10 Most Haunted Tunnels In The World

Hauntings can be on almost anything on this world and this time we have come with the haunted Tunnels around. Tunnels are itself quite spooky due to extreme low lighting and damp conditions. These places facilitate for evil entity to reside and haunt. The tunnels listed here are haunted in some or the other way, which are evidenced by many locals living around the tunnel. Here, we have come up with the 10 most haunted tunnels in the world, which was terrifying not just at nights but also during the day.

10. Sensabaugh Tunnel

Sensabaugh Tunnel

Sensabaugh Tunnel is considered one of the most horrifying tunnel in the world with many haunting stories that can probably creep out any soul entering the tunnel. The tunnel was built in 1920s in Tennessee and was named “Edward Sensabaugh”, who was the landlord. The story behind the tunnel seems spooky, which involve death of a baby girl. The baby girl was kidnapped from the Ed’s home who was murdered and buried in the tunnel. Eventually, locals believe that the girl is now haunting the tunnel, but paranormal officials have proved the haunting to be wrong. However, there are evidences of car engines not switching on if turned off while in middle of the tunnel, which conveys something bizarre.

9. Screaming Tunnel

Screaming Tunnel

Screaming Tunnel was constructed in 1880s in northwest corner of Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. The primary idea behind building the tunnel was to help farmers in draining water from their farmlands. And was used in transporting animals and goods, since transporting through the railroad above the tunnel was very dangerous. Locals believe that the tunnel is haunted by the ghost of a young girl. Many saying behind the haunting and one happened to be the girl who was ablaze alive and burned to death. Further, another girl was brutally raped and buried in the tunnel. Today, people residing around the tunnel get to listen the girl’s scream and moans, which gives some goosebumps even during the daylight.

8. Hoosac Tunnel

Hoosac Tunnel

Hoosac Tunnel from western Massachusetts resides through the Hoosac Range in Vermont’s Green Mountain. The tunnel was considered as the second-longest during its completion in 1875. Even today, the tunnel stands to be the longest active transportation east of Rocky Mountains. Tragedy lies behind this tunnel as well with death toll of 195 due to explosion and flooding in the shaft. One of the three explosive engineers name Kelly was strangled to death and was probably suspected to be a victim for murder. Locals even today are afraid of the haunting from the murdered explosive engineer. People around the tunnel get to hear screams from tunnel with intense pain and sorrow.

7. Big Bull Tunnel

Big Bull Tunnel

Big Bull Tunnel is in the pits of mountains located in Southwest Virginia. The tunnel was constructed with a railroad to connect from St. Paul to Coeburn. Fantastic in terms of location with almost whole area around the tunnel rushed by mountains and forests. Lot of fascinating stories lies behind this historic tunnel comprised of many weird happens. For over 100 years, the strange, weirder and bizarre stories right since 1880s.

The tunnel construction was finished in 1892 with huge number of tragedies and mysterious train collisions. The first notice of the tunnel haunting came to light when the flagman started sprinting towards the tunnel entrance with fear of adrenaline. The man conveyed the haunting of spooky noises and screams from the tunnel though none were present. Train executives bite their nerve every time the train enters the tunnel fearing for more haunting chants and screams.

6. The Blue Ghost Tunnel

The Blue Ghost Tunnel

The Blue Ghost Tunnel, also recognized as “Merritton Tunnel”, located in Thorold, Ontario. The tunnel was built in 1876 for assisting with durability and minimal interrupted way for canal crossing. Currently the tunnel is abandoned, which was in use until 1915 under Harry Eastwood, last official engineer. Evidenced with numerous fatal accidents. A total of 107 men were killed in these accidents and obvious to the fact that there could be something paranormal and spooky due to gruesome tragedy behind. Considered as Canada’s most haunted place, people residing around the tunnel recommend not to visit the place at night. Additionally, they even have quoted that the place is haunted by two rail engineers who were killed in the steam locomotives collision.

