show normal attitude towards strangers and are best suited for a family. Puppies of its kind are generally naughty and can indulge in many mischiefs.

3. Pug


Pug is a tiny cute dog breed of Chinese origin with a short-muzzled and wrinkly face. It can indulge majority of its times in mischief to irk its owner and no action could be taken due to its innocent face. Their tail always curls tightly over the hip at any circumstances. It is generally polite with other pets as wells as strangers. Pugs love to stay with owners almost whole of their life, which can make the owners as well to feel that they have prime company to stay away from loneliness.

2. Brussels Griffon

Brussels Griffon

Brussels Griffon is a charming dog breed basically originated from Brussels, Belgium. It is highly alert toy dog breed, which is capable of jumping to an unexpected height. There are chances it may jump outside your home’s balcony and kill itself by breaking its neck. Intense care is required during initial phase, if you buy a new one of its kind. It is accounted to be the most honest dog breeds across the globe, which were personally reviewed and rated by the pet owners. Griffons are highly sensitive that are commonly not recommended for kids since they do things beyond your imagination. They expect pure love from the owners and any kind of harsh activities can lead them defensive.

1. Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu is a lovely dog breed, which perfectly resembles a toy and is highly alert in nature. It is a tiny little dog that stands to a maximum of not more than 26.7cm. This little pretty creature personifies its beauty in terms of its silky hair covered all over its body, which could be called as fur ball. Maintaining Tzu would be definitely a challenging task, since its silky hair needs to be carefully groomed in order to maintain its lustre. The bushy hair itself would at time block its eye making it impossible to look forward, where pet owners will need to cut its hair appropriately to make him a clear vision.

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