10 Most Beautiful Spiders In The World

Have you killed tiny spiders at home? Yes, would be the answer from majority. However, with the prettiest looks of spiders listed below, there are no chances that your answer will be a “Yes”. Some of them like Martinique or jumping spider win million hearts and enter their homes as a pet animal. With special looks, here we have listed the 10 most beautiful spiders around the world.

10. Martinique Red Tree Spider

Martinique Red Tree Spider

Martinique red tree spider is a lovely pet spider found in the Martinique and Dominica. It changes its color as it matures and the color initially is considered to be blue followed by green as it matures. When the Martinique spider matures, the abdomen changes from blue in color to green and is featured with pink fur all over the body including the leg spans. Bites from them are generally not dangerous, and if provoked can flee from the spot. Female Martinique spiders are larger than the male and are capable of jumping far up to a length of over 30 cm.

9. Golden Silk Spider

Golden Silk Orb Weaver

As the name says, the Golden Silk Orb-Weaver impresses by weaving golden webs like none other spiders. The body of Golden Silk spider is orange in color with leg spans having stripes of black, brown or yellow. The vibrant black and yellow contrast on their legs are facilitated to shoo the predators by not falling for them. Apart from their beautiful looks, the Orb-Weaver consists of venom, which is almost compared to a black widow. However, when potent is into consideration, the Orb-Weaver is pretty compromising.

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8. Orchard Spider

Orchard Spider

Extremely dynamic with colors, the Orchard spider is one of the most vibrant spiders around the world. Abdomen resembles like a yellow crystals and leg spans are leafy green in color. Though very beautiful by looks, it is bizarre to notice that the spider hangs at the center of the web, which is horizontally weaved by them. It is primarily found in the central part of US and Canada. Orchard spider is parasitized by wasp larva that gets attached to the abdomen during initial stages of development.

7. Spiny Orb Weaver

Spiny Orb Weaver

Spiny Orb Weaver, as the name says, consists of spiny throne like structure in their abdomen. Fixtures on their abdomen gives unique appearances that resembles a crab. To be very honey, the Spiny spider looks pretty similar to a cake with five candles fixed decoratively. With very short life-span of about one year, it is majorly seen during the months of October and November, having greatly distributed across California and Florida.

6. Jumping Spider

jumping spider

Jumping spider is the largest species in the spider family with a count of over 5200. It is, big and pretty, very often displayed in television shows due its cutie looks. The most highlighted feature in jumping spider is their sparkling and astounding eyes. The body is about 25 mm in length, which is very slow at its movement. With a total of four eyes, the Jumping spiders are considered to have the best vision among the arthropods. Finally, Apart from their attractive front eyes, the body is brown in color covered with fur all over the body.

5. Peacock Spider

Peacock Spider

Peacock spider have similar color as a Peacock due to its colorful abdomen. The pattern on the abdomen of a peacock spider consists of amazingly beautiful orange and green stripes. From Australia, It is specifically found in Sydney. The nature is clever enough, wherein a male abdomen is designed more attractive than female ones to provoke. Males generally vibrate their sparkling abdomen during courtship. About 4-5mm in length, the male Peacock spiders is featured with nanostructure embedded in sac-like scales on their abdomen. Finally, This helps in better reflection against the light.

4. Wasp Spider

Wasp Spider

More likely like a Wasp, the Wasp spider is one the most charming spiders around the world, majorly found in many parts of Asia and Europe. In addition, Beauty of Wasp spider is personified in the form of yellow and black stripes on its abdomen. Furthermore, Female ones execute the cannibalism against the male after the mating period. There is a large variation in sizes of opposite gender, with females and males having length of 4mm and 15mm respectively. It has special looks when it resides on a surface with yellow backgrounds.

3. Brazilian Crab Spider

Brazilian Crab Spider

Brazilian Crab Spider has another name “Flower Crab Spider”, is found in North-America and is the largest of flower crab family. Fantastic by looks, the Brazilian crab spider resembles a flower, which gets well versed if placed on a flower. It is capable of camouflaging itself by sitting on a flower with color ranging between white and Yellow. The webs created by flower crab spiders are incredible, due to which other insects get attracted. While, Web designs are incredible enough to trap small insects.

2. Eight Spotted Crab Spider

Spiders Eight Spotted Crab-Spider

The yellow beauty personified in the form of spots that are featured on an eight spotted crab spider. It is entitled because of eight vibrant black markings on its abdomen with fantastic yellow surface of the body. At first looks, the spider could resemble as a toy or a candy. It was discovered in dense forests of Singapore in 1924, which was at a size of about 1 inch in length. Most noteworthy is the spider’s outer layer resembles a honey bee suite with bullet marking on its abdomen.

1. Sequined Spider

Sequined Spider

Sequined Spider, also recognized as “Mirror Spider”, is one of the most gorgeous spiders around the world with mirroring capabilities on their abdomen. Mirror spider is found specifically in Australia. The body color ranges between green and red, and the length is generally about 0.12 inch. The abdomen of sequined spider is featured with mirror scales in order to defend itself from prey and other insects. It is also capable of changing the color and size of the scales depending on the threat and environment.

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