10 Greatest Entertainers Of All Time

Music and art are all about having the ability to express yourself and the world around you. It is about having something to say and the guts to stand up and say it. It is the people being able to do things which breaks down barriers, paving the way for others to follow and give hope and inspiration. To celebrate this, we are going to take a look at some of the most iconic and greatest entertainers in musical history.

The list of ten greatest entertainers of all time who were celebrated for their talent and for the surge of entertainment offered to their audience:

10. Nаt ‘King’ Cole

Nat is one of the greatest classic jazz singers ever and one of the oldest person on this list. Unfortunately, he didn’t live long enough to make more music. He lived only for 45 years and we have to be happy with his amazing works such as When I Fall in Love, Smile, and L.O.V.E. All jazz lovers still believe his songs are anthems to them. Although he can’t hit long notes due to heavy smoking, his voice was incomparable with such an addiction. His voice just makes us fall in love!

In 1990, Nat was awarded the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. His achievements at the Capitol Records are incredible. The record set by him is yet to find a match from any other Capitol artist. During his active career, his singles sold a record 50 million copies. Having recorded over a hundred songs in a short period of time, he is definitely one of the greatest entertainers of all time.

9. John Lennon

John Lennon

In fairness to Paul, George, and Ringo, you could well have all of them on this list, the impact of The Beatles on the music industry over the last 50 years or so was seismic. However, picking just one of them as the most iconic, then it pretty much has to be John Lennon.

The co-founder of The Beatles, and one-half of one of the greatest songwriting duos of all time, there is no denying his legacy on that front. It is not just his time with The Fab Four though, but what he did outside of them that gets him the spot on this list.

He enjoyed a successful solo career post-Beatles, while outside of music he was a committed activist. He often landed himself in controversy, in particular for his opposition to the Vietnam War. Now, he is seen as a symbol of peace as much as he is seen as a rock’n’roll legend.

8. Mаdоnnа


Although, many great female artists are worthy of celebrating, from Diana Ross to Debbie Harry, if you are looking for the “most” iconic then it doesn’t get much bigger than the Queen of Pop.

Madonna is not only the biggest selling female artist of all time but the 4th highest in total, only behind three others who all appear on this list (counting Lennon as part of The Beatles, anyway).

From her breakthrough in the early 80s through to the present day, she has remained a constant star while also managing to reinvent herself as a musical (and fashion) styles changed. She paved the way for a while host of female artists and groups who’d come after her, from Britney Spears to Lady Gaga, and with her music and attitudes towards style and trend changed what women could say and do in the music industry.

7. David Bоwіе

When David Bowie sadly passed away in 2016, there was a huge outpouring of grief. From musicians to film starts, basically, anyone in creative circles was moved and saddened by his death. That’s a testament to his talent and inspiration.

In a career spanning six different decades, Bowie took on just about every different genre and every different style, creating music no one else was daring to, and alt-personas that people completely bought into.

Consistently one of the bravest and most challenging musicians alive, he broke down barriers when it came to gender equality within the music industry. He was creating music people loved right up until his final days.

6. Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder was a musical genius by birth. His abilities to play so many instruments were just amazing. Among all of his musical talents, he’s most recognized for his incredible soul and as a pop singer. Wonder has already won 25 Grammy Awards, which is the most ever won by a solo artist. Wonder has also won a Lifetime Achievement Award.

The legendary singer has sold over 100 million copies of records worldwide. In 2013, Stevie Wonder ranked number 6 on the list of Billboard Hot 100 All-Time Top Artists. The artist was at his peak, often called the “classical period” from 1972 to 1977. His 1970s albums were considered as the most influential music in the world.

5. Arеthа Frаnklіn

The second female to make to this list is the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin. She might wear the occasional fashion faux-pas on her head (remember that oversized bow hat?), but she is also the record holder for the most number of Best Female R&B Vocal Performance awards.

In 2008, she was on the first page on the list of 100 of the greatest singers of all time by Rolling Stone. She stood ninth on the list of Top 100 artists of all time by Rolling Stone. Aretha Franklin has won 20 Grammy awards. R & B category of the Academy Awards was even considered to be renamed to Aretha Awards by the Grammy Awards Academy. The legendary singer is also in the Rokenrol’s Hall of Fame. Out of the twenty R & B singles by her, 17 of them were in the first rank on the Billboard.

We can say that she was one of the greatest female entertainers in history.

4. Prince (Prince Rogers Nelson)

Another taken away from us is Prince. He was perhaps the most talented pop star to have ever lived on Earth.

The reason for his legacy and why he is so revered is because of his appearance and charisma. He was flamboyant, extravagant, stylish, appealing and with his talent, he was able to turn his hand to pretty much any style of music he wanted. He was not just talented but mysterious, inventive and was called as a musical chameleon. Pop, rock, funk, soul, psychedelia, R’n’B, you name it, Prince could write the song, play it incredibly well and sing it with a vocal range no one should really be able to possess.

Other who might’ve possessed similar talent didn’t do it as consistently or for as long, with Prince releasing a staggering 39 studio albums between 1978 and 2015.

3. Freddie Mеrсurу

Freddie was a genius songwriter, incredibly talented singer, and his voice was clear and powerful. Many people try to imitate his voice but the original is still proven unbeatable. His songs are timeless as we still listen to his song often. It is still sung everywhere. Freddie told Brian May once when they started their carrier as Queen that he didn’t want to be a pop star, but a LEGEND. Indeed, he is a legend right now.

Freddie has been one of the greatest vocalists the music industry has ever seen. He has been the rock world’s most versatile and engaging entertainers. Freddie has also been one of the greatest singers in popular music. He is notable for his flamboyant stage persona. The lead singer of the rock band Queen who wrote many songs for the band to lead them to success. The 2018 movie Bohemian Rhapsody is based on Mercury and his band Queen. The movie became one of the highest-grossing musical biographical films.

2. Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson’s Thriller, released in 1982, remains the biggest selling album of all time. No other album is not even close. In fact, it will probably be never topped. He has two other albums in the top 20 which is more than anyone else.

He’s in the Songwriters Hall of Fame, the only pop/rock artist in the Dance Hall of Fame, and he’s in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame twice. He’s the greatest entertainer of all time. The King of Pop.

Jackson broke down barriers, turned music videos into an art, and redefined what a musician should be on stage. His music has spanned generations. Everyone knows a Michael Jackson song. He has inspired and influenced countless artists around the world.

It is no doubt that Jackson was definitely one of the greatest entertainers of all time.

1. Elvіѕ

Elvis isn’t dead.

Well, he is dead, but it speaks volumes that there are people out there who genuinely refuse to believe he’s no longer alive.

Breaking through in the 1950s, Elvis didn’t invent rock & roll, but he is responsible for its meteoric rise. He took rock & roll to the masses. He was a music star celebrity. In terms of music, style and even politics, he helped revolutionize an era.

The hair, the hips, the fashion sense, the rock star persona, the voice – he is quite simply the ultimate musical icon.

Michael Jackson was the King of Pop; Elvis was the King. Many greatest entertainers have envied him during and after his era.