10 Fastest Land Animals In The World

There are many factors in the wild for survival such as being poisonous, strong, stealth and more. But, the most major factor for survival happens to be the speed. Just imagine, a dog chasing at you! Wow, there comes the lighting speed. Similarly, in the wild as well the factor of being fast matters a lot in not being falling as a prey for predators lying behind. Only those fastest land animals are filtered here. But, being specific of the fastest on land happens to be cheetah. Here, we have gathered the 10 fastest land animals, that are faster than some of the motorcycles in the market.

10. Greyhound, 43 mph


Greyhound is the only dog breed to enter the list of 10 fastest land animals. There are even videos hindering in multiple media sites of the dog breed being used for racing contests. Further, the body is very sleek with powerful legs and flexible spine. Additionally, the dog breed can bolt at a speed of 43 mph and average sprinting at 40 mph. Greyhounds were used as hunting weapon by many nations until the early twentieth century. They are ironically considered very active, but are very lazy by nature. The dog breed sleeps for about 18 hours a day. In terms of behavior with humans, they are very calm and friendly.

9. Gray Fox, 45 mph

Gray Fox

Gray Fox is unthinkable fast runner residing majorly throughout North America and Central America. The fox can scamper at a speed of 45 mph, which has amazing claws. They even use their claws to climb trees. Having strong claws is one of the powerful weapon they sustain from predators. Additionally, something more powerful that they sustain is the ability to climb vertically with completely no branch support. Further, they are even capable of jumping from branch to branch flawlessly.

8. Blackbuck, 50 mph


If you would like to see the most loving antelope in the world, then there you go with blackbuck. The blackbucks are also recognized as “Indian antelope”, residing majorly in the municipals of India, Nepal and Pakistan. Considering the speed, the blackbuck can sustain up to a speed of 50 mph. As they are preyed by other animals, the soul weapon they carry with themselves is the speed. Some of the predators for which they fall for are wolves, cheetahs and pariah dogs. Most of the times, the juveniles are trapped as their speeds are not matched up to the adult ones.

7. Lion, 50 mph


Here comes the king of the Jungle, the lion. Unbelievable in terms of strength, this animal can sprint at a speed of 50 mph while trying to fulfil its hunger. Just imagine the power when it is possible to blaze even weighing about 250 kg. The lions have been considered one of the endangered species and have been listed by the IUCN for decline in lion population across the globe. Additionally, in terms of keeping the lion population in account, the numbers have dropped by 43% since 1990s in Africa. Finally, the lions basically cannot sustain long chase, and have been accounted to exhaust its energy due to bulk body. However, the lions are considered the second fastest under the wild cats’ family.

6. Blue wildebeest, 50 mph

You would have probably come across a lion or cheetah chasing this poor animal! The blue wildebeest though, at times escapes from the predator due to powerful horns, but not always sadistically. Further, in terms of the built, the blue wildebeest is crazy in terms of body muscle. Additionally, the horns are powerful enough to tear its predator. When chased by some of the predators like lions, African wild dogs or leopards, the speed at which they run is at a sparkling of 50 mph.

5. American Quarter Horse, 55 mph

American Quarter Horse

Yay, here comes the horse power! The American Quarter Horse is a perfect sprinter from the United States origin. The horse breed is most loved in United States and there have been 3 million of the breed living as per 2014 registry. With a threshold ripping speed of 55 mph, the American Quarter Horse is best known for racing. Under the hunt seat competition, the horse has even earned a renowned name “the world’s fastest athlete” for unbelievable speed. Further, considering them lightweight is something odd here, as they are well-built in terms of structure. Thought, they are very much built better in terms of muscle, they tend to be very agile.

4. Springbok, 55 mph

Springbok is a cute animal that consists of white face with dark stripes running along the nose. Basically, the antelope resides in the southern and southwestern parts of Africa. Considered incredible in terms of speed, the springbok can reach a maximum speed of about 55 mph. Some of the countries where the animal is hunted for impressive skin are from Namibia, Botswana, and South Africa. However, they are not listed as the endangered species by the IUCN. Additionally, in terms of speed, they are seen the almost vanish if they get to see some predators like cheetah, leopards, wild dogs or caracals wandering around them.

3. Pronghorn, 55 mph

Pronghorn is also recognized as “American antelope”, “prong buck”, or “antelope”. It can reach a maximum speed of 55 mph, which is built for speed. Additionally, they can sustain high speed for quite long than the American cheetah. So, probably catching them becomes hard as they prolong and escape at top speed during the chase. Pronghorns have cushioned like structure in their toes that absorbs shock and jolt at high speeds. When considered the built again, they have hollow bone, which facilitates in easy moving of their body.

2. Thomson’s Gazelle, 60 mph

Thomson’s gazelle is one of the most beautiful animals on earth, also considered among supreme gazelles. The animal was recognized after the explorer Joseph Thomson. Ranked to the second position in the fastest land animals, the Thomson’s gazelle can reach a speed up to 60 mph. As adult ones are basically fast to fall for prey, animals such as lion, leopard, hyena chases the juveniles. Further, the gazelle saves itself from predators by moving in zigzag with the same speed as they move straight, making the chasing animals almost impossible to catch.

1. Cheetah, 75 mph


Cheetah is by far considered as the fastest land animal living today. You would have come across a lot of times on television chasing for the prey fiercely at a blazing speed. They rule their lives just by the hunting activities. With an average speed of about 40 mph, the land animal can reach a top speed of 75 mph. Comparatively, cheetahs are lightly built with agile, which makes it easy for them to swiftly move at high speed. With acceleration capacity of about 60 mph in less than 3 seconds makes it a perfect chaser for prey. Additionally, a bigger heart and lungs makes it efficient in moving with less friction on air.