10 Mysterious Ghost Ships and Their Creepy Stories

Seems funny when thought something about the creepy stories on mysterious ghost ship appearances in the sea. I just had myself in an imagination of sighting a ghost ship in middle of nowhere in the sea with almost no crew members in the ship sighted. Now, coming to reality, there are real-time scenarios where people have come across bizarre ships with terrible stories behind. Some of the ghostly ship appearances were like glowing ship in fairy tale, exactly same appearances as that of the manufacturing date with almost no dents and many more. Take a look at the 10 mysterious ghost ships and their creepy stories, which are much interested to dig into.

10. Caleuche

Caleuche ghost ship

Caleuche is a beautiful large ghost ship, which belongs to the Chiloé mythology. As per the legends, she was sailing around the sea of Chiloé Island at night emanating and mesmerizing music on board. Chiloé Island is located south of Chile, which is an archipelago. A lot sentiment is latched with the haunting of Calechue. And one such is the hypnotism melody that captives the natives of the island to get dragged on board to finally end up as prisoners. She disappears immediately with almost no trace. Though researches assume the superstition to be untrue and false, the native of Chiloé Island believe the ship being cursed.

9. Kaz II

Kaz II

Kaz II, the ghost yacht was found drifting 163 km off the northern coasts of Australia in 2007. There was no sign of crew at the time of its catch by maritime authorities. The disappearances of crew members were something like that of the Mary Celeste. The crew members on Kaz II were potentially bulky and strong, capable of withstanding attacks. However, there were no sign of their disappearances. Very weird to note that the emergency systems of the yacht such as radio, GPS and emergency responders were fully functional. 10 aircrafts were deployed in search operations, which was further proved to be futile that led to call off. Hypothetical scenarios put forward by the Cryptozoologists suggest that the crew would have been attacked by giant sea animal like monstrous squid.

8. S.S Baychimo

S.S Baychimo

Launched in 1914, the ship S.S Baychimo also recognized as “the Ghost Ship of Arctic” had completed only 9 successful cargo journeys between Alaska and British Columbia before she anonymously vanished in the sea. In the latest voyage of S.S Baychimo in 1931, she was abandoned for a short duration due to extreme weather conditions, which touched minus 60 degrees F. When a rescue crew arrived the spot, she was found missing.

And since then there have been a lot of bizarre stories coming up with haunting sights of the ship. 38 years after abandoning the shop, she was seen floating alone without crew members in Alaska. It is highly impossible for a ship to float for 38 years with completely zero maintenance, which weighed 1322 tones. An initiative from Alaskan government went on a raid in search of her, which resulted in vain and the mystery still stands to be unsolved.

7. Lady Lovibond

Lady Lovibond

Lady Lovibond is a beautiful three mast schooner is often considered as the most popular ghost ships ever. Simon Peel, the captain of the ship on board with crew members was celebrating his marriage one day prior to Valentine’s day. In jealous of their celebration, the first mate of captain’s young wife named John River almost chased the deck. He was held responsible for seizing the wheels and steering onto the treacherous Goodwin sands, which killed everyone onboard. The creepy stories come up from legends with the fact that the ship is sighted every 50 years, sailing around Kent. Previous sightings were in 1798, 1848, 1898 and 1948, which proves to be a perfect haunting in the sea still unproven.

6. MV Joyita

MV Joyita

MV Joyita is considered as one of the top ghost ships in the world because of its strange way of voyage and mysterious disappearances. It was a merchant vessel carrying 16 crew members and 9 passengers in South Pacific in 1955. The captain was so reckless that the voyage began with just one engine from the port of Samoa towards Tokelau Islands. The ship was capable enough to withstand any external force still not sink as it was equipped with extreme buoyancy capacity. But, still the ship disappeared unfortunately with almost no clue.

The Royal New Zealand scoured sea area covering more than 1 lack square miles, but in vein to find the traces of the ship. Five weeks later, it was sighted near Fiji Islands, 600 miles from her scheduled route. All the crew members including the passengers with almost 4 tones of cargo were missing. There have been a lot of conspiracy theory against the missing ship such as alien attack, mutiny, injured captain, Japanese fleet or a pirate attack.

