10 Most Important Survival Essentials

Apocalypse can happen to the world anytime. Apart from an apocalypse, an unforeseen event is always possible. Such unfortunate event may be a natural disaster, a zombie attack, animal attack, abandonment, war or a nuclear disaster. Some items are very essential to survive in the wilderness or during a difficult situation. Keep these important survival essentials ready if you are on your own. The list here is not exhaustive. Certain things like dresses, sanitary napkins, tissues, soaps, toothpaste, brush, etc. doesn’t require a mention. Many other crucial items or equipment could be possessed but these are the most important to survive.

Here goes the list of 10 most important survival supplies one must need:

10. Blanket/Tent Kit

Tent Kit

Tent kit is an important item to carry in your backpack when you are on a survival mode. Things that are required for setting up camping tents are tent, poles, sleeping bags, blanket, tie downs, tarps, axe, hammer and adhesives. This kit will provide an all-round shelter and protection for any kind of weather. Keeping a nice and cozy blanket in the kit will help you during cold weathers. The wild weather shouldn’t stop you at any point of time.

It is also important to have some training on how to build your tent. There are many good tutorials available online for reference. It is preferable to build the tent on a high flat ground which will avoid water runoff during a downpour.

9. Extra Food

Extra Dried Food For Survival

Frozen dried food and some extra food are recommended items to carry when you are on your own in the wild. We never know the harsh situations ahead; hence it is always good idea to keep some extra food with you always. Get some training on how to prepare dried food items and store. This training can come handy when you are alone and want to save some food for emergency. As and when you get food, you can store some of the food for future using preservation techniques. There are different preservation techniques and methods one can follow based on the climate, nature of food and stockpile. Food is ultimately a life saver.

8. Lamp

LED Lights

The modern man can never live in darkness for very long. Having a battery-powered lamp will make things easy. It will help you in the darkness when you want to prepare food, setting up tents and perform other day-to-day activities. An emergency light can save your life when in danger. There are different lamps available such a headlamp, torch-light, hanging lantern or flashlights. If you are going for battery or fuel based lamps, you would need some extra batteries or fuel. Certain types of lamps can keep wild animals away. A motion sensor lights outside your tent can deter away most of the animals such as rodents. It is safe to have one. But, doesn’t mean it will completely deter away all types of animals. It can get you some help as well.

7. Lighter/Fire Starter

Fire Starter

Lighter or fire starter equipment is a must to have in your survival list. Fire is important for many reasons. Some of them are – cooking, keeping you warm during winter, deter off animals, insects and serpents and as a source of light. This is a life saver in many ways. Mainly, you will not be able to cook until you don’t have fire or electricity. In the wild or during calamities, you can only except for fire. Fire also helps keeping your body warm during hypothermia. Fire can be used in the water purification process as well. Boil the water to kill the bacteria and germs in it. It is a morale booster and can help sterilize wounds.

6. Backpack


A good backpack is needed for a survival situation. Why? Backpack is going to hold on to other important essentials for surviving. A backpack is going to hold your first aid kit, hydration systems, lighter, clothes, blankets, tent kits, food and tools. A rugged or sturdy trekking backpack is very important. The sturdy backpack has to be comfortable to wear and should be of high quality. Backpack should also be waterproof to protect your things. The backpack should be spacious enough to hold on to all your things. Some of features we recommend are:

  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof and rain cover
  • Cushioned or padded waist belt
  • Cushioned or padded shoulder straps
  • Lots of sections or pockets
  • Capacity of over 70 liters

5. Water Filter

A water filtration system is an important thing to have to escape death. The water filtration kit will help you stay healthy and away from water-borne diseases. Contaminated water can cause diseases, deficiencies and death. You can use different types of water filtration systems to clean the water. Boiling is the most common method of filtering water and has been in use for very long time in history. Sand filters, membrane filtration, sedimentation, chemical disinfection are other common water filtration methods.

Other little advanced water filtration methods are Granular Activated Carbon adsorption, reverse osmosis, distillation and ozonation. There are several other advanced and complex methods. Keep one or two types of compact water filters ready.

4. Trekking Shoes/Footwear

Shoes For Survival

A trekking shoe or footwear is an important item to carry during a survival situation because it can save your life. In the wild, you may encounter thorns, stones, sharp objects, insects and reptiles. A shoe can protect you from these dangers. You may need to walk for long distances in your journey for surviving and food. A shoe can protect you from the wear and tear of your sole. A good waterproof shoe can protect you from infections and injuries occurring through the foot. Good footwear will keep you ready to run during danger from wild animals. It is also helpful when you want to go for hunting. This is a must to have survival item in the list.

3. First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

Extremely important are your first aid kit. You should definitely have this in your backpack. This can save you during an injury or bruise. Your first aid kit should contain common medicines, drugs, painkillers, bandages, crêpe bandages, tissues, safety pins, tweezers, scissors, plasters, tapes, wound sanitizer/antiseptic wash, medical gloves, eye drops, sterile dressing materials, and bite/sting treatment kits. These are your life savers. In the wild, you never know how you may face dangers and what will cause injuries. You can also have insect or mosquito repellents separately. A first aid kit can also save someone else’s life in danger.

2. Knife

Survival Knife

Knife is another important item in your bucket list for a life and death situation. This can easily turn into a weapon during a dangerous situation. It can also be handy when you want to hunt or cook your prey. Knives are important to cut things, set up your shelter or protect you from an attacking person/animal. It has a varied range of uses in the wild. Knife can help you to set up fire from the spark it produces – you should train yourself to set up fire when you do not have a match box. Knife aids in your survival easily. There are different types of survival knives available in the market which you need to get your hands on depending on your needs. There are knives specific to survival which is the most preferred and useful.

1. Water Storage

Water Storage

Water is the most important survival essential in the world. Life started on earth through water. Man can survive up to 3 weeks without food, but not without water. As 60% of the body is made up of water, your cells and organs require water to keep them functioning. Starvation from food up to certain point is controllable with water. Water is must and essential for lives on earth. In the wild, the first thing you need is water storage system which will help you in hydrating and replenishing. When you are in the wild, you may easily get tired and require more water to quench your thirst. The most common water storage in the wild will be a water bottle, water bladder or water storage containers.


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