10 Most Threatened Forests In The World

The one that enriches the survival of most of the land animals is the forests in bunch. Most of us are aware that the forests are the primary source in producing oxygen to the globe. It is always annoying when they are seen to be destroyed. Basically, destructions could be due to industrialization, illegal logging and hunting. There were some of the forests here had most of the animal and plant species, but now having just 5% of it. Additionally, some of them are listed by the IUCN as critical and threatened. We have come up with the 10 most threatened forests in the world, that seems be in radar of extinction in near future.

10. Philippines

Philippines Forest

To be very sadistic to the fact that the forest density has drastically dropped from 70% to less than 20% in 20th century. Considering the most threatening scenario in Southeast Asian forests, there are about 46 species among which are extremely in dangers. The extent has come up where the forest cover was almost removed from the maps of Philippines in 1988. The cover here was estimated to be at 9.8 million ha of green covers to almost nothing. Further, one of the major concerns for deforestation would be due to illegal logging activities at the forest.

9. Broadback Valley Forest

Broadback Valley Forest

Broadback Valley Forest is a fantastic piece of nature located in the zone of Quebec. With huge land cover, the estimated forest area is accounted for about 22,000 square kilometers. Now, the province need to be protected by the Waswanipi nation. With the history of almost untouched wildlife with blended flora and fauna, the Broadback Valley forest will be the last remains of the forest in Quebec.

8. Atlantic Forest

Atlantic Forest

Atlantic Forest is a huge forest, lying in the territories of Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. Comprises of hefty quantity for biodiversity here, the Atlantic Forest accounts for just 8% of its habitat now. Can you just imagine that about 85% of the forest land have been deforested? Very pathetic to note that a lot of animals residing here are seen to be critically endangered and threatened. Currently, some of the businesses happening nearby are entirely dependent on the forest logs and freshwater.

7. Canadian Boreal Forest

Canadian Boreal Forest

Canadian Boreal Forest is in the northern hemisphere that covers like a ring in the world map. The forest area covers the northern regions of Europe and some regions of the United States. The ecological condition here is affected majorly due to deforestation as part of hydroelectricity projects, urban recreation developments, and oil and gas development. The Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada have enlisted the forest as one of the threatened forests in Canada. One such threatened species here is the Boreal woodland caribou.

6. Madagascar & Indian Ocean Islands

Madagascar & Indian Ocean Islands

Madagascar & Indian Ocean Islands just by the name falls in the territory of Madagascar and Indian Ocean. Further, the Madagascar is considered as one of the eight biographical realms in the world. Well known for diversified ecosystem with a lot of flora and fauna, the recent days have been very awful for the forests lying there. Providing the most number of endemism in the word, the forests in Madagascar & Indian Ocean Islands are suffering a great impact on these plant species.  The area was defined by a non-governmental organization – “World Wildlife Fund” as “ecoregions of Madagascar”.

5. Indo-Burma

IndoBurma Forests

Indo-Burma forests are considered one of the most threatened with the habitat count of just about 5%. The forest area falls under the municipals of Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand. Can you just imagine that the forest comprises of some of the animals that are still not seen by humans across the globe? Of course, sad to face such circumstances! Some of the threatened species reside here are the Eld’s deer, Fishing cat, Saola, Red-headed vulture, and Spoonbilled sandpiper. Marked as critically threatened by IUCN, the habitat here are almost near to extinction and requires anything for this wildlife conservation.

4. Temperate Rainforests

Temperate Rainforests

Temperate Rainforests are a perfect piece of oxygen enhancer for our planet. The forest is recognized for receiving huge rainfall annually. They reside majorly in some of the countries like North America, New Zealand, Australia, and some parts of Europe. Just imagine if they are so much recognized in the world map itself. And now, they are just at a strength of just 25% with the comparison since ancient times.

3. Borneo

Temperate Rainforests

If you want to experience one of the largest forests in the world, then here is the Borneo forest for you. The Borneo forest resides in the third largest islands of Borneo, the ecological bunch falls in the tropical and subtropical form of Borneo. Two anonymous intruders to the forests in 1957 almost killed the entire flora and fauna. Both were the main cause to conjure the deforestation by illegal logging and mining at the forest sites. Massive chainsaw log massacre almost destroyed the woods in huge bunches. Some of the precious and rare species are being excavated and sold, which could go extinct in near future if not taken with enough precautions on time.

2. Sumatra

Sumatra Forests

Sumatra is one of the most beautiful forest falling under the territory of Indonesia. Additionally, they are parts of the Sunda islands. Some of the rarest animals living here are prone to threats and can falls to extinction if not taken enough precautions. Some of the rarest animals include Sumatra ground cuckoo, Sumatra tiger, Sumatra orangutan and Sumatra rhinoceros. Some unlawful scenarios such as heavy logging and animal excavations have cause drastic decrease in endemic animal strength. As they are already very rare for the world, there should be some undertaken measures from the territorial officials before they are permanently gone.

1. New Caledonia

New Caledonia

New Caledonia is a collection of territories in France, which is located east of Australia. The plant species here seem to be very precious and have been derived from ancestral ones. Some of them even include over since last ten million years. One such prominent plant species include Gymnosperm, which is fundamental to the islands of New Caledonia. Keeping in account of the habitat here, the forest is cent exposure to dangers and near future extinction. The forest interiors hold some of the rarest bird species such as kagu. The main reasons of being threatened is hunting and extreme mining.

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