10 Loudest Animals In The World

Big animals always make big sounds and that’s pretty much what we have got to learn from our childhood days. Being loud in terms of noise is something that relates to animals that are being either endangered, communicating or mating calls. But, considering the scenarios of the shouts from different animals listed here are as much comparable to diesel engines. Can you just imagine that a marine mammal like blue whale can touch your ears underwater swimming at a distance over 500 miles? Incredible isn’t it! Of course, they are brain storming. Let’s look at the 10 loudest animals in the world that can just burst your ears if stood next to them.

10. Hyena


As far my knowledge is concern, the Hyena is the only animal where even a lion steps back while on a combat. Hyena is a dangerous animal for humans, which falls under the family of feliform carnivoran. Out of all the hyena species, the Spotted hyenas are crueler to other animals as they tend to just kill and eat anything on its way. Spotted hyenas produce different kinds of sounds and some of them basically include giggles, whoops, groans and whines. Further, in terms of the shout volume, they are at a very high frequency at 112 decibels.

9. Grey Wolf

Grey Wolf

Do you remember the wolf’s cry at night? If you ask me the same, and the answer would be a straight “Yes”. With just not the howl of the wolf is horrifying but even with the intensity and frequency. The Grey Wolf, also recognized as “Western Wolf”, reside majorly in remote places of North America and Eurasia. Further, the Grey wolf is considered the loudest among the wolf species. They tend to howl at an intensity of 115 decibels, when there is an opportunity to chase a prey. Additionally, they are even found howling and barking at the same time for alerting the pack of wolfs to form territory.

8. Elephant



We are very much familiar with the shouts of elephants when they feel endangered. Elephants are considered as one of the most recognized animals in the world in terms of their size and sound levels. Additionally, they are also accounted as highly intelligent. A lot of times, the sounds created by them to communicate with each other are unique and different. As they are considered one among the loud animals, the elephants can create sound to a maximum of 117 decibels. Further, the elephants use a distinctive infrared and seismic frequencies to communicate over long distances.

7. Northern Elephant Seal

Northern Elephant Seal

Northern Elephant Seal is named after its extreme sizes that resemble like an elephant. Also, majorly recognized for its big screams and noises during mating periods. The loud noises produced by them in group helps them to maintain positive environment and maintain social hierarchy. The loud noises can reach up to 126 decibels. Additionally, each one of the northern elephant seal’s voices are unique and can be recognized specifically with the rhythmic frequencies. Further, the males produce a clapping sound expelling on the air that are so loud to be comparable to a diesel engine.

6. Kakapo


Kakapo, also recognized as “owl parrot”, is a different in resemblance due to appearances like an owl. The parrot is considered as the loudest bird among the bird family. With sound decibel till 132 decibels, the metallic high frequency “Ching” sound can travel over 5 kilometers along the wind speed. Basically, the Kakapo tends to blend with the vegetation in case if it feels threatened in the dense green forests. To be very weird to note that the Kakapo is the only parrot species, which cannot carry out a fleet.

5. Bulldog Bat

Bulldog Bat

Do you think that bats are more sensitive to sounds? Of course! Yes, but they too produce a lot of sound around them. The Bulldog bat is considered as the loudest bat in the world, producing sound levels over 140 decibels. Additionally, something interesting to note that, the noises made by them fall under the ultrasonic frequency, which makes it barely audible for humans. As we all are aware that the bat’s primary movement through its life is by a concept of echolocation. These bats are much skilled in catching the prey using the echolocation.

4. Cicadas


If you had got a chance to get inside a medium or dense forest like area, then there are high chances you would have across Cicadas. The Cicadas insect is considered as the loudest insect in the world. They tend to produce sound that are with moderate and continuous pitch at 120 decibels. Additionally, to be shocking to the fact that the loudness by them can cause permanent hearing loss for humans if sound originates right next to the ears. Further, as the pitch is completely consistent, it becomes highly impossible for humans’ ears to figure out the exact location of the insect.

3. Howler Monkey

Howler Monkey

Howler Monkey reside majorly in South and Central American forests. The Howler monkeys are famous for their loud screams that can be captured even at three miles distance. Additionally, their voices are be heard accurately even in a dense forest as they tend to produce 128 decibels. Basically, the noise made by them are to keep themselves communicated with other Howler monkeys in the forest.

2. Tiger Pistol Shrimp

Tiger Pistol Shrimp

The screams created by the Tiger Pistol Shrimp is terribly scary. Also recognized as “Snapping Shrimps”, the sea animal is held for creating sound in terms of bubbles. These bubbles are created from powerful asymmetrical claws that are used as part of defensive mechanism. Additionally, they tend to normally reside in groups in coral reefs and are found only in freshwater caves. With sound capabilities of over 218 decibels, the packets of sound bubbles are ejected at a speed of 100 km/h. Further, the sound ejected from their claws can stun the fishes on the spot to fall for its prey.

1. Sperm Whale

Sperm Whale

Whale is the most loud animal alive and there is no animal discovered alive till date that have been more louder than the whale. Considered as the mightiest animals in the world, the blue whales can make sound that is accounted up to 188 decibels. Incredibly shocking to note that the whale roars are as much comparable to the shots created during a jet engine take off. While in comparison with other whale species, the sperm whales are accounted as the loudest as much producing 230 decibels. If you are much familiar in catching the sounds made by them underwater, then you have chances of listening to their roar even from 500 miles.

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