10 Mysterious Temples From India

The ancient India has been a rich source of mystery, knowledge and culture. The religious tradition of India is as old as the Indus Valley civilization and other Gangetic civilizations. The ancient people of India were talented. They were amazing craftsmen, engineers and architects. Several scientific innovations, inventions and architectural marvels have been born in India. The holy Indian temples from the ancient India were not only beautiful but were mysterious. Several temples in India had their own rich story and hidden secrets.

Here are the 10 most mysterious temples from India:

10. Kailasa Temple, Ellora Cave

This is the only temple where a whole mountain is carved out to create a magnificent temple complex. One can imagine the quantum of rock chiseled out to create this mammoth monument with intricate sculpture. The construction might have taken a century or more time. Archaeologists are confused but amazed that this might have been built with alien technology or extraterrestrial help.

9. Lepakshi Veerabhadra Temple

Lepakshi Veerabhadra Temple

Lepakshi temple is famous for a hanging pillar which does not touch the ground. Despite its huge weight it is sticking at the top years together. It is said during the British era; a British engineer tried to move it to uncover the secret of its support but failed. Between the floor and pillar, one can insert thin objects like paper or cloth to move it to other side. No one knows whether it is an architectural marvel or developed naturally.

8. Sugali Mata Temple, Marwar, Rajasthan

Sugali Mata Temple Rajasthan

This temple has a mysterious story to solve. The deities here have a tilted neck and always remain tilted. Several **tries** the sculpture were modified and made the neck straight. But in course of time, the neck changes to tilt position that too towards left. It is reported that the sculpture who rectified the tilted neck fall sick. A mystery, yet to be solved.

7. Shree Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Trivandrum, Kerala

In 2015, it became the richest shrine in the world. About six vaults were opened which contained a whopping $22 billion worth gold coins (800 Kg). But till date the last secret door is yet to be opened. This mysterious door is completely made of steel but not a single nut or bolt has been used. It is believed that the door can only be opened by Sadhus who have the knowledge of chanting the ‘’Garuda Mantra”. The entire world is curious about its content. Till date, it remains a mystery.

6. Brihadeeswara Temple, Tanjavur, Tamil Nadu

Brihadeeswara Temple

This big temple at Tanjavur, Tamil Nadu was constructed in 1010CE. The round apex structure (The Kumbam) is carved out of single granite rock and sits at the top of temple weighing 80 metric tons. The mystery is how this single stone was kept at the top which is around 216 feet high and that too 1000 years back. No modern equipment were available during that time.

5. Nidhivan – Rang Mahal Temple (Vrindavan)

Nidhivan Temple

The activities that take place in and around the temple make it mysterious. It is dedicated to Lord Krishna. The temple is in thick forest where trees have hollow bark and dry but the trees around the temple are green throughout the year. No trees stand straight but bend towards earth and bowing. The temple is shut after evening prayer and every morning when it is opened it is seen that sweets are partially eaten, clothes have been used. People are afraid to even make an attempt to see what happens during night.

4. Puri Jagannath Temple, Puri, Orissa

Puri Jagannath Temple in Orrisa

The main dome of Jagannath temple is a wonderful structure. Its shadow is not visible at any point of time of the day. Remarkable and the mysterious is the flag adorn at top flapping and fluttering in the opposite direction of the breeze. Yet another wonder is that there have been no sign of birds flying above the Jagannath temple. No scientific explanation for this. When you exit Singha dwara’s entrance, you can hear whisper of ocean but cannot hear when you enter. One can notice this to verify. This is really a logic defying juggernaut.

3. Kal Garudar, Nachiyar Koil, Kumbakonam, TN

Nachiyar Koil in Tamil Nadu

The Kal Garuda idol of this temple is made of single stone and is light in weight and four persons can carry easily. But during procession as it moves out, its weight is said to increase which requires somewhere around 32 people to carry at different stages. Similarly when it moves back to the temple, the weight reduces gradually and finally four persons can place it in its place. Wonderful but mystery!

2. Lord Balaji, Tirupati, Andhra

Tirupati Lord Balaji

The world-famous and world’s one of the richest temples is a mystery. The idol of Lord Balaji has a temperature of 110 degree Fahrenheit early in the morning at 4 30AM. He always maintains a temperature around 110 degrees and always sweats even in cold climate. The eight idols are carved out of ‘Sila Thoranam’ stones. These types of stones are available only in the hills of Thirupathi and nowhere else in the world, incredible!

1. Jwala Ji Temple, Kangra District, Himachal Pradesh

Jwala Ji Temple Himachal Pradesh

In this temple, eternal flame is burning without any source of fuel; in a natural cave. The nine flames symbolizes for the nine Durgas. Legend says Sati Mata’s tongue and clothes fell here which were on fire and has not blown off since then, which is burning endlessly. The tiny blue flames come through fissures in the age-old rock where the water is bubbling all the time. It may be natural but is a mystery.