10 Most Amazingly Beautiful Crabs You Didn’t Know Existed

Crabs are species from the marine world, which are part of coastal cuisines and delicacies in various countries. The word “crab” specifically reminds us of exotic dishes from different countries and also the star sign “Cancer”. In scientific terms, crabs are also called as decapod crustaceans of the infraorder Brachyura. There are thousands of crab species available on planet Earth. Definitely, few of them are amazingly beautiful and a sense of delight to the eyes. We have explored some of the most amazingly beautiful crabs you didn’t know part of our planet. We have created a list of ten stunningly beautiful crabs here for you.

10. Palawan Purple Crab (Insulamon palawanense)

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These purple crabs are a recent discovery around 2012 in Indonesia. They are distinguished by their striking purple color. These crabs grow up to 5 cm long.

9. Zebra Crab (Zebrida)

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We love Zebras! Zebra Crabs have zebra-like stripes on their body, which makes them easy to distinguish among aquatic animals. The most fascinating thing about this animal is they live in association with sea urchins.

8. Hermit Crab

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Hermit crabs are real strong fellows because they shoulder a huge shell on their back. They are richly orange or reddish in color. They use the shells to protect themselves from sea snails as their inner body is too delicate and soft.

7.  Moon Crab (Gecarcinus quadratus)


Thanks to the photographer to get such a great angle and exquisite picture of this crab. They are distinguished by the color patterns on their body, with light shades of the same colors away from their body. These crabs are also called as Halloween crabs, because of their Halloween type masks. They are mostly found in coasts of Mexico and Panama. They have also joked as mouth-less crabs.

6. Rainbow Swimming Crab (Charybdis erythrodactyla)

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Image Credit: Pinterest

Rainbow swimming crab is named because of its color variations; they have all the colors from a typical rainbow. They have dark bluish neon type eyes and are a beauty to watch.

5. Pebble Crab (Leucosia anatum)

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Image Credit: Pinterest

As the name suggests, these crabs are difficult to distinguish between the deep ocean pebbles. They have a strongly convex and elongated body with rich marble and pebble textures. They have nice patterns and drawings on their body which is an eye candy to watch.

4. Purple Rock Crab (Leptograpsus variegatus)

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If you are fond of the color purple, then this crab is going to delight you. These crabs have shades of purple color all over their body. They are large-eyed crabs which grow up to 2 inches in length. They are a beauty to watch.

3. Trapezia Rufopunctata


Trapezia Rufopunctata is a complex name to spell, but this crab is beautiful. Especially, the female crab is a beauty to watch. They generally grow to a size of 5 cm with clawed legs and have a spectacular body drawing. They have reddish and pinkish spots on their body, which range from 100 to 200

2. Sally Lightfoot Crab (Grapsus grapsus)

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Sally Lightfoot crab also is known as Grapsus grapsus which are found in the coasts of the Americas (Specifically Galapagos). If you are a lover of bright dark colors, then this crab is for you. These crabs are distinguished by dark red shades and dark shades of stripes on their body. The dark red colors fade to white at certain places on their legs.

1. Porcelain Crab


Porcelain crab, as you can see in the image above has distinguishable bright brown dots with a white background. These crabs are flat animals with a body width of about 15 millimeters. They are known for their stunning beautiful colors and they resemble an object made out of silica.


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