10 Everyday Foods That Can Kill You

Food being one of the most necessity stuffs in our day-to-day life, there is a need to maintain a balanced food cycle to maintain the body mass index. Excess consumption of any food can lead to increase in toxin level, eventually causing food poisoning. At times, we unknowingly consume food, which are highly dangerous for health. Some of them with less consumptions would not produce adverse effects, where as few listed below are so lethal to kill you in a matter of minutes.

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10. Soda


Soda is one of the dangerous day-to-day concerns. Regular intake of soda can increase the risk of obesity by 1.2 times. It is the main cause for the deadly diseases like cancer, chronic dehydration, cavities, and high risk of diabetes. The prime ingredient of soda is Phosphoric acid, which is capable of damaging the inner lining of the stomach and can absorb calcium leading to osteoporosis.

9. Hot Dogs

Hot Dogs

Hot Dogs are one of the most devastating eatables amongst this list. A single Hot Dog consumption can increase the risk of colorectal cancer by 21%. This could also be the genuine reason for increase in heart diseases, cholesterol level and other complications. Next time when you see a hot dog, think where it can probably lead you to. The main concern goes to Americans, since they are the prime time hot dog fans.

8. Lima Beans

Lima Beans

Lima Beans are rich in fibre that is capable of lowering blood cholesterol level and glucose level. Lima beans are also considered as the world’s healthiest food, since they are the primary source in act against breast cancer and other heart disease.  However, eating these raw would be fairly a killer. It contains high level of poisonous cyanide when they are raw and can kill us in a matter of seconds. So when you come across these beans, think over before taking in as raw.

7. Margarine


Margarine butter contains excess of Trans fat, which is the main cause for the increased cholesterol in the blood. It can be the main reason for the heart disease, and other serious issues. They normally contain toxic preservative like hexane, which can probably cause cancer.

6. Elderberries


Elderberries are commonly used in medicinal tea and also in wine, which can also be used to treat flu epidemic. In spite of its benefits being known, there are adverse effects of elderberries when it comes to its stem and leaves. These stem and leaves contain deadly cyanogenic glycosides toxin capable of killing in few minutes of intake.

5. Wild Almonds

Wild Almonds

Almonds are one the delicious snack food and can be the most dangerous if consumed in wild. Almonds when consumed in wild contain seeds, which is the main cause for toxicity. Though these almonds are taster than the processed ones, the unprocessed ones contain hefty amount of hydrogen cyanide that can kill us in a matter of seconds.

4. Kidney Beans

Kidney Beans

Kidney Beans are normally used in our every day food consumption. It contains traces of toxic Phyto hemagglutinin, which is a greatest threat to humans. It can be neutralized with enough boiling. Undercooked Kidney beans can result in extreme nausea, followed by vomiting, and also cause extreme abdominal pain.

3. Tomatoes


Once upon a time this particular thing was considered under fruit, and thanks to the US Supreme Court decision in 1893. Tomato leaves contain small amounts of toxins similar to the one present in potato leaves. The canned tomatoes are one the most dangerous, due to its toxic ingredients containing BPA that causes reproductive abnormalities and neurological disorders. It can also cause diabetes, heart disease and other serious health problems.

2. Potatoes


Potatoes, though tastes very pleasant, are one of the deadliest slow poisoning food we are consuming every day. Generally potato leafs and stems are loaded with high level of poison which capable of killing an individual in minutes. In fact, potato itself consists of toxic substances, but at lower level when compared to stem and leaf. If potatoes are left out exposed to light and unconsumed for few days can lead the transformation of outer surface to turn green, which is a common symbol of loaded poison. These can cause instant cardiac arrest if consumed.

1. Apples


When it comes to apple, most of us would think “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, but the evidences have proved that it is a myth. Apple seeds are one of the most dangerous stuff, which are capable of killing in minutes, due to cyanide formation when it gets digested after the intake. Small amount of apple seed intake probably doesn’t affect the individual, but is recommended not to take in large number.

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