5. Korean Army Ghost Boats

Korean Army Ghost Boats

Not just one, but 13 ghost ships were washed ashore in Japan in 2015. These boats were slashed across the Japanese beach tucked with the North Korean flags with putrefied dead bodies. There are no evidences of their final voyage and the intension behind to head towards the destination. Many haunting stories have come up and one such would have been for the mission of spying the North Korean regions. Medias like “The Sun”, “The Guardian” and “The BBC” have revealed the bruised dead body images, which seems a pure haunting.

4. Ourang Medan

Ourang Medan

Two American vessels, ‘City of Baltimore’ and ‘Silver star’ while navigating the strait of Malacca in and around the year 1947, picked up a spooky S.O.S. The distress message was quoted as “We float, all officers including the captain dead in chartroom and the bridge. Probably whole of crew dead”. Then came another Morse Code “I die”. The messages were emanating from Ourang Medan, a Dutch ship, which turned out to be a ghost ship.

Further, the crew of the rescue ship Silver star landed Ourang Medan. The crew members found nothing but dead bodies all over, laid horribly on the ship floor like a conjured doll with scary bruises on their backs. The scariest ship Ourang Medan was towed to the nearest port, but was exploded with vicious bang. It was reported to be carrying an illicit cargo of chemicals, which caused the explosion when contact with sea water. Bizarre to the fact that there were no registration records, or any registry evidences were found against the ship anywhere in the world including the Netherlands.

3. The Flying Dutchman

The Flying Dutchman

The Flying Dutchman is a bizarre glowing ghost ship originated in 17th century. They call her “the flying Dutchman”, since a fierce sailing roars are encountered though the wind is still. She sails to be rugged on the ocean even though the oceans are completely still with no tides. There have been many allegations of the ship being blown always with creepy lights. The emitted light is somewhere superstitiously considered to be light of death. However, confirmed to be none alive on the Dutchman, if anyone tries to hail near the ship, a message would be passed on either to people long dead or to land from the ship. Additionally, something too serious to note that the ship was sighted by many seamen in 19th and 20th centuries. All of them who sighted vanished with no clue.

2. Carrol A. Deering

Carrol A. Deering

Carrol A. Deering was build in 1919 had five masts each 108 feet in length. It was a beautiful schooner but had life for just two years. In 1921, it was sighted run aground off the coast of North California. All the 11 crew members were missing and became a great maritime mystery since then. The coastguard ship “Ship Manning” could not salvage it, which was finally blasted with dynamite. Could it be a victim of the so called vicious Bermuda Triangle? Further, the then president Herbert Hoover ordered FBI to carry out a special investigation.

The ship was not entangled on any hurricane. The crew-mutiny theory could not be proven as none of the crew members were even found. It was a slow vessel and might have not been used for smuggling special liquor. In the same year 1921, another ship S.S. Hewitt with 42 strong crew members as well disappeared in the same manner. The mysterious disappearances of the crew of Carrol A. Deering was such an alluring story that no official had an answer to explain the scenario. Finally, even today the mystery still hangs in the bay with almost no clue of the creepy disappearances. Till today she stands to be most haunted with many fantasy theories and stories across the globe.

1. The Mary Celeste

The Mary Celeste

Mary Celeste is considered as one of the most creepy ghost ship story ever since she started the sail in 1872. She was launched under British registration in 1861 and was later taken over by American Government. Benjamin Briggs boarded the ship as captain with his wife and crew members in November 1872. The voyage was to reach Italy from New York City, but the sail didn’t last for even a month from November 7. She had drinking water worth of 6 months, 1500 barrels of alcohol and huge amount of food items. There were a lot of conspiracy theories that were put forward on the day of salvage hearing. Everything were present on the ship except the lifeboat and crew members. Suspected it to be either an alien attack, sea creatures, seaquake or paranormal activities.

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