10 Filthy Rich People Who Ever Lived

Have you ever wondered who would have been the wealthiest person right from the Stone Age? Right now, the only person comes to our mind when we talk about the richest person in the world is, Bill Gates. However, there have been many personalities who have owned jaw dropping fortunes right from the ages of BC. Here, we have listed some great and powerful personalities who were so filthy rich to partially rule the world like an emperor. The list below is based on the research performed by Business Insider and Yahoo Finance.

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10. Bill Gates

Bill Gates

Bill Gates is the only richest living American business magnet, computer programmer, philanthropist, and the co-founder of Microsoft. He is the best-known entrepreneur of personal computer to give a massive and revolutionary change in computer industry. His net worth as of 2015 is about $85 billion and is drastically increasing day by day.

9. Nicholas II

Nicholas II

Nicholas II is one of the famous and richest emperors of Russia, who was also recognized as Nikolai Alexandrovich Romanov. His reign was started in 1894 which continued till 1917, however, it was a massive downtime for Russian military. He is also considered as the last emperor of Russia. He was so filthy rich that, he had fortune worth $300 billion during his reign. In 1918, Nicholas and his family were executed under the order of Ural Soviet.

8. Henry Ford

Henry Ford

Henry Ford was the first person to produce an automobile for reasonable cost for middle-class Americans. He was an industrialist who mainly focused on creating revolutionary change in transportation. His main motto was to increase the wages and provide more facilities for his employees in order to produce the cheapest cars for the folks. These innovative developments of automobile led to massive improvement in his career, which facilitated him in achieving a net worth of $200 billion fortune to become one of the richest persons ever.

7. Joseph Stalin

Joseph Stalin

Joseph Stalin was a Soviet Union leader who turned a backward country into a superpower. During his reign, many civilians were killed due to brutality and terror rules. It was an act that was taken over by Stalin to transform lout society into a superpower. His initial stage of life involved many criminal activities, which was then transformed to betterment after the death of Vladimir Lenin. His political acts and military power provided him control over 9.6% of global GDP making him one of the richest persons in the world. This fortune would be equivalent to $7.5 trillion, which is massive enough to beat any richest personality.

6. Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie is one of the richest people of all time. He was born in Dunfermline, the medieval capital of Scotland. It was in 1840s, when Carnegie’s family moved to United States for their livelihood. He was from a very poor family, which was run by his mother by opening mending and grocery shop. Carnegie became a power industrialist and philanthropist during mid-1800s, who founded the U.S. Steel Corp. It provided a prime foundation in his career that made him grow drastically and achieve fortune of about $310 billion.

5. Emperor Shenzong

Emperor Shenzong

Shenzong is a Chinese emperor, who was one of the powerful and richest ever from China’s Song Destiny. He was ruling about 25% to 30% of global GDP, which was massive enough to grow more powerful under Song Destiny. Though he was not powerful in terms of his armed forces, he had sufficient enough wealth and fortune to develop Chinese Economy. His main intension over creating armed forces in his destiny was to improve the situation of unemployment.

4. John D. Rockefeller

John D. Rockefeller

John D. Rockefeller was an American business magnet, Industrialist and philanthropist, who provided with the major contribution in the oil industry. He was also the co-founder of Standard Oil Company due to which there was a drastic and revolutionary change in petroleum industry. During 40 years of his life time, Rockefeller had property of about $310 billion making him the richest during 18th century. Though, much of his fortune was donated as charity to medical and school research, he is considered as the richest person of all time.

3. Akbar


Akbar, born in India, who was popularly known as Akbar I, was the third Mughal Emperor during the mid 15th century. He was very strong in terms of Mughal military, economics and politics. Akbar ruled empire with wealth of about 25% of global GDP, making the most powerful Mughal Dynasty in the world during the late 15th century.

2. Augustus Caesar

Augustus Caesar

Augustus Caesar was the founder of Roman Empire who started to rule right from 27 BC. He was born to a senator and governor of the Roman Republic, at Velletri, 20 miles from Rome. He was the ruler of jaw dropping fortune of 25% to 30% of the world’s economic output. This would be a fortune of $4.6 trillion in today’s era, which was a part of Caesar’s personal wealth during his ruling days. He doubled the size of empire during his 40-year reign and also owned almost whole of Egypt.

1. Mansa Musa I

Mansa Musa I

Mansa Musa I was born in 1280 is considered as the richest person ever. His fortune was unimaginably high that one can’t even expect the genuine value. Musa was the king of Timbuktu, who was accounted to as the largest producer of gold from his West African Kingdom. The approximate wealth that was owned by Musa was $400-billion, which is four times the richest person in the world today. He was so filthy rich that, anything he touches were almost made of gold. His army consists of about 200,000 men and 40,000 archers, which was massive enough to fight against any rivalry war against him.

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