10 Most Terrifying Massacres In History

It is always terrifying to even think of the controversial kills that have happened across the globe over the past 100 years. There have been involvement of many military and political committees, where some of them were pre-planned and some were sudden burst of clash between the parties. However, any kills we come across is always a pity and tragedy, which we all wish not to happen in future. Here, we have listed the 10 most terrifying massacres in history, which can fill your heart with brim of sorrow.

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10. Indonesian Invasion of East Timor

Indonesian Invasion of East Timor

The East Timor genocide began in 1975 where the Indonesian Military invaded the islands of Timor. The primary target by the Indonesian Military was the East Timor for the occupation of Indonesian civilians. The genocide was carried out immediately after the Indonesian independence, which led to massacre of about 200,000 people. The genocide could be divided into two eras, where the initial phase was in 1975 and the other was in 1999. Majority of the East Timor people were forced to move into a concentration camp and were slaughtered to death massively.

9. Babi Yar Massacre

Babi Yar Massacre

Babi Yar, also recognized as Babiy Yar in Russian, is one of the most horrifying massacres in history that contributes about 100,000 to 500,000 kills. It is a ravine site in Ukraine capital where the massacre was carried out. In 1941, about 30,000 Jews were taken to an isolated place and brutally massacred with machine gun to death. The Jews were asked to strip naked during the march to the Babi Yar by the German army which was led by Adolf Hitler. The stench of corpse in Babi Yar was to its fullest, and hence Nazis burnt the entire crowd including the wounded victims to death in order to hide the evidence. However, there were many eyewitnesses who produced and disclosed the brutality of Nazis to the world.

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8. The partition of India (1947)

The partition of India

India’s biggest War against Pakistan during 1947 is the most known to the people across the state due to border partition between Hindu and Muslim religion. The conflict was ideally not planned by any of the government entity; however the partition led to a destructive rivalry against the majority community like Hindu and Muslim. The Partition across the state led to onset of genocide, which killed about 200,000 to 2,000,000 including Hindu, Muslims and Sikhs. The division agreement was such that the two states were to be considered as British Indian Empire and the Dominion of Pakistan, which toppled the people’s life by uprooting their unity to death. Millions of people were homeless and were asked to travel miles together with rugged starvation to find their new homes. However, this is the only genocide to be considered where the religions community is involved massively in history.

7. The Manila Massacre

The Manila Massacre

The Manila massacre was held during World War II by Japanese troops against Manila City civilians. The people living in Manila City were recognized as Filipino civilians (a Southeast Asian ethnic group). During the battle between Manila civilians and the Japanese troops, a massive support was given by American Army and Philippine Common Wealth Army, which induced anger against the Japanese troops that led to the spark of massacre of Manila Civilians. The mass murder was cruel enough to kill about 100,000 to 500,000 civilians, which included all varieties of crimes in the state.

6. The Nanking Massacre

The Nanking Massacre

The Nanking Massacre is also recognized as the Nanjing, which is the cruellest mass assault against women in the history of mankind. The clash was between the Japanese and Chinese in early 1937, which led to mass slaughter of people across the state. The massacre was recognized as “Rape of Nanking” as there were majority crimes on place against women. The mass killing was carried out for six long weeks with casualties of about 300,000 people. In late 1938, the order against the civilians for mass kill was taken off and all refugees were sent back to their homes.

5. The Rwandan Genocide

The Rwandan Genocide

The Rwandan Genocide is one of the cruelest Genocides in history with the horrifying kills of about 500,000 to 1,000,000 people. The slaughter was carried out by the members of Hutu majority (a population inhabiting the African Great Lakes region). The victims were primarily Hutu minority and Tutsi commonly recognized to be inferior to the Hutu majority community. In April 1994, a plane was shot down that reportedly carried Burundi’s President Cyprien Ntaryamira and Habyarimana, which caused major conflict between Hutu majority and the local minority. The Rwanda Armed Forced decided to block all roads in the city after the news was spread across the state, and the minority people were brutally slaughtered to death. Finally, a new election constitution was adopted in 2003, which settled the conflict completely.

4. The Armenian Genocide

The Armenian Genocide

The Armenian Genocide is one of the world’s most cruel massacres ever in history, which contributed to about 1.8 million kills in early 1920s. The credit of genocide goes to the Turkish government as they decided almost all the Armenians residing in Ottoman Empire to be smashed to death. The majority Ottoman inhabitants were Muslims who observed the Armenian crowd, which eventually led to the clash and inequality. Massacre, murder and rape were very common and Armenians were ill-treated to the greatest extinct. The Armenians were stripped and made naked for self suicide by letting them walk in scorching sun mercilessly. They were shot to death if any victim were found taking rest during the suicide campaign.

3. The Holocaust

The Holocaust

The Holocaust is a Greek word meaning, “Entirely burnt”, which was the situation in 1945 when about 6 million European Jews were mass murdered. The entire credit of massive kill goes to Adolf Hitler who used German Nazi regime during World War II. The soul reason behind the massacre was due to race, where the Jews were inferior to Germans. Nazi’s at early stage targeted the very young ones, old and sick people to kill in the concentration camp that was build at five regions in Poland. Majority were gassed, which killed almost 12,000 people every day and the massacre continued even after the Nazi revolution ended in 1947.

2. The Stalin’s Massacre

The Stalin’s Massacre

Joseph Stalin was one of the most dangerous dictators of all time for Soviet Union during mid-1920s. During World War II, the first image comes to our mind is the brutal dictatorship of Adolf Hitler. However, Stalin contributed comprehensively to massive kills in the state until his death in 1953. Due to failed agriculture policies, Stalin massacred about 20-25 million people to fill every corner of the state with corpse and stench. He was capable enough to turn the state as a single entity of slaves by killing ruthlessly and created a terrific history by mass massacre. It has been accounted that Stalin executed about one million of his people before 1930.

1. The Great Leap Forward Massacre

The Great Leap Forward Massacre

The Great Leap Forward was the campaign initiated by Communist Part of China (CPC) to impose a great impact on agriculture and industrial problems from 1958 and 1960. The main intention behind the great leap forward was to accelerate the pace of industrialization and to provide a massive emphasis to manpower. However, this led to an extensive kills and massacre across the state due to decline in large-scale industries eventually leading to failure of agricultural industries. Starvation was very high during this period leading to mass murders and kills across the state, which precisely crossed the death toll to 20-35 million.

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