10 Most Famous Dancers In History

Dance by far comes from prehistoric times, almost 30,000 years ago. The only evidences found today to get the actual age of dancing practices were from the paintings of Bhimbetka rock shelters in India and Egyptian tomb. Probably, there were a lot dance carried out in festivals, seasonal occasions and weddings. Today, practicing dance have been one of the most ethical and cultural form in the world. And since the prehistoric times, there have been a lot of dancers who have mesmerized with their dancing styles and steps. Though, there would have been much better dancers than the one listed here, we have come with the genuine talents from the below 10 most famous dancers in history.

10. Fred Astaire

Fred Astaire

Fred Astaire is an American dancer and choreographer, who is widely considered as the most influential dancer in the history of mankind. He was almost had a pair dancing performance with Adele Astaire, who was his sister. It was in 1920s, both Fred and Adele impressed the crowd in London. Though, Fred started being superior and outshining over Adele in dancing, she kept supporting him for further growth and rage in passion. By 1930, Fred was considered as the best among the dancers, when Robert Benchley stated as “I don’t think I will plunge the nation into war by stating that Fred is the greatest tap-dancer in the world.”

9. Shakira


Shakira, considered as the most popular for her hip and belly dance, which seems to be almost impossible by anyone. She is a Colombian dancer and singer, born in Barranquilla, who first started her career with album Magia and Peligro. However, her initial stages of career was too toiling as she was not much successful with her performance when put forward commercially. Kept seeking for success in her life, she attained fans after releasing her sixth and seventh albums Fijacion Oral, Volumen Uno and Oral Fixation, Volume Two in 2005. She is now considered superstar for not just the songs released by her, but also the incredible hip-shaking dance capabilities.

8. Mikhail Baryshnikov

Mikhail Baryshnikov

Mikhail Nikolayevich Baryshnikov, famously recognized as Mikhail is an American dancer and choreographer. He is considered as the greatest and one of the most popular ballet dancers of 20th century. His initial days were very toiling as his dad was not much pleasant with him. Baryshnikov’s dad was a military lieutenant, due to which his behavior and habits were resembling the same with his personal life as well. However, Baryshnikov learned lot more from him and took as an inspiration to role model for his life. Further, his flawless performance in ballet dance was recognized in the American Ballet Theater after his appearances in many productions. Today, he is not just a professional ballet dancer and a choreographer, but is being nominated for Academy Award for his acting in dramas.

7. Martha Graham

Martha Graham

Martha Graham was an American modern dancer, whose impact on dancing style is still being followed in United States. She received the highest civilian award in US: the Presidential Medal of Freedom with Distinction. Martha was the first dancer to perform at the White House to be considered one of the most prestigious in the world. In 1994, her speech was documented where she stated that she spent almost whole of her life in dancing. The situations for her at times were fearful, never easy, never pleasant, but she states it to be inevitable.

6. Chris Brown

Chris Brown

Christopher Maurice Brown is an American Singer, Actor and Dancer, also famously recognized as Chris Brown. He started his career at the age of 13 in 2002, who was discovered by Hitmission Records. Records helped Brown in improving his voice for singing in the initial days of his career. He is also a renowned dancer with singing. He was always inspired by Michael Jackson right since his childhood, who began to participate in church choir to get himself most popular. Today, he stands to be so famous enough to enter the top lists of dancers in the world.

5. Rudolf Nureyev

Rudolf Nureyev

Rudolf Nureyev was a Soviet ballet dancer and choreographer and is well recognized as the “Lord of the Dance”. Considered most gifted for his mind-blowing ballet dance, which any guy on earth cannot produce. Similar to Anna Pavlova, even Rudolf was one such awesome dance product introduced in Mariinsky Ballet in St. Petersburg. He was introduced by one of his skilled teacher Alexander Pushkin. His teacher not just focused on Rudolf’s career, but also in his personal life. Very unfortunate to the fact that Rudolf died of AIDS related symptoms and his cemetery is settled in Sainte- Geneviève-des-Bois near Paris.

4. Anna Pavlova

Anna Pavlova

Anna Pavlova was a Russian prima ballerina during the late 19th century and is considered even today as one of the world’s most famous dancers. She was recognized in the early 20th century when she created her own company followed by the role “The Dying Swan” as a ballet dancer. Back to the dance, she always stated that “You should always do the kind of dancing which brings out your own rare qualities instead of trying to win praise by mere acrobatic tricks”. Not just the statement, but she gained the fame since her first performance in 1899, in Mariinsky Theater in St. Petersburg. Right from her debut, she become a professional ballet choreographer and a perfect signature for dancers.

3. Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan is an Indian actor, who is well known for his extreme dancing capabilities. He was listed in the Forbes India’s Celebrity 100 based on income and popularity. To be very renowned to be considered that the Los Angeles Times recognized him to be “a sensational dancer”, with extraordinary stills and moves while dancing. Not outperforming just in dancing, but also is regarded as the most paid actor in Bollywood with prominent character in almost all the movies he have acted. The dancing styles and steps put forward by him seems almost impossible with perfect gesture, body movement and facial expressions.

2. Prabhu Deva

Prabhu Deva

Prabhu Deva is considered as India’s best known dancer and second most popular celebrity dancers in the world. He is well recognized for his contribution as dance choreographer for over twenty five years during his career span. Prabhu have won two National Film Awards for Best Choreography. Then he was first introduced by a famous actor Kamal Haasan in 1989. He excelled the dance performance since then in over 100 movies to become one of the world’s famous dancers. Prabhu is a big fan of Michael Jackson and the steps put forward by him is similar to that of Jackson.

1. Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is rated with the most popular and famous dancer ever in the history of mankind. Not just his singing is sensational, but the way he produces his steps is pretty incredible. Try just to recall oneself and the first person comes to our mind when dance into consideration is Michael Jackson. The contribution by him for over four decades got him a renowned name “King of Pop”. Recently, based on the analysis among the death celebrities, Jackson stands in top of the list for top-earning dead celebrities in 2017.

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