5. Moonville Tunnel

Moonville Tunnel

Moonville Tunnel, located in Vinton County, Ohio, United States. Considered as one of the most haunted city in United States with lots of ghost stories. The town itself is now named “ghost town”. The whole idea behind building Moonville Tunnel was to connect Ohio and Cincinnati. The link was favored by a landlord named Samuel Coe to build the link free of cost for an exchange with William Cutler, who was running out of enough finance. Constructed rail link was terribly dangerous and seemed like a perfect deathtrap. The passage is no longer in use, since five people were killed by speeding train on them. A sign board was installed before the tunnel entrance to keep the train driver aware from not stopping the train due to any lights coming against in the tunnel passage.

4. Shanghai Tunnel


Shanghai Tunnel also recognized as “Old Portland Underground”, located in Portland, United States. Basically, the tunnel was used to connect the basements of many hotels to the waterfront of the Willamette River. There are a lot of controversial stories behind this tunnel and one among them happens to be the organized crime. However, there are no much evidences of these organized crimes in Shanghai Tunnel. If not the evidences of organized crimes, a lot of them have come up with authentic evidences of horror underneath. Bizarre voices and screams haunt most of the tourists visiting the tunnel. Many of them have even witnessed a white dressed lady haunting the tunnel to keep people away from the passage. Human trafficking and prostitution was very common here during then, and people assume the haunting of the tunnel by white dressed lady to be one among the victims.

3. Gold Camp Road Tunnels

Gold Camp Road Tunnels

Gold Camp Road Tunnels reside in the hills of Colorado Springs, which is way beyond spooky than you imagine. Though some of them call the paranormal activities happening there to be hoax, with little more of investigation can really be a goosebumps situation for you. Currently, two tunnels remain out of the three, wherein the third one was evidently collapsed on a school bus carrying loads of kids. The tunnel roof collapsing on the school bus almost killed all the kids on board including the driver. Positively, a “Keep Out” sign have been deployed before the entrance to keep people away from danger. However, people still tend to trespass the signboard to experience the real paranormal thrill at night.

The tragedy happened in 1987 in a 56 Km stretched tunnel, where people get to listen kids screaming if stood from the entrance of the third one. And there have been a lot of evidences reporting anonymous kid’s fingerprint on the vehicles passing the tunnels. Further, something weird to guess that there have not been any news reporting the collapse of third tunnel in 1987.

2. Twin Tunnels

Twin Tunnels Pennsylvania

Some sort of gruesome would have probably happened in the Twin Tunnels to take the top spot in 10 most haunted tunnels in the world. Twin Tunnels was constructed below the railroads tracks in Pennsylvania. Additionally, there are three tunnels under the railroad tracks, one of them used for communication for cars, one for tiny creeks and the other one is abandoned. The story behind the scary tunnel will be a hair-raising experience.

One of the scariest one believed by the locals involve a lady who hanged herself along with her baby and died. The baby as well died hitting the ground when the mother released her hand after the suicide. Locals believe that the tunnel is haunted by the woman and her child. Recommended not to visit at night, since there are a lot of weird happenings. Whispering and baby cries are often to be listened in and around the tunnel at night.

1. Church Hill Tunnel

Church Hill Tunnel

Church Hill Tunnel is by far considered as the most dangerous tunnel in the world with maximum haunting experiences ever. The tunnel was build in early 1870s in Virginia around 4,000 feet under Church Hill. It was collapsed in 1925, which killed four people when the tunnel roof fell on the work train. Since then, there have been a lot of rescue operations initiated, but in vain because of further havoc and collapse of the tunnel. Additionally, to avoid risking more lives, the tunnel was sealed immediately thereafter. Many people have reported weird noises coming from inside the tunnel seeking for help. There are more stories about Richmond Vampire, a popular resident around the cemetery, being latched up on the workers and feeding on them. Probably, people suspect the noises coming over and over again from the tunnel from the vampires waiting to hunt for bloodier around the world.

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