10 Haunted Theaters In The World

As a personal experience from my side, theatres are one of the most entertaining places for people from around the globe. Through the years of advancement in technology, live shows have been converted to cinematography. Some of the theatres in 1800s are still being renovated to keep up the class and brand. Through the years of change, thousands of people would have visited the theatre, which are maintained even till today. Flashback to history shows some awful happens in the theatre that imbues painful souls. Not much sure how many of them truly agree with the haunting in these theatres, but there is something spooky. We have come up with the 10 haunted theatres around the world that are truly based on performers and workers’ experience.

10. St. James Theatre, New Zealand

St James Theatre

St. James Theatre also recognized as “His Majesty’s Theatre” is located in the heart of the city of New Zealand. The theatre was designed by Henry Eli White and opened in 1912. Continued with the renovation till 1990s, the St. James theatres features some adrenaline raising weird activities. Not just one spirit roam around here, but many. One happens to be the Yuri, a Russian performer who died falling from several meters above the stage.

Workers have reported that Yuri turns on the lights in the theatres once they are completely turned off. With good fortune of the spirit, one of the projectionist have complemented the soul for saving his life twice. The others are the Stan Andrews and the “Wailing Woman” who frequent the theatre. However, thinking much beyond on how can so many spirits reside at a single place and the answer is straight enough. The St. James theatre was built on the burial land, but there has been no official proof yet regarding the land.

9. Adelphi Theatre

Adelphi Theatre

Adelphi Theatre is a London West End theatre, which was opened in the 1806. Considered as one of the historic theatres in London, the theatre seems to pervade with paranormal activities. With a seating capacity of 1,500, the Adelphi theatre was renovated in 2007 to give a whole new phase of look. Further, the theatre seems to be haunted by the former heroic actor William Terriss. He was the lead role for the Shakespearian play. Further to the flashback, Williams was murdered at the stage door by his former friend. He died on the lap of his girlfriend who promised that she would see him again. Officials have reported anonymous door knocks and sighting of Williams in the theatre.

8. Belasco Theatre, US

Belasco Theatre

Belasco Theatre was originally recognized as the “Stuyvesant Theatre”. The theatre was opened in 1907 and features a seating capacity of 1,016. Some of the spooky stuffs happens in the Belasco Theatre as well. Worker and performers have come up with the stories that David Belasco’s soul haunts the theatre. Additionally, the appearances of David have crept fortune for some of the performers and feel that the day would be a blessing if they spot him. Following the days, David happened to be disappeared after a show of male and female nudity took place in the Belasco Theatre.

7. The Orpheum Theatre, US

The Orpheum Theatre

The Orpheum Theatre, located in Memphis is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The theatre was initially opened in 1928, which took quite long time to renovate and reopen in 1982. Further, there are many ghost scenarios of the haunting in Orpheum Theatre. At first, people emphasize that the theatre is haunted by a 12-year-old girl, Mary. She happened to have been killed in a car accident. Some of the spooky occurrence include loud shutting down the theatre doors, a white Mary like appearance hovering, and swinging the doors where none present.

6. Palace Theatre, US

Palace Theatre

Palace Theatre, which is a Broadway located in midtown Manhattan in New York. Considering as one the most haunted theatres in the world, the theatre was constructed and opened in 1913. Very old in terms of age, the theatre almost had enough fame and grabbed the status of flagship of the Keith-Albee organization.  With a capacity of 1,743, the theatre was the most desired in the United states in 1913. The theatre is supposedly haunted by Louis Borsalino. Louis died in 1950s, because of the injury sustained after falling from a height of 18 feet. His ghostly appearances seem to haunt the theatre only when there is none present in the theatre.

5. Dock Street Theatre, US

Dock Street Theatre

Dock Street Theatre by the name doesn’t reside in the Dock Street, but in the Church Street. Basically, the theatre currently present at the location is the refurnished and reconstructed one. The earlier theatre was build in 1736, which was unfortunately set on fire to demolish itself. Further, on the same land, the Dock Street Theatre was constructed in 1809. Now considering the ghostly appearances are much jaw biting for many of the visitors in the hotel. One of which include a lady dressed in red gown to be always wandering on the second floor. Then during the earlier happenings, she was the victim to death due to the lighting on the second-floor balcony of the hotel.

4. The Dominion Theatre

The Dominion Theatre was opened in 1929, which is in Tottenham Court Road in the London Borough of Camden. A lot of photographs have come up these days on the internet flagging most of them to be fake ghost appearances. But, this chilling photograph comes to light after a click was taken by a patron “We Will Rock You” Stuart Cheverails with his partner and uploaded on Facebook. To the horror of adrenaline, Stuart was stunned to notice a girl staring at the camera. The spot of the girl was between Stuart and his partner. Further, the girl was recognized to have been killed in the “London Beer Flood”, then aged 14. Other visitors have also reported of weird noises, sounds and screams in a completely no kids’ environment.

3. Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, UK

Theatre Royal, Drury Lane

Theatre Royal from Drury Lane is considered as one of the most haunted theatres in the world. The theatre was established with complete renovation in 1812. But, the theatre is in existence since 1660. Also recognized as “Drury Lane”, the theatre is in Convent Garden in London. Dated back in 1660, the Drury Lane is the only theatre to fall under the oldest one still in use at the site of Convent Garden. The Theatre Royale seems to be the haunting of actor Charles Macklin and clown Joseph Grimaldi. Evidences from visitors have proved most of them ghost appearance to be a “Man in Grey”. The appearances are pretty much scary as the anonymous ghost attires itself in completely like a nobleman with a sword on hands. The actor’s skeletal remains were found in the walled-up side passage in 1848, where most of them happen to see the ghostly appearances.

2. Brookside Theatre, United Kingdom

Brookside Theatre

A lot more than the spooky things have happened in the Brookside Theatre. The Brookside Theatre, located in London was established in 2012 and is considered the most happening places in Romford. The theatre become famous in just a year of time in 2012 and have welcomed a total of over 7,000 people. The haunting was encountered after something weird was discovered from the CCTV camera recordings. Basically, none were evidently checking the recordings with an intuition that all went fine with the theatre scenario. To the horror for the theatre executives came to light after a chair was seen moving in almost still surrounding in the theatre hall. It was proved to be something paranormal happenings thereafter.

1. Huguang Guild Hall, China

Huguang Guild Hall

Huguang Guild is in Beijing with almost the most haunting stories from people residing in China. Considered as the scariest and haunted theatres in the world, which happens to be very renowned in Beijing. The hall can hold hundreds of people for either parties and other fun activities. Further, Huguang Guild Hall was constructed in 1807 on the grounds of a graveyard. To be very spooky to note that the souls resting there were much crept and conjured. And the locals have reports the haunting in the hall even today. Just try not to throw a stone from courtyard, which can probably give you goosebumps for life. Locals have evidently heard weird voices and scary screams after throwing stones from courtyard.

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