10 Most Dangerous Deserts Around The World

Deserts are basically very dangerous, as there are very few chances of spotting the oasis. Keeping in mind that the deserts are one of the toughest places to survive for humans. And additionally, can you even imagine that there are some deserts that are even worst that the weather conditions of Mars. We call it the most dangerous for deserts, due to either extreme weather conditions or deadly animals. Gulp a cup of water before to proceed with our list of 10 most dangerous deserts around the world.

10. Gobi Desert

Gobi Desert

Gobi Desert resides in the mountainous regions and is a largest desert in Asia. Located in the southern regions of Mongolia, the Gobi Desert is primarily affected due to rain shadow effect. The mountains tend to cover the clouds forming the other side from preventing the rainfall completely. Basically, the ironic situation of the desert is the cold climate rather than the heat. The temperate can even drop till -40 degrees forming even frost on the sand dunes. The cold waves can kill people just in no time during the winter seasons.

9. Great Salt Lake Desert

Great Salt Lake Desert

Just by the name, the Great Salt Lake Desert produces salt because of evaporated water collected in the cavity formed in the desert. Further, the desert is formed along the Great Salt Lake and is located at the Nevada border in the United States. Out of all the deserts here, something useful and advantage out of the deserts would be the Great Salt Lake Desert. Additionally, the temperate here is cool as the desert is located at an elevation of 4,250 feet from the sea level.

8. Mojave Desert

Mojave Desert

Mojave Desert is yet again another rain-shadow desert on this list, located in North America. Unlike other deserts with almost loose sand all over, the Mojave seems to be very rugged and valley like areas. Additionally, you can even notice some plant species grown all over. There are some great animal species residing here and some to name are the rattle snakes, long-tailed brush lizard and Kangaroo rat. Just don’t imagine adventuring anytime during the summer as the temperature can peek as much as 55 degrees Celsius.

7. Namib Desert

Namib Desert

The word Namib emphasizes “vast place” in Khoekhoe language. The desert is considered as the oldest in the world with existence since last 80 million years. The largely surviving animals here are the Tenebrionid beetle. Residing in the coastal desert of South America, there are no humans residing in any corner of the desert. With temperatures exceeding 45 degrees Celsius during summer, the night could be completely opposite to produce freezing. Additionally, the arthropods living here are endemic and they as well can be very dangerous.

6. Kalahari Desert

Kalahari Desert

Kalahari is a word derived from fifth largest spoken language from South Africa, Setswana. The word purely emphasizes “the great thirst” against the desert. Just over 100mm rainfall annually, the desert accounts with the lowest rainfall in the South America. With completely no room for humans to survive, as the weather conditions can go extremely hot. Cattle ranchers are seen to be dangerous in the desert as they hunt down the endangered species like the African wild dog. Additionally, as part of protection the committed for wild life preserves have raised a fence to protect these endangered wild dogs and the herds of grazing cattle.

5. The Antarctica

The Antarctica

Majorly recognized by the world, the Antarctica is one of the coldest places on earth. Falling under the category of most dangerous desert, the Antarctica is in the southernmost part of the Earth. Whole of the Antarctic is filled with ice and just between 1000 and 5000 people reside here by forming igloos. With land cover of 14,000,000 square kilometers, the desert is accounted as the fifth largest continent. In such weather conditions, none of them residing there for quite longtime.

4. Arabian Desert

Arabian Desert

Arabian Desert is impressively vast in size, located in Western Asia. With an area of 2,330,000 square kilometers, the desert happens to be the fourth largest and dangerous in the world. The climate conditions are weird here. The temperatures can turn from completely scotching heat to frosting at night. To be honest to say, even things made of plastic will corrode due to massive weather suspensions. Interesting to note that there are some animals living in these extreme conditions. To name some of them, the spiny-tailed lizard, sand cats and oryx easily survive here. Reports have even revealed of experiencing quicksand. There have been instances of completely losing the caravans and humans due to the scenario of quicksand.

3. Karakum Desert

Kalahari Desert

Karakum Desert, located in Central Asia is featured with an area of 350,000 square kilometers. The desert is also recognized as “Kara-Kum”, which occupies over 70 percent of the area of Turkmenistan. The desert hardly receives rainfall with just between 70 and 150 mm annually. Additionally, the desert has even received a name called “Gates of Hells” as a result of oil deposits in the underground cavity. The crater was formed after the natural gas field was collapsed. Due to the presence of methane gas in the crater, the fire then set seems to be still being continued since last 40 years. The underground cavity with dangerous gases could probably spread in the nearby places to crept worries to the locals.

2. Sahara Desert

Sahara Desert

Sahara Desert is considered as the third largest desert in the world after Antarctica. The heat waves in the desert can puff anyone in a matter of seconds. When compared to the total area of the United States, the Sahara Desert exceeds easily as much as 9,200,000 square kilometers. If you get a chance to check the word map, then you will notice that over half the portion of the North America is acquired by the Sahara Desert. The desert experiences so much heat that some of the species undergo evolution through certain period.

1. Atacama Desert

Atacama Desert

Planning to gasp a cup of water before to proceed with the Atacama Desert? Of course! You should be. Atacama Desert is by far considered as the most dangerous deserts in the world. The desert happens to be the driest in the world. With completely impossible to find a single droplet from any corner of the desert. Located in South America, the desert received completely no rainfall between 1570 and 1971. Additionally, the desert has been accounted as hyperaridity for over the last 200 years. A moderate level rainfall was seen in the 2015, which helped in some plants and flowers to sprout. The atmospheric and weather conditions are comparable to Mars and are sometime worse than them. Currently, the place is being used for testing the prerequisite for Mars missions by NASA.

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