10 Most Beautiful Fishes In The World

With a gauge of about 40,000 fish species discovered till date and counting. There is always fun to dig about fish for both youngsters and elderly out of these discovered fish till date. With genuine experience about the fish, the beauty of a fish is admired with no age factor. Some of them are so much into the fish that they tend to setup huge aquariums at home to just increase the bliss of mind by seeing at them. To add to the list of more loved fishes from among the crowd, we have gathered the 10 most beautiful fishes in the world that are impressive in terms of color contrast.

10. Parrotfish


You have now got a fish that can make you feel happy always. The Parrotfish is so beautiful that seems like a perfect blot paint. Found in the shallow parts of tropical and subtropical oceans. An adult Parrotfish can grow up to a size of 50 centimeters. A variant of Parrotfish is the Bumphead Parrotfish, which has a special bicolor contrast on the body. If you get a chance to closely notice the fish, then you can get to see two color contrasts producing almost jaw opening sight. The fish is accounted to do some useful task for the sea by cleaning the inshore coral reefs. And happens to be one among the thousand species to perform such activity.

9. Blueface Angelfish

Blueface Angelfish

Blueface Anglefish, also recognized as “yellowface angelfish”, holds incredible facial coloration. It can grow to a size of about 38 centimeters in length. The fish is laterally compressed and looks much thinner from the front. Basically, reside on coral reefs and are found majorly in the parts of tropical Info-Pacific regions. The Blueface Angelfish doesn’t fall under the list of endangered species. The younger ones consist of patterns that are completely different from the adult fish. They comprise of 6 unique white alternate strips on the body with blue outer line separation.

8. Butterflyfish


Butterflyfish could resemble like an angelfish with almost great contrast colors on the body. The mouth is elongated in the front like a brush. With growing capacity of 22 centimeters in length, the fish simply mesmerizes people across the globe. Not most of them, but some consists of patterns like the butterfly, due to which caused the name. Coloration can be either white, black, red, orange or yellow. They tend to basically reside under the reefs. If you are a fan of Butterflyfish, then you are good to keep them in an aquarium.

7. Emperor Angelfish

Emperor Angelfish

Emperor Angelfish is one of the most loved fish in the world. The seismic wave like pattern on the fish’s body makes it unique from other fish species. Found majorly in parts of Indian and Pacific Ocean, the coloration can be resembled to a fish wall-paint. With all the counts of Emperor Angelfish to consideration, there have been enough numbers and are seen to be non-extinct in near future. It can grow to a size of 40 cm in length, which can take about 30 months to turn to an adult fish. The smaller ones are basically different from the adult in terms of body pattern and the coloration. They consist of dark blue stripes along with yellow and black rings.

6. Lipstick Tang

Lipstick Tang

Funny to have a fish species name as “Lipstick Tang” isn’t it? Very weird to the fact that the fish appearances itself seem like a genuine lipstick applied on the mouth. Found in the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean, the fish’s lips are either yellow or orange in color. Additionally, with growing capacity of about 45 centimeters, the Tang fish is very aggressive by nature. Further, they are generally not made to stay along with other fishes, as they tend to eat them.

5. Betta Fish

Betta Fish

How can you deny the beauty of Betta fish on the list when it has some mesmerizing fins? You will fall in love with Betta fish at first sight due to distinct body shape. Also recognized as the “bettas”, the Betta fish is a tiny fish with size ranging below 6.5 centimeters. In Thai, the name of the fish is called out as “pla kad”, which means “fighting fish”. Just by the name from Thai, it emphasizes that the fish is capable enough in killing and eating almost every small fishes on its way. So, remember to be careful enough by not touching the fins, as it can go aggressive over your fingers.

4. Discus Fish

Discus Fish

Discus fish, also recognized as “pompadour fish”, resides majorly in the Amazon river basin. The shape of the fish along the fins resemble like an arrow. The coloration on the body is incredibly bright, which reside in many countries in Asia. Body is basically flat in shape and the color varies such as red, blue, green or brow. It tends to socialize very easily with other fish and comprises of intelligent behavior. Additionally, the Discus fish reside basically in the warm waters and, where the water is pure and filtered.

3. Mandarinfish


Mandarinfish is a fantastic looking fish that seems like as if painting is carried out on the entire body. Very bright in color, this beautiful fish one of the most expensive fishes sold for aquarium trade. Additionally, the Mandarinfish basically tends to settle in the warmer waters and are found in Australia. The blue coloration is produced because of light-reflection cells that are present within the body of the Mandarinfish. If you are feeling to keep one in your aquarium, then you are planning to starve it to death. Saying that, the fish is very much hard to be preserved in an aquarium as it refrains from eating anything.

2. Clown triggerfish

Clown triggerfish

Clown trigger is a fantastic fish, also recognized as “bigspotted triggerfish”. You can basically find a lot of different patterns on them that makes it special out of all other fish species around world. Further, the size if comparatively small that just grows up to 50 centimeters. Found in majors in the tropical and subtropical waters and happens to be residing along the reef slopes. It consists of some white circled patches on the belly, having black colored body. Now, just keep in mind that the Clown trigger is not funny to just wander around looking at you, but is going to aggressively bite if triggered. The teeth can be gentle enough to make bruises on your skins if tried to be fed with bare hand.

1. Banggai Cardinalfish

Banggai Cardinalfish

Banggai Cardinalfish is considered the most famous for trading in the aquarium. Falls in the red zone as an endangered species, which resides specifically to the Banggai Islands. Additionally, as the breeding of this fish type is very limited, the capacity of having the species is considerable at lower rate around the globe. When the beauty is considered, the Cardinalfish consists of the most prominent fins that really makes it special from all other fishes around the world. Further, it can grow up to 8 centimeters in length inclusive of the fins. Basically, layman’s saying, the pattern on the fish’s body is something black and white alternatives that resembles like a zebra cross. They are very much to be seen moving in groups and basically seem to feed on planktons.

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