10 Most Life Threatening Sports In The World

Sports are a competitive physical activity that is meant irrespective of age groups. Every sport in the world contributes some portion of risk to the participants. However, there are few sports that are not meant for weakhearted. Some of the most dangerous sports include cave diving, street luge, mountain climbing etc. that are listed below for adventure fans.

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Check out the list of world’s most dangerous sports that are life threatening:

10. Bull Running (Encierro)

Bull Running

Bull Running is also recognized as Encierro, which is a famous Spanish festival celebrated in many countries across the globe. Though it is a festival, bull running is conducted as a sport around the world where in a group of bull is made to run behind the participants. The bulls are left free in middle of the town and the goal is accomplished by luring the bull to the town’s bull ring. There have been about 20 fatalities since 1910 and is also estimated that about 300 are injured by this sport annually.

9. Motorcycle Riding

Motorcycle Riding

Riding bike in modern life has become wanderlust to travel long distance and hack the top speed. Majority of the motorcycle accidents are caused due to weird behaviours that are followed while riding the bike. When the rider is at very high-speed, even a small obstacle can topple the bike and cause death. This sport is by far the deadliest in the motorsport world. Motorcycle depends on the location as well, which can be divided into events taking place in hilly regions, high-speed circuits and narrow trees. All together, they could be life threatening irrespective of any location due high-speed, rugged surface and narrow paths.

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8. Bull Riding

Bull Riding

Bull riding is a sport, where a bull is continuous poked from the back to piss off to the core while the rider experiences the intense thrust asserted by the bull when it is released. The rider’s task is to stay on top of the bull, weighing up to 1800 pounds, till the end of prescribed time frame during the contest. A single toss can lift the rider up to 12-feet that is capable of producing massive destruction to the internal parts of the rider. Apart from the hurl to the rider, there are probabilities of the rider being kicked by the bull, which is sufficient enough to collapse the rider to death.

7. Cheerleading


Cheerleading is the only sport in the world, which is estimated with most number of injuries to the participants. It damages the bones and spinal cord due to excess pressure put by other participants during the play. There have been about 20,000 reported injuries till date due to cheerleading. On 14 April 2008, Lauren Chang, a famous cheerleader was collapsed to death when her teammate kicked on her chest very hard. She was then reported of severe lung injury and internal bleed, which took her life off. In United States, about 65% of high school athletics suffer from catastrophic injury due to cheerleading.

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6. Big Wave Surfing

Big Wave Surfing

Big Wave Surfing is considered as one of the most dangerous and lethal sport in the world. There should always be a unique respect to fear towards the sea, since it is a massive killer machine. Surfing is always fun, but impact caused by every wave to the surfers are so deadly that they can crush in a matter of seconds. Every big wave can range up to 50 feet and travels at a massive speed ranging from 50-80 km/hr. The probability of surfers getting pulled underwater is massively high due to heavy underwater current. The skateboard goes very slippery in sea, which can topple amateur surfers to death.

5. BASE Jumping

BASE Jumping

BASE jumping, also recognized as “Wingsuit Flying”, which involves participants to jump from a cliff with an equipped parachute. Though the sport is considered illegal in many countries including US, many thrill seekers still possess to jump from high buildings and mountain cliffs. In US, the BASE jumping is legally conducted by many licensed organization where the thrillers can participate in the events. The sport generally involves jumping from a cliff and opening a parachute when the ground is about approach. There have been many deaths due to parachute failure, glide imbalance and heart attacks. BASE jumping is highly recommended to practice with professional BASE jumpers.

4. Heli-Skiing

Heli Skiing

As the name says, Heli-Skiing is a sport that uses helicopter for the skiers to snowboard from very high altitude. In order to experience snowboarding of 100 feet or above, skiers book helicopter to experience premium ride from the summit. The skiers are chucked from the helicopter to surf at a standard speed. But there are high probabilities of skiers being stranded in the snow due to landslide or weather change. Avalanches are very common as there could be untouched glaciers for long days, which eventually slides while surfing that can crush the skiers to death. Even helicopter rides are considered to be very dangerous due to high velocity wind.

3. Street Luge

Street Luge

Street Luge is a gravity-powered sport, which mainly involves speeding on a skateboard. High concentration is required while riding the skate, since we need to rest supine and roll it to gather the speed. The skateboard has no breaks and it cannot be stopped at any cause even if required in emergency. When skate gains speed, it can travel approximately up to 150 km/h, which is capable of throwing any individual out of the ridge. The injuries caused by Street Luge are deadly and can even cause death if attempted in hilly regions where the roads are very narrow. The skate can topple easily if not handled properly and is highly recommended to practice with appropriate safety measures.

2. Mountaineering


Mountaineering is one of the hardest and dangerous sports in the world, which can be split into rock climbing and glacier climbing. High altitude and rugged obstacles are the main reasons behind the risk. For every six successful reach to the summit of Everest, there lies behind a death of a person. Through the journey of mountain claiming, you get to see the corpses of previous expedition. Apart from the risk of high altitude and rugged surface, there are high probabilities of us suffering from hypothermia, hypoxia and even blindness due to excess Ultraviolet radiation exposure. So, it is highly recommended to approach such locations with appropriate safety measures.

1. Cave Diving

Cave Diving

Cave Diving is the world’s most life threatening water sport, which is also recognized as penetration diving. It generally deals with diving underwater in caves that consist of heavy twists and bends. Cave Diving is very risky, since there would be many jagged rocks underwater that could probably kill lives in a matter of seconds. It resembles a cliff with unknown depth being one of the major risks behind this sport. The oxygen level at the point of dive would be extremely low and surviving underwater for long time is highly impossible. The visibilities in the underwater caves are highly low, which can probably separate one from their partners. Separation from partners can lead to a wrong direction eventually digging one’s own grave.

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