10 People Who Became Rich By Winning Lottery

Winning lottery is sweet dreams come true that helps you retire early from your normal job. People like Richard Lustig are the ones who have taken up playing lottery as a profession. Lustig is known to have won 7 jackpot from 1993 to 2010. He has won prizes worth $1,052,205.58 and is an inspiration for many lottery players. There are several normal and poor people who got lucky by winning lottery in their life. Winning a jackpot can change a person’s life either negatively or positively. Luck is something marvelous and amazing. These people are real-time examples.

Here are 10 people who became millionaires by winning lottery on the positive note:

10. Les Scadding, Mechanic

Les Scadding Lottery Winner

In 2009, a mechanic from England won the EuroMillions lottery worth £45,500,000 gaining enough media attention. Les Scadding, a former mechanics became famous by winning the lottery to become a millionaire. In June 2009, Scadding and his wife won lottery jackpot worth £45.5 million. The winner was a cancer patient and was out of work for about a year. After taking his share of the money, he went on to invest in the Newport County A.F.C. football club and became a major shareholder. Between 2012 and 2015 he was the acting owner of the club. He went on to spend his time in his holiday home in Barbados after retiring from the club.

9. Natividad Doyle, House Cleaner

Natividad Doyle Lottery Winner

Natividad Doyle hails from Philippines and had to work as a house cleaner in Fort Wayne, Ind. to make her living. In 1992, luck struck her with a Powerball jackpot of $7.1 million. Her luck rolled after the faulty Powerball machine forces her to give up her favorite numbers. She was left with the machine to give her a random number. That was the luck! The random number was the lucky number. Doyle and her husband were working at a General Motors company when she won the money. After winning, she immediately quit the job. Her husband worked for some more time before retiring. The couple’s decision of taking the prize money for a period of 25 years was wise.

8. Roy Gibney, Sheet Metal Worker

Roy Gibney Lottery Winner

On July 8 1998, it was Roy Gibney’s day. It was the day when Gibney won £7.5m from UK National Lottery. He was 44, living in a semi when he won the jackpot. Gibney was living in Grimsby. Before winning, he set up a sheet metal business and had to work when other were sleeping. After winning the lottery, the first thing he did was renovate his house. It didn’t end there, he bought around 14 homes. He owns an astounding 50-foot pool in his home with the winning numbers inscribed below.

7. Mark Brudenell, Chemical Tanker Driver

Mark Brudenell Lottery Winner

Mark Brundenell was working as a chemical tanker driver when an amazing lottery win completely changed his life. In 1997, Brundenell won a whooping £917,000 from Lotto. He didn’t want to be in the list of other tragic lottery winners. Brundenell and wife Cheryl set up their own profitable double glazing business. The business made them richer. Majority of the money went to their business and few for their glorious home and two cars: Range Rover Sport and an Audi A5. The beautiful couple has traveled many countries and enjoy to the core.

6. Eddie Nabors, Truck Driver

Eddie Nabors Lottery Winner

Eddie Nabors, a Georgia truck driver became filthy rich by winning a jackpot worth $195 million from Mega Millions. He was in a state of shock after winning the money. Nabors decided to take the money as lump-sum and not as installments. After taxes, Nabors got around $80 million. Interestingly, Nabors wants to do a lot of fishing when asked “what is his next plan with the money?” He also had plans of buying a new house for his daughter. The lottery became a game changer for the needy truck driver.

5. Barbara Hamer, Funeral Home Cleaner


A funeral home cleaner from Leesburg, Ind., became super rich by winning prize money of $22 million from Powerball lottery. The event is from 1999 when that money was considered too big. Barbara and her husband kept quiet for some time after winning before they quit their jobs. They didn’t go on an extravagant spending spree and cleverly planned their future. Four years after their retirement, they were bored. They set up a small marina. She continued to play lottery. The most extravagant purchase of Hamer was a cigar store Indian. They were in the path of lots of enjoyment and fun after winning the money.

4. Brad Duke, Gym Trainer/Exercise Instructor

Brad Duke Lottery Winner

A gym trainer from Star, Idaho made headlines in 2005 by winning a tremendous amount of $220 million from Powerball lottery. After tax, he got a sum of $86 million. Brad Duke didn’t tell anyone about his win for nearly a week. He continued to go to the Gold’s Gym where he was working. He was trying to figure out what was his next plan. His next plan was something remarkable! Duke had some plans in mind. He wanted to convert the prize money into huge $1 billion cash in 15 years. The clever guy was serious about the money and didn’t want to go on a spending spree. Duke tried several ventures and investments afterwards. Brad Duke even set up a charity foundation for philanthropy. He is an inspiration for others.

3. Les Robins, Teacher

Camp Winnegator By Les Robins Lottery Winner

Les Robins is not just a lucky jackpot winner and millionaire but also a kind person. Robins set up a summer camp for kids with the name Camp Winnegator after winning $111 million from Powerball. In July 1993, Robins was struck by a pleasure attack of money. He won a record $111 million, a big money during those days. He was a junior high school teacher from Fond du Lac that time. A portion of the money went for the purchase of a land of 226 acres for the set-up of kid’s camp. The camp is not just normal camp for rejoicing the time away from cellphones and television for the kids but has a lake, trails and horse rides.

2. Richard (Dick) Sandlin, Seasonal State Park Worker

Richard Sandlin Lottery Winner

A seasonal state park worker from Wilmington, N.C., won a remarkable $7.1 million after taxes from Powerball. In 2007, Richard Sandlin became fortunate enough by winning huge prize money. He has set up trust funds for his daughter and grandchildren with whom he had spent the time after winning the money. Interestingly, he didn’t quit his job immediately after winning the prize. He only quit the job after few months. His most luxurious expenses out of the win were to update his house. Sandlin’s wife passed away after winning the jackpot. After the 2007 jackpot, he continued to buy tickets without much luck.

1. Bill Poling, Unemployed/Old Pickup Truck Driver

Bill Poling Lottery Winner

An unemployed and unpublished fiction writer saw the luck of his life one day by winning $33 million. Bill Poling makes his livelihood by driving a pickup truck. The 36 years old man from Bedford won the jackpot in 1994. In the 90s that money is something huge and a dream come true. The Powerball winner wanted to buy a new truck and take care of his old mother with the prize money. After taxes, Poling will receive $1.2 million every year. “My mother is thrilled,” said Poling. The lucky chap has become rich and was thrilled to experience his life with the money.


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