10 Deadliest Ancient Swords

Swords were mainly developed to combat the enemies in wars and huge battles right from Middle age. A weapon to handguard as a plain in design was so much designed right from the ancient times gives a major surprise for life. When dangerous swords are into consideration, the primary role plays with respect to metal, design, and size. These ancient swords were extremely powerful and deadly.

Here is the list of 10 deadliest ancient swords to cut apart your false belief of ancient times:

10. The Ulfbehrt Sword

The Ulfbehrt Sword

Very weird for the first time to come across a word like “Ulfbehrt”. It is a Frankish personal name that comes from the medieval period from Europe. The Ulfbehrt sword was originated in the 9th and 10th century and uses a wide range of steel in production. It was considered as a luxury brand during the medieval when swords were into consideration. The carbon content was so perfectly fused in the sword that there were no other swords to fight back against them. Thought very flexible in nature, the sword was never brittle against the battle with other swords.

9. Sword of Mercy

Sword of Mercy

Sword of Mercy’s official name stands to be “Curtana” and was originated in England in the 13th century. The sword’s end is blunt with square edges, which is considered to be kept as a symbol of “mercy”. It is very impressive in terms of look, which consists of “running wolf”, with a length of about 38 inches. There is a belief that the sword’s blade was stuck on Tristan’s helmet during a battle. A leather sheath is bound with golfer embroidery which looks fantastic.

8. Honjo Masamune

Honjo Masamune

Honjo Masamune is considered as the most renowned swords by Japanese. As the name says, the sword Honjo was created by Masamune and the sword was rewarded when he hit Shigenaga was attached and spit the helmet to two halves. There have been many allegations of the sword splitting the sunlight due to its extreme sharpness. Also, it is well balanced with amazing design quality to produce even today as the Japanese’s best swords. It can probably make the wielder invisible by rendering and deflecting the light.

7. The Ngombe Executioner’s Sword

The Ngombe Executiones Sword

The Executioner’s sword is considered as one of the most lethal and dangerous swords from ancient time. It was primarily used for the decapitation of criminals. About 90 cm in length, the sword is meant to be used with two hands. Further, many designs were put forward on the sword as a symbol of torture or execution. At times, the sword is used as “Sword of Justice”, during the crematory ceremony. Even today the sword is being used in Saudi Arabia for execution against criminals.

6. Wave-bladed Sword

Wave bladed Sword

As the name says, the Wave-bladed sword is designed in the form of flames, which was used as a lethal weapon for combat purposes. Also referred to as “flammard”, the sword consists of exceptionally long blades. It was so sharp that the sword had to be handled very carefully and was used by experts in the 16th century. Clash with the flammard blade by the opponent can transmit unusual vibrations to slow down the contact again with the sword as a result of increased friction in the enemy’s sword.

5. Joyeuse


Joyeuse is a French name, which is considered to be hidden with a holy destiny behind the metals of the sword. Charles the Great plays a major role behind the sword, where it is attributed. Joyeuse refers to “Joy” in French that is meant to be very powerful in battles. There have been many allegations of the sword being brighter than the sun, capable of blinding the enemies in War. Originated in 802 AD, the sword has many hearings of magical powers and any person holding or wielding the sword wouldn’t be poisoned to death at any cause.

4. Seven-Branched Sword

Seven Branched Sword

To be very honest, the Seven-Branched sword looks pretty weird and lethal, since the make can tear apart to death in a matter of seconds. The sword is now not in public display and was originated in Japan. It is made of iron with seven branches on the made making it one of the unique swords around the world. They are definitely one of the weirdest and deadliest ancient swords of all time. It was a gift from King Baekje and till today the replica is preserved. However, the 29.5-inch sword was used for ceremonial purposes rather than combating and military purposes.

3. The Khanda

The Khanda

The Khanda was originated from Indian Subcontinent, which is a double-edged straight sword. Khanda refers to breaking something apart, cutting through or destroying. Primarily used in martial arts in Indian Subcontinent, which has the blade with blunt edges. The blade is premium enough to cut both downwards as well as wider in range. Prithviraj Chauhan from India played a major role to strengthen the sword, by providing wider blades and strong backbone. Even today, the Khanda sword is considered auspicious and religious in Northern India.

2. Khopesh


Khopesh was originated in Egypt and was in service during 1300 BC. The weapon was used primarily against the battle of Kadesh. The shape of the sword is in the form of “Beef leg” and hence the name “Khopesh”. The Khopesh as well uses the same concept of a sickle with hooking edges. Khopesh was initially produced using bronze, which was further changed to iron during the era of the New Kingdom of Egypt. Being very unique in design, the blade is sharpened only at the curved end.

1. Shotel


Shotel is considered as Ancient’s most powerful and dangerous swords. It was originated in Ancient Ethiopia, which is curved in shape. The blade is about 40-inches in length and is protected with a curved scabbard leather. Additionally, The weapon is made in sickle shape to defend and pierce the shield of an opponent to tear apart vital organs like kidney or lungs. Very cleverly made during the late 18th century by Ethiopians, still is considered to be the bizarre weapons of all time. It can even be lethal against both mounted and unmounted rivals.

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