10 Most Haunted Places On Earth Which Are Not For The Weakhearted

Ghosts, paranormal stuffs, apparitions, supernatural beings, souls and spirits are something which are just impossible to be proven and has always fascinated many of us. These things not only give us a thrill or goose bumps but their existence in this world is something beyond our imagination. But, there are many incidents, mysterious sightings and paranormal events which can be taken as a proof. Some believe that paranormal things exist whereas others believe they are just something related to mind and science. If you are a ghost lover, either from your favorite stories or favorite movies, this article is for you to get some instant thrill. We have listed some of the most hunted locations in the world which are not for the weakhearted. Some of the places in this list would scare you just by looking at the image of the location or reading about it. We feel Ireland is home to many haunted locations as this list consists of many sites from Ireland.

10. Kinnitty Castle (Ireland)

Haunted Kinnitty Castle 10

The castle from outside looks mysteriously spirited and hunted. Kinnitty Castle is located in County Offaly, Ireland, which was built by Bernard family who were the residents of this castle. The plot of this Gothic castle was house to Bards and Druids. This castle has seen many paranormal activities and has a turbulent history. Kinnitty castle is home to many ghosts, and the most famous one being the Phantom Monk of Kinnitty. It was also featured on Most Haunted.

9. Waverly Hills Sanatorium (USA)

Haunted Waverly Hills Sanatorium 9

Waverly Hills Sanatorium is a closed sanatorium located in Kentucky. In 1910, it opened as a two-story hospital to accommodate 40-50 tuberculosis patients but later in 1962 it was closed due to the antibiotic drug streptomycin  that lowered the need for such a hospital. This hospital has been termed and quoted as the “most haunted hospitals” in the eastern United States. The location was featured in many popular TV shows such as Ghost HuntersScariest Places on EarthGhost Adventures and Paranormal Challenge. This place certainly would give you spooky and creepy feeling, when visited. If you are a thrill seeker then this place is a must to visit location.

8. Leap Castle (Ireland)

Haunted Leap Castle 8

Leap Castle is home to many brutal tortures, executions and imprisonments from the past. There is a popular legend from the past stating that this castle is spirited by a supernatural entity known as an Elemental. This place has been hunted down by many ghost hunters and thrill seekers in recent times and also has been featured in many TV series. It was featured in the series from Scariest Places on Earth and Most Haunted.

7. Castle of Good Hope (South Africa)

Haunted Castle of Good Hope 7

The 17th century Dutch East India Company fort called as the Castle of Good Hope is believed to be the most haunted site in the South Africa. The ghosts reportedly present at this location are the ghost of Lady Anne Barnard who lived here, ghost of a soldier who hanged himself here and mysterious noises of soldiers pacing the battlements are heard regularly. Castle of Good Hope now stands as a heritage monument and site in the coastlines of Table Bay and is a famous tourist spot.

6. Clark Air Base Hospital (Philippines)

Haunted Clark Air Base 6

Clark Air Base was a former air force base of the U.S in the Philippines, which has a bloody history. Many people have died brutally at this place during the World War II. This air base was evacuated during the Vietnam War. Clark Air Base Hospital is reported as the most haunted place in Philippines. The hospital stays in ruins now and the nearby inhabitants have reported many mysterious happenings and apparitions. There are many events reported by visitors and guards relating to screams, apparitions, footsteps and noises in the hospital. In 2009, Ghost Hunters International visited the location and confirmed the paranormal activities.

5. Myrtles Plantation (USA)

Haunted Myrtles Plantation 5

This place is quoted as “One of America’s most Haunted House”. It is often reported that at least ten murders occurred at this place. But, history says that only one murder took place, i.e., of William Winter. This location is said to be house of 12 ghosts and this plantation was featured in the 2005 episode of Ghost Hunters. The mirror located in the house is said to be spirited by Sara Woodruff and two of her children. The plantation is also haunted by a young girl who died in 1868 and there are incidents of a ghost who walks in the 17th step of the house.

4. Drumbeg Manor (Ireland)

Haunted Drumbeg Manor 4

Drumbeg Manor is considered to be the most haunted places in the entire Europe for many incidents relating to apparitions and other strange events within the manor and on its grounds. There are stories of a screaming woman heard in this place. This place is also considered as one of the most haunted manors in the world. There are also sightings of a man in white suit walking the halls.

3. Monte Cristo Homestead (Australia)

Haunted Monte Cristo Homestead 3


Monte Cristo Homestead in Australia is famous for many ghostly incidents and mysterious deaths over the years. This is a site of seven deaths in the 18th century and reportedly the most haunted places in Australia. This house has been featured in many TV shows such as The Extraordinary and ABC TV’s Big Country. If you want to experience some ghostly feelings, then this place is a must visit. There have been many horrific incidents, paranormal activities and tragic deaths at this place in the past.

2. Père Lachaise Cemetery (France)

Haunted Père Lachaise Cemetery 2

Père Lachaise Cemetery is the largest and most visited cemeteries in Paris, France. This cemetery is also said to be the most haunted cemeteries in Europe. This famous cemetery has many notable authors, singers, philosophers and many French celebrities resting in peace. Many people have reported about the feeling of calmness and sudden shivers while others have reported sense of unease here. There are claims relating to photos of orbs and other ghostly apparitions at this location.

1. Charleville Castle (Ireland)

Haunted Charleville Castle 1

Ireland is home to many spooky locations, abandoned buildings and haunted places. Charleville Castle is located in County Offaly, Ireland which is abandoned from 1916 and is said to be haunted by the third Earl of Charleville’s younger daughter, Harriet. Harriet lost her life when she fell from the main staircase of this castle at an age of eight in 1861. She came sliding down the stairs but broke her neck and died. A photographer who went up the stairs and only his camera was ever found. This place has been featured in programs like Ghost Hunters InternationalScariest Places on Earth and Most Haunted.


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