10 Most Creepy Abandoned Amusement Parks In The World

All round the year, amusement parks are something fun filled and enjoying for almost all the age groups. No matter how much alternatives we have, there is a prime respect for joy in the amusement parks. A place of wanderlust rides can something be more weird and spooky when they are not used for a quite longtime. Eventually causing them to abandon or ban, because of some awful happenings. Some either get closed due to less visitors, bankruptcy, or fatal deaths. We have come up with the list of 10 most creepy abandoned amusement parks in the world, that are not for weak hearted to visit now.

10. Land of Oz, USA

Land of Oz

The route through the destination of Land of Oz itself can creep out people for sure. The Land of Oz is an abundant creepy theme park located in North Carolina. The path to the theme park somewhere resembles like a gateway to hell. Further, it was opened in 1970, which was considered one of the largest amusement parks in North Carolina.

However, the amusement park could not survive for a quite longtime to get closed in a span of just 10 years from the inauguration. A few months before the open date caused the park to deficit in terms of finance. With increasing debt with completely no funding for the park, the Land of Oz had to be shut. Unfortunately, there are no rooms for bruised mechanisms left over in the park to make them alive. With increasing vegetation all over the place, the area pretty much resembles a haunted nostalgia.

9. Okpo Land, South Korea

Okpo Land

Okpo Land seems to be very horrifying at first glance. Just keep in mind that the amusement park experienced many fatal accidents and the horror still lies within. The abandoned park is in South Korea, which was banned due to many fatal accidents and deaths. The junks of the demolished constructions remain at the place. Genuinely, the abandoned place can make you gasp a cup of water.

8. Gulliver’s kingdom, Japan

Gulliver’s kingdom

Gulliver’s Kingdom could be one of the strangest theme parks ever to come over. Located in Japan, a giant manly structure is tied on to the ground from the motivation of Gulliver’s story. Keep yourself biting the nerve of fear if you get a chance to stand in front of such giant structure. From the reviews of recent visits, the place happens to be unnatural. Something amazing to even image a giant piece of structure sleeping here helplessly for quite longtime now. The park was constructed beside the Japan’s famous ‘Suicide forest’. The park came to an end by demolishing in 2007.

7. Six Flags New Orleans, US

Six Flags New Orleans

Six Flags New Orleans was a fantastic amusement park owned by Six Flags. The theme park was bought by the company over lease in 2002 until 2009. Further, the park was not sustained for very longtime due to hurricane hit. The park was hit by Hurricane Katrina in August 2005. Following the incident, the sanctioned lease to Six Flags was terminated because of bankruptcy. Unfortunately, there have not been any further constructions on the site till date. Currently, the park is owned by the Industrial Development Board of New Orleans.

6. Joyland, US


Joyland was one of the best theme park in Kansas until it was permanently closed in 2006. The amusement park was opened in 1949, which could sustain for a quite longtime for 55 years. The Ferris wheel ride happened to be the biggest villain for the closure of the park. It almost caused a life when a 13-year old girl fell from a 30 feet height to sustain heavy bruises and injuries. Following the incident, the park was shut for a while to undergo safety measures. Later, the Joyland park was again opened with complete renovation in 2015. Unfortunately, few months after the renovation, heavy windstorm almost spoilt the elevated tracks. These consequences led to complete shutdown of the park. Currently, there are no people around the park, which produces spooky environment.

5. Spreepark, Germany


Spreepark was one the most visited amusement parks in Germany with 1.5 million visitors annually. The park was opened in 1969 with an area of 29.5 hectares. Also recognized as “Kulturpark Planterwald Berlin”, the park held as the most visitors among the amusement parks in Germany. Spreepark was opened in 1969, which had no chance of survive for a quite longtime. The main cause of abandoning the park was due to terrible accidents that killed almost seven people. Due to this tragic scenario, the park almost lost its fame. With just 400,000 visitors in 2001, the count was nowhere comparable to the initial visiting counts. The park was later abandoned due to bankruptcy and loss in funding. Currently, the park is a perfect piece of horror filled with nostalgia.

4. Takakanonuma Greenland, Japan

Takakanonuma Greenland

Takakanonuma Greenland is a creepy as well as a haunted abandoned amusement park located in Japan. Basically, through a gathering from a lot of resources, the location of the Takakanonuma Greenland still stands mysterious to find them on maps. However, the predictions have come true that the amusement park is about 250 km North of Tokyo. The amusement park happened to last no longer than two years from the year of start in 1973. There has been no specific reason for getting the park shut, as some of them predict was due to several causalities. Following the incident, the park was renovated again to reopen in 1986.

Thereon, it could sustain until 1999 where it was finally abandoned. Heavy competitors near the area led to unsustainability. Since then, there have not been any single human life forms living anywhere in or around the area. The broken rollercoasters can now be seen assisted entirely with crawling plants all around. Additionally, there have been many unproven allegations of hauntings around the abandoned park.

3. Lake Dolores Waterpark, US

Lake Dolores Waterpark

Lake Dolores Waterpark is considered one of the scariest abandoned waterpark located in Southern California. The park was built with whole soul by a local businessman Bob Byers. The name of the park comes after Bob’s wife. Listed as the first waterpark in US, started in 1962. Unfortunate to the fact that the park started to deteriorate its fame, which eventually affected the number of annual visitors. The situation got worse when a co-worker at the site got paralyzed after falling from a semi water filled slider at the site. The scenario almost produced a haunted and horrifying crazy among the people of South California. Currently, the park seems to be an empty barren land and most portions are sold to different estates.

2. Chippawa Lake Park, US

Chippawa Lake Park

Chippawa Lake Park is incredibly scary now, which was built in 1878. Located in Ohio, the park was successfully ventured in 1875. The park could sustain with its existence only till 1978. The reason was straight enough due to sale of alcohol in the premises. It lies in hands of Continental Business Enterprises and have been left untouched for over 35 years now. The reason to shut was not just because of the alcohol sales, but was even due to heavy competitors all around. The rollercoasters were chained to drag them atop every time as part of functionality in every ride. The advancing technology and equipment in rivals’ park led to complete devastation of visitors as well as funds. Now, the park seems to be a place of corpse of grave with no humans to spot.

1. Boblo Island Amusement Park, Cananda

Boblo Island Amusement Park

Boblo Island Amusement Park could fall as the creepiest abandoned amusement parks in the world. The park was opened in 1898, located on Bois Blanc Island, Ontario. The operation of the park came to an end by the end of 1993. The amusement park once had fantastic ferry service, which happened to be a perfect nostalgia of horror today with completely ruined structures. Further, all the buildings and structures are defunct that resemble like a perfect piece of haunting. However, there were many plans to keep the amusement park open and renovate for further wellbeing. But, all went futile after the road accident suffered by the owner, Michael Moodenbaugh.  All his dreams were almost ruined after the accident and was further never continued to build a new amusement park of his choice.

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