10 Most Budget Friendly Home Decor Ideas

Let us face it, we all get bored with our home interior once in a while. Afterall no one likes to keep seeing the same thing years together. However, changing the decor every time does not seem like a very budget friendly option for sure.

That is precisely why one must get creative once in a while and try something simple yet entirely out of the box to spice up your space. Home decorating and designing does not need a large chunk of money or time. Instead, it just needs a bit of creative outflow on your part.

Here are ten most budget-friendly home decor ideas which you must definitely check out:

10. Add a Vintage Bookcase to Give it a Rustic Touch

Bookcases might sound slightly outdated, but it provides a different look to the surrounding. Instead of placing the bookshelf in the study room like always, why not try to set it right in the drawing room.

Vintage bookcase instead of a regular contemporary one gives the entire space a rustic and traditional look without disturbing your pocket a great deal.

Books add an element of sophistication to any situation, so what better way to showcase your collection of books other than using a bookcase for the purpose?

9. A Fireplace is Not Just for Warmth or Show

On a warm winter night, a cup of hot chocolate sprinkled with a few marshmallows in front of a fire is a luxury we all love to consider. A real fireplace is not always possible. More importantly, they are a bit of high maintenance for sure. Why not choose an electric fireplace instead?

Electric Fireplace is convenient and easy to maintain and indeed budget friendly. Additionally, they serve a higher purpose of saving space while keeping you warm.

Electric fireplace comes in various design and size to suit any room or home in a harmonious manner. There are a few electric fireplaces that are custom designed to give a rustic appeal that is not very burdensome on the pocket too.

8. Get Creative With Your Ceilings

We take ages to decide the color of the walls that suits us the best. Yes, it is a true fact that colors change the outlook of our home but what we often forget is that ceilings can also play a very crucial role in doing the same. Coloring the ceiling is a great way to give your home an uplift. Instead of painting your ceiling the same old dull white and leaving it that way, why not try to add color to the ceiling instead.

Glow in the dark stars and planets for the bedrooms or murals, and random psychedelic colors are some easy peasy options to choose from. They not only give the home a great texture and look without reducing your bank balance much. The internet is the best place to look for ideas to décor your ceiling.

Adding false ceiling is also a great way to accentuate the simplicity of the décor in a very beautiful way. They are not very expensive that’s why they can be called a great budget-friendly home décor idea.

7. Add Colorful Glasses to the Windows to Lighten Up the Mood

Window panes are often just plain colorless and perhaps the most neglected part of the room. Instead of the plain old traditional window glass why not use colorful abstract pieces of glass to create a DIY stained glass effect.

The sun rays through these multicolored windows give an entirely different perspective to the room without much revamping.

Stained windows might sound like an expensive option but it can be a great DIY project easily doable at home. All windows necessarily do not need to be colored or stained. The eccentricity lies in the haphazard pattern of adding these windows strategically in various rooms.

6. Try Wall Decal for a Quick and Instant Fix

A painting might be a long-term solution, but many times it is not precisely a budget-friendly option. Wall decals and stickers are perfect ideas to beautify your home in no time at all.

The best thing about these wall arts is that they are often water resistant and last quite a while without needing to be maintained. They can be easily peeled out if you don’t want them anymore without causing any harm to your existing wall paint. Effective and cheap definitely!

5. Hang a Few DIY Arts On the Wall

Who said you need to be a Picasso or Reynard to paint. Get creative with your paintbrush and colors and name it the abstract art of today. If you are unsure of what to paint, surf through the YouTube and you will have tons of ideas to paint the canvas.

If that’s a scary idea, then the flea market will have a lot of beautiful paintings to choose from that are well in your budget and suits the wall of your home perfectly. There are many other DIY ideas available online for your creative sense to tick.

4. Quirk Up the Entrance With Plants, Living and Nonliving

Plants have a mysterious and enchanting ability to brighten up any place both indoor and outdoor. Most importantly many like Money Plant, Cactus, etc. which do not need much maintenance except a bit of water and sunlight.

Mix and match a few real plants with artificial colorful climbers and creepers and place them near the entrance windows and door and see how it changes the look of the space.

Instead of choosing all the plain boring flower pots, using random salvaged goods for potting the plants is also a great choice.

3. Add Mirrors to Enlarge Your Space

Yes, we all love to have a mirror in our home, but the purpose is only to have a look at ourselves. Generally, mirrors are mostly placed either in the bedroom where most of our dressing up and makeup regime goes on or in the bathroom.

Instead, try placing mirrors strategically in and around the house. Mirrors are a great way to give any room a much more spacious and more significant look. The reflective property also lightens the surrounding of the place even with minimum lighting.

2. Brighten Up Your Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is the most used space in any home, so it is inevitable that a kitchen tends to see more wear and tear than any other place. Adding colors and waterproof decals to the existing kitchen cabinets not only increases the longevity of the cabinets but also gives it an uplift.

Light on the pocket and a fresh new look. What’s not to like?

1. Make it Homely by Adding Pillows and Rugs

Adding a few bright colored pillows to your existing old sofas and chairs not only is a great way to give your hall room a makeover but they are very comfy too. These pillows can be of various random color, size, and shape to give a bohemian look to the room without being expensive.

Rugs are also another very bright and inexpensive addition for the surrounding of the room. They not only give a warm and friendly vibe to the place but also helps in brightening up the flooring.

These ten simple yet most budget-friendly home decor ideas not only change the look of the room but are a great way to save a lot of cash. These ideas are long-lasting and easy to replace with new additions without much hassle too.


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