10 Hideous Looking Scorpion Species in the World

Scorpions are strange, hideous and mostly venomous animals, which are of the order Scorpiones. Scorpions have 8 legs, a pair of claws, segmented tail and have two segmented body. Most of the scorpions have a venomous stinger at the end of the tail. Scorpions have existed from the Silurian era 430 million years ago. Currently, there are around 1000 known species of scorpions and there are many unknown as well. The largest scorpion families are from the family Buthidae, which has nearly 800 species.

Human beings have been scared of these ugly and disgusting looking animals, not just because of the unpleasant looks, but also because of their sometimes powerful venom. In-spite of being venomous, these animals are kept as pets in some parts of the planet and also used in certain traditional delicacies for consumption in China. The venom of certain scorpion species have been used to produce lifesaving drugs and medicines for human-beings.

In this post, we have listed few of the worst looking scorpions in the world. Stay thrilled by these tiny yet dangerous animals.

10. Israeli Gold Scorpion (Scorpio maurus)

Israeli Gold Scorpion

This scorpion species are found in parts of Middle East and North Africa, which have strong coloration on their body. They are also called as Large-clawed Scorpions, which are not highly toxic to human beings. Israeli Gold Scorpions have many sub-species, nearly 19 of them.

9. Deathstalker Scorpion

Deathstalker Scorpion

These scorpions are known by the name “Gold Scorpions” or the Israeli Desert Scorpion. The Deathstalker scorpions are extremely dangerous by their venom as well as by their looks. This scorpion looks yellowish or golden-yellow in color. They have powerful venom, which has the potent to serve the human-beings in medical science. These scorpion species are generally strange in color, but looks disgusting when you look them closer.

8. Amplypygids – Tailless Whip Scorpion

Amplypygids - Tailless Whip Scropion

Tailless Whip Scorpions, looks like a monster spider at the first glance, but they are actually a cross between spider and scorpion. These ugly-looking creatures are not harmful to the humans and are considered non-poisonous, as they do not have any poison secreting glands. These creatures are not from the scorpion family, but are from a family known as Amplypygids. They are not to be confused with the Whip Scorpions.

7. Teuthraustes Braziliensis

 Teuthraustes Braziliensis

This is a new scorpion species found in the State of Amazonas, Brazil. Currently, they are raised to 21 species and they look highly dangerous, deadly and unpleasant in their appearances. This species is found in the lowlands of South America.

6. Zabius Fuscus (Escorpión)

Zabius Fuscus Scorpion

These scorpions are found in parts of Argentina, which resemble the coloration of mountains in the region. This species have a ghostly bluish color on their body and are sometime hard to find due to the rocks having similar coloration. The venom of this species is of no use to the humans.

5. Indian Red Scorpions (Hottentotta Tamulus)

Indian Red Scorpions

Photo by: Shantanu Kuveskar

Indian Red Scorpions are one of the most venomous and deadliest scorpions in the world. This species of scorpions are largely found in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Nepal. There are 5 sub-species of the Indian Red Scorpions, which are mostly color-morphs and are highly toxic in nature.

4. Giant Forest Scorpion (Heterometrus spinifer)

 Giant Forest Scorpion

Heterometrus Spinifer is a species of scorpions, which are also known as Giant Forest Scorpions or Giant Blue Scorpions. Their size is just under 5 in and they are found in South East Asia. They are aggressive and are venomous in nature. Their body has sharp shiny grey reflections with black over-coating.

3. Tanzanian Red Claw Scorpion

Tanzanian Red Clawed Scorpion

Tanzanian Red Claw Scorpion are similar to the Emperor Scorpions, but are smaller, more aggressive and willing to sting. Tanzanian Red Claw Scorpion are about 3 to 5 in size. They have a red coloration on their strong claws, and the body of this scorpion is black in color. These scorpions are also considered as pets in some parts of the world.

2. Fattail Scorpion

Fattail Scorpion

Fattail Scorpions are among the world’s dangerous group of scorpions found in the semi-arid regions of Africa and Middle East. Androctonus (“man killer” in Greek), is the genus name of this species of scorpions, which causes several human deaths each year. They have a monster tail, but the overall size of the scorpion is just under 4 in.

1. The African Emperor Scorpion

The African Emperor Scorpion

The Emperor Scorpion, also known as the African Emperor Scorpion, is one of the largest scorpions in the world with a size of up to 7.9 in and lives for 6 to 8 years. They are poisonous inhabitants of the African countries like Benin, Sierra Leone and Gambia. These scorpions tend to glow fluorescent green or blue when flashed with UV lights. The scorpion, though looks black, deadly and ugly, they are traded as popular pets.


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