10 Most Dangerous Mountains In The World

Mountains at some point in time are very dangerous due to unexpected weather change and shallow regions through the path. For many in the world, achieving summit sets live either by emphasizing on their passion or rewards. Out of thousands of mountains across the globe, there could be a better probability of other mountains deadlier out from this list. However, we have segregated dangers imposed by the mountains on climbers based on the fatality levels. Here, we have come up with the 10 most dangerous mountains in the world that are not meant for novice mountainers.

10. The Eiger, Switzerland

The Eiger

The Eiger though listed as the tenth most dangerous mountain in the mountain is no lesser in dangers imposed on the climbers. Located in Switzerland, the mountain is elevated at a height of 3,967 meters. After two climbers who were found frozen at a point on the mountain at 3,300 meters, the spot was then named as “Death Bivouac”. Further, there have been multiple kills encountered on this mountain due to extreme weather conditions like hidden fog and sudden snow.

9. Gasherbrum, Pakistan-China Border


With a fatality rate of 9%, the Gasherbrum mountain is ranked at the 9th position for being accounted as the dangerous mountain. Located between the borders of Pakistan and China, the mountain happens to be the 11th highest in the world. The Gasherbrum mountain is at an elevation of 8,080 meters. Also recognized as “Hidden Peak”, the name is derived from Urdu meaning “beautiful mountain”. Two climbers are known to have been killed because of ascent since 1977.

8. Manaslu, Nepal


Manaslu is one among the mountains of Nepalese Himalayas. Also recognized as “Kutang”, the mountain is ranked eighth highest mountain in the world. At an elevation of 8,163 meters from the sea level, the mountain stands to be incredibly dangerous. Emphasizing the name of the mountain, the “Manaslu” name was derived from Sanskrit, which means “mountain of the spirit”. Considering the dangerous imposed by the mountain for climbers, the notice is the fatality rate at 10%. There has been a total of eleven fatalities encountered in an avalanche in September 2012. If you are planning for a trek here, then there should be a mandate trek guard assisting you through the trekking journey. Finally, the explore on the mountain is invariably facilitated and restricted, with groups rather than being single.

7. Mt. Everest, Nepal-China Border

Mount Everest

Very famous by name, Mt. Everest can never be denied on the list of being deadly. Climbing the Mount Everest and achieving the summit is life for thousands across the globe. The mountain holds a tag of being the highest in the world at an elevation of 8,848 meters. If you are a mountain lover, Mount Everest is one such beauty to always explore with enough precautions.

Located in the sub-ranges of Himalayas in Nepal, it is also recognized as “Sagarmatha”. It is one of the limited mountains in the world to have the maximum record summit counts with 6,871 counts in 2013. The most impacting and providential survival zone on the Mount Everest is the “death zone”, where most of the climber feel extremely hard to proceed. As of 2012, there have been 5,656 ascents out of which 223 individuals were killed.

6. Kangchenjunga, Nepal-India Border


Kangchenjunga is one of the most renowned mountain across the states of Nepal, Sikkim, and India. Considered as the third highest mountain in the world, the mountain consists of five peaks along the borders of Nepal and India. Additionally, the height of this mountain is estimated as 8,568 meters. While considering the dangerous countered by the mountain, the fatality rate is accounted at 15%. The main dangers imposed by the Kangchenjunga is the avalanche. The same avalanche impact was encountered by the local porters in 1905.

5. Dhaulagiri, Nepal Border


Dhaulagiri is reckoned as the seventh highest mountain in the world. At an elevation of 8,167 meters, the Dhaulagiri mountain dwells in the borders of Nepal. The mountain is simply mesmerizing in terms of looks. Additionally, the name of this mountain comes from the Sanskrit language, which means beautiful. Rated as one of the best tourist spot in Nepal as the mountain just blends along with the clouds to simply mesmerize the crowd. Having said that it is dazzling, the mountain’s stand of being dangerous is unimaginable. The mountain is accounted to have a fatality rate of 16.2%. Out of the percentage being successfully climbed on Dhaulagiri, there have been a total of 58 fatalities recorded since 2007.

4. Nanga Parbat, Pakistan

Nanga Parbat

Nanga Parbat is well-known to comprise with the most dangerous roads in the world.  They are potentially dangerous due to the geographic location and rugged mountains of Parbat. The mountain is elevated at a height of 8,126 meters that consist of numerous vertical cliffs in most of the directions. The mountain is well-known for being most difficult for climbers. Further, there have been a lot of deaths due to rugged weather experienced by the climbers. Therefore, the fatality rate of this mountain is at 21%, so is better to think twice before stepping on this shallow snow.  

3. Matterhorn, Switzerland-Italy Border

Mount Assiniboine

Matterhorn is accounted as one of the most beautiful mountains, located in the mountain of the Alps. Being said that it is beautiful, the mountain happens to be the most dangerous as well in the world. There have been over 500 alpinists who have got killed by this mountain since 1865 being known for its deadly peaks of all time. The Matterhorn is simply renowned for its mighty looks and is famously recognized as “Mountain of Mountains”. The highest frequency of visitors’ route is from the Hörnli Hut via the northeast Hörnli ridge to the peak of Matterhorn.

2. K2, China-Pakistan Border


The name of this mountain may seem like the ones given for pistols or armory weapons. But, in specific to know about the name, the K2 comes from Urdu origin. Viewed as the second highest in terms of elevation, the mountain also happens to be second dangerous to explore. At a height of 8,611 meters from the sea level, the mountain is so disastrous that they can’t be explored from the china sides. Most of the times, the mountain climbers approach from the sides of Pakistan. The K2 mountain is slightly higher when compared to the K1 mountain adjacent to it. They are never approached during the winter season as the glaciers can be deadlier. In terms of fatality rate, they produce at a rate of about 29%.

1. Annapurna, Central Nepal


If you are lookup for this mountain, then definitely it is a mountain to be thought about twice before hopping. The Annapurna mountain is one of the dangerous plus considered the most dangerous mountain in the world. Located in the Himalayan ranges in north-central Nepal, this mountain endure with the highest fatality rate. At a height of 8,091 meters, Annapurna mountain is the tenth highest mountain in the world. Additionally, the name “Annapurna” is a Sanskrit name which emphasizes “Replete with food”. Finally, in consideration of the fatality rate of this mountain, the number is highest among the list at 34%. There have been 61 climbing fatalities recorded just in 2012.